Ro’yeeate Baari Taala in Isra wal Meraj- Salafs Views -(Ar/Ur/En)

Urdu Translation:

English (Rough) Translation:

That blessed group among Sufia-e-Kiram, who had reach to the Courtship of Almighty Allah, are agreed upon this, that Prophet (sal Allahu alehi wasalam) has seen Almighty Allah with his own physical eyes. Sahaba and Ta’ba’een, Taba’Tabaeen, Mutaqadimeen, Muta’akhireen (Salaf & Khalaf all) Scholars are also been agreed on this. Imam Nowvi (rd) writes in exegesis of Muslim Shareef (hadith book from Sihah Sattah),”According to most of the Scholars, this is authentic saying that, Prophet (Sal Allaho Alehi Wasalam) in the night of Shab-e-Me’raaj, saw Allah (tabarakwataala) with is eyes of the head (means physical eyes not in dreams)“.

The hadith narrated by Hazrat Ibn Abbas (rd) also supports such.Hazrat Anas (rd), Akra’ma, Hassan , Rabee’ bin Sulaiman (rt)(rdaj) and the one group of Mufasirreen (Exegesis expert of Holy Quran) has also such belief and creed. Hazrat Akrama (rd) is narrating this by Hazrat Syaduna Ibne Abbas (Rd) who narrates that!

Translation of Arabic:
Allah Almighty Has Chosen Ibrahim Kalilullah (Abraham peace and mercy be upon him) for ‘Khillat’ (Friendship), and Muhammad (Sal Allaho Alehi Wasalam) Chosen for His Deedar (Spectacle-shown)”. Hazrat Syaduna Kaa’b (rd) is narrating that Almighty Allah divided His (deedar – seeing) and His Kalaam (Saying Vocal Voice Words) between Prophets Muhammad (Sal Allahu Alaihi Wasalam) and Moses (Alaihi Salatu Wasalam-Peace and blessings of Allah be upon them both), so Moses (peace and blessings be upon him) Talk for two times with his LORD and Muhammad (Sal Allahu Alaihi Wasalam) has Saw Him for Two Times.”
Imam Qurtubi has written this in the explanation (exegesis) of Surah al Anaam in tafseer that, Ibne Abbas (Rd) and Kaab (rd) was company of each other in one place. Hazrat Ibne Abbas (Rd) said:”We Banu Hashim (Progeny of Banu Hahim)! says, that Muhammad (Sal Allaho Alaihi Wasalam) Saw Allah for twice and then said “Are you in doubt that Khillat (friendship) for Abraham (Alaihi salam), Kalaam (Talk) for Moses (Alaihi Salam) and De’daar (Shown Himself) for Muhammad (Sal Allaho Alaihi Wasalam)?” upon listening this Hazrat Abi Ibne Ka’ab (Rd) loudly shouted Tak-beer (Loudly Chating Allaho Akbar), that the surrounded hills were echoed up“.

Imam Shafi’e (Rd) said: “Prophet (Alahi Salato Wasalam) has seen Allah for many times during coming back from His Almighty Courtship“, among the people of knowledge there is saying of someone that, Moses (Alaihi salam) always get him (Prophet alaihi salam) back to the Lordship of Almighty [here he means the hadith of prayers] because, of the reason behind it was, that What Noor (Light) was there upon the face of Prophet Muhammad (Sal Allahu Alaihi Wasalam) was Shining, Moses (Alahi Salam) was willing to take some share from that Light, although he was sending him back for the sake of the Ummah of Prophet (Sal Allahu Alaihi wasalam) to decrease” [means prayers takhfeef / from 50 to 5 daily prayers]’.

The Researchers said: When Moses (Alaihi Salam) questioned [for Seeing Allah] he was not blessed with it, and the eager to saw HIM was there still left, and when he (moses) confirmed that belief that, Muhammad (Sal Allahu Alaihi Wasalam) has blessed with the Status i.e., [to Saw Allah with his own physical eyes i.e, deedar] and the Doors of His Mercy is been opened for him, so Moses (Alahi Salam) requested Almighty Allah, to bless him the (spectacle / Seeing) of him who has seen HIM (Jalla Washanhu).

Wafai has said such a beautiful poetry that:

Translation of Stanza:
The Reason behind Moses (Alaihi Salam) Sends Back Prophet (Muhammad) (Alaihi Salatowasalam) towards Allah’s Lordship was, that, to take his share from that Noor (Light) which was there upon the Blessed Face of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon him) Glowing from. Allah Allah again and again because of the Beauty of that Noor, was the beauty of Prophet (Sal Allaho Alaihi Wasalam).

One another (person of faith and love) narrates that, When Beloved of Allah (Sal Allaho Alaihi Wasalam) was be-seated in Maqam al Qurb (Place of Closeness), you were given the glasses (pane) of Love, and when you (alehisalam) came back “the moon was shining on your forehead” ‘Fa’awha ila Abdihi maa Awha”s (verse) happiness engraved your alehisalam’s heart and hearing [with that blessings] . In such condition when you passes by the Prophet Moses (Alaihi Salam), he requested Our Beloved Prophet (Sal Allaho Alaihi Wsalam)!”O the blessed One who is coming from the Place of my Beloved Lord!, and telling me the news of my Beloved One, tell me something, for today my ears are subordinating my eyes” [means, because of your (alehisalam’s) gossip my wish to Saw Allah will also been fulfilled].

[Note: translating poetry stanza into english is quite difficult here for me so i am trying]

What Rasoolillah (alehisalam) will have given back in reply?! the Poet’s thinking says!

I was there with my Beloved one in loneliness, this is a secret among us, which is so softer than the first breeze of the air in early morning. for (I have seen) HIS spectacle and filled up the cups of my Eyes with it, and because of it, I was well knowned to the World“.

Hazrat Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal (rd) said: “I also agreed with that, which Hazrat Ibne Abbas (Rd) said [before], i.e., “Prophet alehisalam saw Allah with his own eyes” and he repeated this {saw with his own eyes} thrice or forth until his breath was broken“. (Means with surity and powerful belief).
One other person of Love said: “When Prophet (Sal Allaho Alaihi Wasalam) saw Allah (azawajal), his heart was not willing to left from that scene, so Allah the All Knower knows his condition [of heart] and said: “O Muhammad! (sal Allaho alaihi wasalam)! You are MY Messenger towards My slaves, and if you lived here, then the work of Risalat (Prophethood) would be never fulfilled so go to the earth and reach them (people) My Message. Whenever you will pray (namaz), I will bless you MY DeeDar, and for that reason Prophet (Sal Allaho Alaihi Wasalam) says that:”Ja’alat Qurrato Ayini fil Salata” [the fresco of my eyes is in Prayers].

Before that its been proven from Hadith al-Sahih (authentic sound one) that, You (alehisalam) had seen Allah. Hazrat Ibn Abbas (rd) is that personality towards which people can seek advice of his on difficult issues. Hazrat Ibne Umar (rd) seek towards your (knowledge) and questioned him that whether Prophet Muhammad (Sal Allahu Alaihi Wasalam) has seen Allah?, You (ibne Abbas (rd)) replied YES!

Abu Ishaq is narrating that once Marwan (king from banu ummaiya) questioned Syaduna Abu Huraira (rd) that same question which was asked by Ibne Umar (Rd) from Ibne Abbas (Rd), and you replied the same too as in Answer YES!

Abu al Hassan Ali bin Ismail aShari (Rd) and a group among your students are of belief that, Prophet Muhammad (Sal Allaho Alaihi Wasalam) has seen Allah with his own eyes of head (means physical eyes not dream). These kinds of sayings could not be said without the help taken from the guidance from  the Science of Hadith.

Hazrat Aisha (rda) (laa Tudrikuhul Absaar) (that: eyes are not able to see HIM) make it her evidence and rejected it. But this does not invalidate the reality because, she did not explained it in means, that she said “I Heard it from Rasoolillah alehisalam that he said”, and if there were some hadith in regard to rejection of the concept of Seeing Allah, she must should have said that, she only deduct and analysis it with that verse. The Answer to this [rejection of her] is that ITs true that Eyes cannot comprehend HIS DEEDAAR, but this neglection does not rejects the Seeing in itself.”

In another Rivayah (narration), its been said that during the Night of Me’raj your blessed body was not been taken from earth, but this is “MODU HADITH”, and Hazrat Abul Abbas bin Sareej Shafi’e Said , this is a Invalid (Lie) Hadith, which was been created in against Sahih Hadith [of Ro’yeat].

Further, the saying of Syadatuna Aisha (rda) in rejection of Royeeat e Bari Taala, does not invalidate the evidences which are there in favour of it. Because at that time you were not even born yet, or even born but were too minor [to understand]”.

And this is Rule that, if there are two ahadith, and one is iin favour and other in rejection then, the Positive one will be graded up.

Even Moa’mar bin Ra’shd said” (Translation)
As for us, Hazrat Aisha (Rda) was not much knowing than Syaduna Ibn Abbas (Rd)“.

In Short! the real belief is that, Prophet (Sal Allaho Alaihi Wasalam) has seen Allah (Tabarak Wa Tala) with is Own EYES”.


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