Discourses of Rumi [selected] [Ar/Ur/Pr/En]

Taken from Discourses of Rumi
[Translations: Urdu/Persian/English]





He, who is able to bring forth a black bull from a white bull, can also produce a white bull from a black bull.Turn away from your former ways, and likewise I will return to you all the property that has been taken from you, in fact many times as much. Even more, I will absolve you of all blame, and grant you prosperity in this world and the world to come.”

“I have repented,” said ‘Abbas. “I have turned from my former ways.”

Mohammed (Sal Allahu alihi wasalam) said, “God demands a token of this claim you make, for easy it is to boast of love, but other is the proof thereof.”

In God’s name, what token do you demand?” asked ‘Abbas.
Give all the properties that remain to you for the army of Islam, so the army of Islam may be strengthened,” said Mohammed (Sal Allahu alihi wasalam). “That is, of course, if you have truly become a Muslim and desire the good of Islam and Muslimdom.”

Prophet of God, what remains to me?” said ‘Abbas. “They have taken everything, leaving me not so much as an old reed-mat.”
“You see,” said Mohammed (Sal Allahu alihi wasalam), “you have not yet given up your old ways. You have not yet seen the light of truth. Should I tell you how much property you still have? Where you have hidden it? To whom you have entrusted it? Where you concealed and buried it?”

God forbid!” exclaimed ‘Abbas.

Did you not entrust so much property specifically to your mother?” asked Mohammed (Sal Allahu alihi wasalam). “Did you not bury your gold under such and such a wall? Did you not tell your mother in detail, ‘If I return, give this back to me. But if I do not return safely, then spend so much upon such and such an object, and give so much to So-and-So, and so much is to be for yourself’?”

When ‘Abbas heard these words he raised his hand in complete acceptance. “Prophet of God,” he said, “truly, I have always thought you carried the fortune of the old kings, such as Haman, Shaddad, Nimrod and the rest. But now that you have spoken I know this favor is divine, from the world beyond, from the throne of God.”

Now you have spoken truly,” said Mohammed (Sal Allahu alihi wasalam).

This time I have heard the snapping of the girdle of doubt, that you had within you. I have an ear hidden within my inmost Soul, and with that hidden ear I can hear the snapping of doubt within anyone. Now it is true for a fact that you believe.”

I have told this story to the Amir for this reason: In the beginning you came forward as a champion of Muslimdom. “I ransom myself,” you said. “I sacrifice my own desires, considerations and judgement so that Islam will remain secure and strong.” But because you put your
trust in your own plans, loosing sight of God, and forgetting that all things proceed from God, all your intentions have turned out the opposite.

Having struck a bargain with the Tartars, you are unintentionally giving them assistance to destroy the Syrians and the Egyptians, which in the end may bring ruin to the realm of Islam. So God has
turned this plan you made for the survival of Islam, into its own destruction.

Turn your face to God, for things are in a dangerous condition. Yet, even in your present state, my friend, do not give up hope, but look to God and give yourself up to Its will. You thought your own strength of spirit proceeded from yourself, just as ‘Abbas and the prisoners did, thus you have fallen into weakness. But do not give up hope, because He, who can produce weakness from strength, can bring forth an even greater strength from this weakness. Just as Mohammed rejoiced during the prisoners’ grief, so too I find joy in your present embarrassment, because from this weakness and suffering can come something greater than has been lost. Therefore, do not give up hope, for

“Of God’s comfort no one despairs,
Except the unbelievers.”

[discourses of Rumi]


This is another proof of the God gifted knowledge of the unseen, this also proves that how our Aslaf and Khalaf were on the way of such Islam, upon which majority of Ummah is still believing with deep faith. And of course there is no need to call  Rumi as a ‘Barelvi’. Isn’t it? Without any doubt Allah is near to us from our own souls, and he also has gifted such power to know about our inner self, our condition of faith and vise versa to His Most Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him).

Link to enlarge scans


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