Salafi Grand Sheikhs Total Grand Knowledge (Ur/En/Ar)

Short Summary for English Readers:

Someone ask a question from so called “Sheikh al Kull‘ (means: Grand, grand Sheikh of Salafism), that “Is it permissible to recite (dikr of) Kalima e tayyiba i.e., “LA ILAHA IL ALLAHO MUHAMMAD RASOOL ALLAH“?

So he replied:”No, Only “LAA ILAHA IL ALLAH” is permissible and had narrations in literature of Islam, there is no evidence of (Muhammad Rasool Allah)’s reciting.”

First of all: this question is in itself an Idotic silly question, because when someone accepts the Truth of Islam, they recite the first thing which is Shahaadah, and Shahadah never completed if, Prophethood of Muhammad (peace be upon him) is not accepted. Thus, Asking such silly questions about Kalima e Tayyiba and its Reciting is totally a curtain style of Salafism to manipulate the minds of the masses through these types of self made questions which divide mind of the people from two stages, (1) from questions and (2) from their silly responses.

Now this is what we called hatered and deviancy of this occult. Because, we are giving a Slap from HOUSE OF REAL SALAF AS SALIHEEN. I.e., Imam Jalal ad-Deen Suyuti (rta) in his famous book “Al Khasais al Kubra” Vol 1.


He is giving many references which proves our point that, Kalima e Tayyiba is (LA ILAHA IL ALLAH MUHAMMAD RASOOL ALLAH), and this is the Sunnah of not only Malaik (angels) to recite, but it is also been mentioned by several Prophets and Companions. Which are mentioned and translated into Urdu and you can read it in the given scans of Arabic which is published by Darul kutub Beirut Lebanon, Page 12 to 15 Vol 1. These all are authenticated by Imam Muhadith Suyuti (rta) himself as well as narrating from other authentic sources of literature which compeletely vanishes the wrong hateful and idotic Fatwa of Wahhabi/Salafism/ Ahlu Hadithism. It totally rejects and invalidate their verdict upon this thing and shows that how much their priest which they gave a name of “SHEIKH ul Kul” (Master of All)’s has a Ignorance from Islam.

Rest we leave it upon the readers to Decide, either they will opt to follow Real sayings of Salaf as Saliheen or, they would like to follow deviant sect of ignorant Wahhabism.?

Wahhabi Fatwa Scans:

Ahlu Sunnah Wa Jamat Answer to This Silly Answer in Refutation:


Scans of Khasais al Kubra of Imam Jalal-ud-deen al-Suyouti (rta) Arabic:


Link of Folder


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