Teachings of Sheikh Abdul-wahab-al-Sharani on Karamat il Auliya (AR/Ur/En)

Selection from Imam Qutub al Rabbani, Sheikh Abdul-Wahab al-Sh’aaRaani (Rehmatullahi tala aleh)’s alyowaqeet al jawhar

Rough English Translation:


Third Fasl
Counterplea from Ahlu tareeqah (Sufis):

regarding this, he (Sheikh Muhayiuddeen Ibn Arabi (rt)) notes such things which are difficult for others [to understand] than him!

Know it! Allah (jallawashanuhu) may have mercy upon you!, that for the nation (Ummah), the evidence for acts in Tareeqah (Sufi Way) is that, which is mentioned in some ahadeets of Rasolillah (alehi salato wasalam) like, one day Prophet (sal Allaho alihi wasalam) asked hazrat Syaduna Siddiq e Akbar (rd): “Do you know such and such day?” . he answered. Yes o beloved of Allah (sal Allahu alehi wasalam), you asked me about the day of Maqadeer”. And this is also in narrations that, one day Prophet (sal Allahu tala alehi wasalam) asked from him, “O Abu Bakr (rd)! Do you know what i want to tell you?”. he replied with, “Yes indeed!, its is such and such, it is so and so”. Its been recorded in some books of Sheikh Taj-ud-deen bin Ata’illah in his Hikayats.”


Sheikh Ibne Arabi (rt)’s Explanation:

And Sheikh Muhayi-ud-deen has written in his ‘Fatuhaat”s chapter 54, in this way that, “Be aware! that Those signs which ahlu Allah (friends of Allah) has denoted for themselves [for the sake of explaining among themselves] are not been established for their ownselves, because they are aware of the reasons in favour of it. These are only for those who came as intruder between them (or as a foriegner), so these were established, so they cannot get their presentment upon which they are been inducted. And that is for the reason of mercy as a kindness, so they cannot heard that, upon which they have no reach, and if [because of knowing those things] they rejects the Ahlu Allah (friends of Allah), so they can be punished for such, and then he will never find it again. Further he said, in that way, except for the odd item that is found no where else, is that users of logic, linguistics, people of numrology geomatry and mathematics, people of ilm al Kalam (way of talk), and philosphers, every sect among them which is holder of any sort of knowledge, has their own notions, and the comer between them does not know those terms until, they introduced them to that. There is no other way for that, but for the people on this way [the way of tassawuf]’s speciality is with this importance that, when Mureed-e-Saadiq (the pure seeker) enters among them, even though he does not know the terms [rules regulations of this way] but, he used to company with them, and listern the sayings filled of gestures, then he come to understand all of the saying [that what it is all about] , that means the establisher of such notion gesture (or rules) are such people who share that talk [in that company, gathering] . And he does not feel strange to be among them, and he got their knowledge for sure, he cannot stop that, like he knows them from the beginning, and he does not know how do he is been able to overcome and know about that knowledge. This is the prestigeous status of the truthful Murid (disciple). and the rest the one who is non-truthful (Liar), so he cannot come to know this without being instructed towards that. And his intention with Ikhlas, and his seeking without wish, nobody help him out among Ummah {the saints pious ones}.”

And during all eras, Scholars of Zahir [open/sharia / fiqh / normal day life regulations] keep silent on the sayings of Qown [here qowm nation means, the Saints and sages, auliya saliheens]. Once Imam Ahmed bin Sareej came in the gathering of Junaid (rta). Question was asked from him, “what do you understand from his (Junaid’s) sayings?”. He replies,”Dont know exactly what he said, but i found the power of his saying inside my heart, which shows reflection of piety and pronominal sincerity proves. and his sayings are not the sayings of some worshiper of evil“.

Then these persons used to talk among them with gestures and signs, when someone was been present there who was not from among them or from their supervision. Then said: the batil parast enemy (means, denier of tassawuf)’s negletion is only because of jealousy, if those deniers ends their jealousy and started to be on the way of the Saints of Allah, then no neglegence would have been shown from them and neither any sort of jealousy. And because of their knowledge, his knowledge would also have been increased. But this was an fixed act of fate. ” Falahawla wala quwata illa billahil aleiyil azeem. and he writes about it a very long saying.

Then said:” The blessed knowledge of Allah and those who are been blessed by it, has always enemies in every era, who are irrevented frofaners and people of fighting. And upon those [good people i.e, saints sages, sufis] only those are the people who rejected them {means, only Juhala , the ignorants rejects them}. And when Arifeen [the pious known ones] figure out this point, then they turn towards Isharat (talking in signs and gestures), just like because of the people of ilhad (atheists), Maryam (mother of Jesus) turns towards Sign. Thus for them each verse or sign has two reasons. One reason is that which they can see it in their self, and one reason is, the see it, which is out from them. Allah Tala says : (Ha’mim Sajda Verse 53) “We will show OUR Signs to them in the skies and in their inner“. So when these people see whatever inside them, they give it a name of sign [hint/indicator], so that the deniers accustomed with them and cannot say that, this is exegesis or explanation of such an such verse or hadith. And they do that, because to get themselves safe from their, Shar (evil) and fatwa of Kufar (verdicts of kufar) to be pasted upon them, and the reason is that, those deniers are not worthy to put verdicts of polytheism to be even talked. In this regard they [Sufis] followed the sunnah of the islaaf (Salafs/ old ones).”

And indeed Allah is Almighty upon this, that, to explain each and every meaning of their’s which they [ahlu Allah explains], in a clear way as He did in His book, like Ayat al Mutashabihat {those verses, whose meanings are hidden} , but it has not been done so, in fact such kind of knowledges are been invested in these Kalamat (verses) and words of Allah, that which can be only known by His selected people only.”

Dawa To Deniers of Tassawuf To Do Justice:

And if the deniers could have the ability of justice in them, then, they would learn from their self, so they can see that, they are having different ups and downs among them regarding the knowledge of these verses (Quranic), with their apparent eyes, and they are good from some in knowledge from others among themselves, and whosoever is not so much knowledgeable among them, he recognize their status of knowledge. and all are on on way. And while having such [nature] among themselves, they still refuses that, which brings to them by the friends of Allah, which is much deeper than their thinkings.”

The Wrong Way of the Deniers of Tassawuf:

And all this is for the reason, that, they didn’t had have any belief towards the Ahlu Allah, and they think [about them] that, they may not know the knowledge of Sharia, and they allege them of, ignorance and unrighteousness. Specially if they did not learn from any apparent scholar. And those people [the deniers] always put objection forward that, from where do these people got that knowledge?, and they are of this belief that, knowledge does never reach to anyone without the teacher. And they are right in this manner. Because the people of Tassawuf (Sufis), when acted upon their knowledge, Allah granted them blessed them knowledge from HIM as a mercy, and poured inside their hearts in complete accordance with Sharia, and  not a single bit can be outed from that. Allah says [in Holy Quran: al-Rehman] “Al-Rehman made human, taught him [what he know not], futher says :”and teaches him, that of what he was not aware of“.

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