Refutation: Ibnu Taymmiyah and his Book from his Fatawa by Salafis (Urdu)

This book has been made up of the Fatawas of Ibnu Taymmia’s Majmou ,and translated and compiled by Salafi Publishers and distributed widely on internet. This is our Refutation to its first 13 to 14 pages. In which Ibnu Taymmiya and (today his follower Salfeez) are on belief. They are using all wrong references taken from Quran, without its Context (Matan) and without its Shan-e-Nazul. Which is one of the most important things to understand when using Quranic references which unfortunately this deviant creed never try to. I hope this will be beneficial for those who need direct answers. So i will present one by one page and then its page wise refutation.


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