New Wahhabi Fabrication in Imam Sabuni’s Work (Exclusive/Ar/en/Ur)


As we all know this fact that, (Wahhabism-Salafism-Ahlu Hadithism and Dev-bandi ism) are those who are famous for fabricating the authentic Islamic literature. We alreay had given many proofs which still are not answered by any of Wahhabi, in our Refutation section on this blog. Today we are presenting a new fabrication which we found.

This time they had taken the book of Imam Sa’buni (rta). The name of the book is (Aqeeda-al-Salaf wa Ashab’l Hadith) (Beliefs of the Salaf and the Scholars of Hadith). In this book Imam Sabuni explained the aqeedah of Salaf ‘s’ Saliheen. They (Wahhabis) had fabricated his words. We will explain it step by step. 

As you can see in the given scan that, It is clearly written that Imam Sabuni (rta) when visited Bait -al-Haraam he, intentionally visited the Grave of the Prophet Sal Allahu alehi wasalam. The word (GRAVE) is exclusively mentioned and written by Imam Sabuni (rta).


تزوير كتاب عقيدة السلف وأصحاب الحديث :

تم تصغير هذه الصورة. إضغط هنا لرؤية الصورة كاملة. الحجم الأصلي للصورة هو 664 * 892.

Manuscript Photo Scan:

Now lets see their ‘Work’, this given scan is of that first publication which is been published by (Dar-Umar-bin-al-Khattab, and the Wahhabi researcher is Al-Shameeri). Although they didn’t yet fully deleted and fabricated that word or sentence but still they use to divert minds by giving their own self made (exegesis) in the end of the page, by giving it sign (3). As you can see it in scan. This is called giving your own words inserting into someone’s work.


أولاً : طبعة دار عمر بن الخطاب – تحقيق الشميري ( بدون تحريف لكن مع تعليق في الأسفل ).

First Fabrication:

See the above given last 4 lines (not the arrowed, but in the very last of the page), These lines are not the words of Imam Sabuni (rta), and has nothing to do with the Book and its Belief topic. This is edition by the ‘Salafi – Translator’. This is actually telling you not to belief on the words of Imam Sabuni but on to this fabricator.

2nd Fabrication (Totally removal):

Now see this third scan below, which is the 2nd publication by (maktaba electroniah) (Mishkat al Wahhabiya’s Publication) into digital format. In this you can easily see the difference, and the fabrication. because in this book they had totally changed the words which are written by Imam Sabuni in which he said (Going for the Ziyarah of Qabr(Grave) un Nabi (of Prophet alehisalam). 

They intentionally changed this sentence with the word (Masjid) which make the sentence (And then goes to visit Masjid of Nabi alehisalam). 

YOU SEE!!!!!

They changed the word (Grave) with (Masjid), its called open fabrication. This is like putting your own words in someone else’s mouth.  Completely denying the Belief of Real Salaf’us’Saliheen and giving their Wahhabism’s deviant aqeedah instead.

Shame on you Wahhabis for doing this with Islamic literature. And this is like if the Sin started then it is been copied and copied and copied till the judgement day, when everyone will be present in the Courtship of Almighty Allah, and will have to answer for their work and actions. Dont you feel a little bit of shame ?

Because next all publications uses these words, and thus in that way the Wahhabi’s Dhaarmic Vedic faith emerges in the ordinary minds of masses, who had not such knowledge. Its really disgusting, to change the words of Such a Great Imam.



ثانياً : طبعة المحقق مجديّ بن سعد .

3rd Fabrication in Wahhabi Published Book:

Just like a Sin, whether it is a small or bigger sin, when someone start that thing, whosoever follow that, his/her sins are also double counted to that person who started it. The same thing is with Good, if someone do a good thing, even if he dies, still that good thing’s or work’s benefit will be given to him.

Now in the case of Wahhabism/Salafism/Ahlu Hadeesism/ Deobandism, they are deviant ones, so if one deviant has published this thing (this wrong thing), then all of other publications also do the same. like a (Copy/Pasters). See this another publication which is published by Wahhabi printing agency, the so called (Muhaqiq) the (Researcher of Wahhabism) i.e., (Majdi bin Sa’d) also fabricated this sentence by  putting (masjid) instead of (clear-cut Qabrun Nabi alehisalatowasalam).

We pray Allah to end their nonsense, and if, possible bless them Hidaya, otherwise save us from the brutal fabricated un-authentic deviant Islam of Salafiyat. Aameen!


Presented by:
Admin Ahmed Tareen
Translation-(Ar/Ur/Eng) Admin: Z-Khan-Afridi for Makashfa


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