History of Terrorism and New World Order (part 1) [History/En]

The humanity is always from history to this date suffering from different kinds of WarsFamine and Terrorism. Terrorism is actually the worst kind of extremisim not limited to any Religion, Ethnic or Racial discriminations.

That was also terrorism from those who were use to force humans to idolatry, and  when the first advance moderate Human Abraham stands against the immoral, sick acts of Paganism. He objected and use his logic and mind to think and realise that those things which are been created by our own hands, how my pagan people are opt to worship them, his mind was not able to accept this fact, that a thing made with our own hands cannot be our Creator. Thus immoral paganism terrorizes him. It was the first breeze of Pure Air in those dark days, which were not welcomed by those who were in the darkness, we will not waste our time here in these historical facts, even though Satan’s jealousy was the thing which made him out from the Righteous-hood, but the thing is that he always used to make the humen act upon his wishes instead of that Creator which is the One and Alone Almighty, Who is free from any form, shape size mass etc etc. The Monotheist view is that, He is the Creator, the Sustainer, The All Merciful, the All Knowing, Alone and free from any form shape or from any birth, He has no Father, nor He is born from any mother, neither He has any son, nor He is son of anyone. That monotheist theory which was re-presented by Abraham when there was a lot of a gap among the time period for humanity, and they did’nt receive any of the Prophet and they lost the ways of their father ADAM. Who was created without any ‘father’ or ‘mother’. So Abraham was sent as a Prophet to make them back on the track. That war between Good and Evil is only for this world. The Satan is there, surly Allah who made him is also there. But these both has no comparison among them. That is the point which atheists does not understand. Satan portrayed him as a parallel to the God. Which is totally rubbish and bias thing. he is a creation while (HE) CREATED him. [emphesis on last words]

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Satan an Authentic Introduction – Click

The Pagan culture is actually find themselves similar with today’s Satanist Kabbals. The matter of fact is, their ideology which has total resemblance between all most all things make us to realise that, actually Satan’s mind is there to control them through his wishes, and to carry out the Bigger Game created between Adam and Shytan. That’s why he is willing to control over souls. Do you ever think why when someone introduced into occult, first have to decline any association with any of the religion whatsoever else than occult shows them?


Let me tell you why! because, you see many people who ever talk about ghosts, demons, and shadows. They even did’nt know what are they talking about. Because there is a war from the first day of creation of Adam with Demon (Devil), so when Adam the first Caliph of Allah was created, the father of WE HUMANS. He was the Prophet and Messenger of Allah for the rest of humanity and then further many prophets were been senth towrads different nations of the time. So when someone from monotheist view, accepts the way of his forefathers and the Adam and do not commit those from which Allah has commanded forbiden through angels and then through Prophets, when we break that rule, it does not effect upon Allah because our every good act is for our own selves, it cannot be of any benefit or de-benefit for Allah, because He is Free from any need. So when a person do pagan-ritual or acts of Shirk like sacrificing children to their Mola’ak. he breaks the rule and this made his soul open for Satan to manipulate. We know from teachings of Monotheist Islam that, when a human is born, there is a devil also been born with him/her. That is called in our language (Ham-Z-aad) (the ownself), the shadow which we see, and the face which we seen in mirror, its like that. So he is born with everyone of us to manipulate us from inside through implanting dirty wishes and egos. Which our innerself takes response and act upon it if we follow our each and every wish without understanding negative and positive of the issue. So when a person die in a situation that, he was not an accepter of the Truth of One and Almighty. During his death time, Devil, sends his satanic soldier towards the dying person and he uses false claims to reduce the pressure and turmoil of the death bed if you accepts me as lord and deny HIM (Allah). So a person who already sold his soul in his life to the cause of Satanism, they accepted that, and at the certain moment, when their soul is been taken by Real Angels (not as Christians or others portrayed in cartoons or pictures). They come to realise this fact very openly, that they are been cheated. So in the world because they were Pagans, Satanists or Non-believers, they shouted and cryed but none human can hear that because of a bondage of Allah among these two things i.e., (Life / Death). So what happened with the Devil which born with us?

That’s important!!!! isnt it? So your soul is been taken by Angels of Allah and then tormenting in a place called Alam-e-Barzukh, there are different places according to the people, Barzukh is for Muslims, good or bad, judged and tormented or blessed in graves, till the End Day of Judgement. The pagans, atheists, and people of the book are there in another place. The thing which i want to say is that when you die, its wrong that, where you die your soul is also there, its half truth. Actually if a non-believer dies, his soul is taken to that place where he deserves, and sometimes punished at that place where he is burried. But what the people find someone e.g People say ‘Mr. Martin’s Soul haunts that place and people saw it many times”. That is actually not a soul but it is that devil which is been born with him, and when the physical body vanishes and person die, that devil is been captured by Satan and he then put them in his armies for using it further for his satanic powers. And those are actually which are called Shadows and Demons. There is another difference among Shadows and Demons, Demon is actually race directly from Satan, is Arabic they are called Shayateen (the satans) or (Ef’reet). The word (Djin) is also there but Jin can or cannot be a Demon or Satan or Non-beleivers just like us Humans, they are of many casts, races but like we Humans are from ADAM, they are from (al-Jaan). Anyway that was very important to write here because, those demons are actually there working 24/7 for the cause. Humans who became freemasons or Kabbals or Satanists are actually played by these demons, when a satanist invoke those things, which they use to call, Spirit, its actually Demon of Satan, and the powers and aftershakes of them which is been used by those demons are sometimes these (Hamzads of Non-believers or even of beleivers if they denied in their last breaths by the cheat of Demon). In Kabbalistic black magic you will find many kinds and races of those demons portraying themselves as demi-gods and goddesses, in enoch all demons which are shown are almost can be found in today’s Pagan Cultures. So when Khazzars which are been called Aryas [there is another large explanation about the word arya which i cannot present here because of length], those Arya came to the land of Indopak sub-continent which was called Hind at that time. [this point also has a large defination about the name of hind which will be presented in some other article]. Now those Aryans develope the Kabbalah mysticism and when they find the people of India were pagan and already following too many idols, they invented a new religion totally based upon Zionist agenda or in other words Kabbalistic agenda to make them slaves through religion and through that religion which is totally based upon Satanic Illuminati Zionist Kabalistic Dhrma and views. E.g
In Zionism, everyone is cattle like, and only Zionists [more precisely jews of high ranks] are considered as Humans. Humanity is slave to them. they are born to rule. Thats what they think

In Hindutwa, Brahminism, is the same, they divided humanity into 4 casts system, Brahmin (those Aryan which were actually Jews or more correctly Khazzars) take all religious control in their hands, because they [khazzars] learn Politics and how to rule from the Jews, so they were educated, they were having wealth, and they take control of everything and make the real residents, i.e., ordinary hindu people as slaves, even the first 2 casts like Brahmin and Khashtaris, the later one controls the issues of governing and ruling, but still they were a step level down from Brahmins. Shudra was total slaves with no rights and still they are in India known as Bhels. Vaish was been used as subordinates to play as farmers and workers and some of them were even having shops.
These extreme nature and rules are all same in almost every Pagan society, this was only one single example. If someone want to read about it more, i will suggest you to read two books to understand satanic blueprint. One is Protocols of Zion and Second is Mannu-dharma-Shastra [remember we are not talking about Bhagwat Geeta or other scriptures of Hinduism, but we are talking about that scripture which is like a book of different laws]. You will be left astonished with the basic rules and similarity of divide and multipulation of human mind through Satanism. Like in Zionism, they learn from old Babylonian culture to invoke those demons, which they called their gods, they sacrifice humans and specially childrens, the same thing was and is going on in Hinduism, and sacrifices from Ka’ali goddess of Brahmins.

The same thing can be seen when TTP or ISIS or Rss or Any such kind of mercenaries killed innocent humans and chop their heads off. This is actually the continuation of that Satanic ritual either they knew this or either they did’nt know.
In this article we will present a deep study of Terrorism and Satanism, and we will try to present lots of information taken from different books and authors upon this subject and I will try to present the similarities in sinister ways of all those people who are some how interlinked with Satanism whether they knew it or not. There will be correction notes on different sayings presented in this article from different books on this subject and their authors. Infromation taken from david livingstone’s history book on illuminatis.


The Lost Tribes

The Luciferian Bloodline

The plot for a series of World Wars in the twentieth century, culminating in a third against the Muslim world, was devised in the nineteenth century, by American Civil War general, Albert Pike, then Grand Master of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, a primary adjunct of the Illuminati. However, though the final stages of this plot have been largely reserved for our time, the conspiracy is affiiated with a lore of occult knowledge that dates back to at least the sixth century BC. This lore begins with a heresy, known as Kabbalah, which disguises itself as Jewish, but is a pact to seek world domination, and the eradication of religion in favour of the worship of Lucifer.


The goal devised by these Kabbalists has since been the installation of their “messiah” as world leader, who, according to their interpretation of the Bible, is to be of line of King David. Since that time, to preserve this purported lineage, until the advent of their expected leader, these Luciferians have been carefully intermarrying amongst each other, and have included among them many of the leading fiures of history. They begin with a Persian Royal family, who intermarried with that of Alexander the Great. By combining with that of Herod the Great, these families were responsible for the creation and dissemination of the leading mystery school of the Roman Empire, the Mysteries of Mithras, which eventually succeeded in co-opting the emerging Christian movement, by producing Catholic Christianity. Nevertheless, a secret, or Gnostic, version of Christianity, also derived from Mithraism, survived to compete with Catholicism, in the form of several secret societies, like the Templars, Rosicrucians and Freemsons, practicing occult arts, or what is known as “witchcraft”. This tradition was perpetuated by the most popularized branch of the Luciferian bloodline, the Merovingians.

Symbolized by the Holy Grail, the Merovingians, after intermarrying into the family of a Jewish Exilarch, or claimant to the Jewish throne, culminated in all the leading families of the Crusades.It was at this time that this European branch of the family recombined with others from Eastern Europe and Armenia. These Eastern aristocracies derived from the enigmatic Khazars, who had populated southern Russia and the Basin of the Don River, and who, in the eighth century AD, had converted to Judaism. Legend has it, however, that the Khazars were remnants of the Lost Tribes. Armenia, just across the Caucasus, was another locale of these supposed Lost Tribes. It was the intermarriage and perpetuation of these aristocratic bloodlines that were being referred to in the heraldic symbols of the lily, the rose, the double-headed eagle, and the skull and crossbones.

Also during the Crusades, this network connected with an important occult center hiding within the Islamic world, in Cairo Egypt, who followed the heretical version of Islam known as Ismailism. According to Masonic legend, a number of these “Eastern Brethren” were rescued and brought to Scotland, where they provided the basis of Sottish Rite Freemasonry, which emerged in the eighteenth century. However, at the same time, this legend also provided the basis for the establishment of Freemasonry in Egypt, which then became the second center of Illuminati activism. It was from these secret networks of Islamic impostors by which the Western powers created Islamic terrorism, used to foment of a Clash of Civilizations, through the fabrication of the terrorist threat.


[Notes by ZH]
(1) Check that, today in this modern world, no Zionist marry non-Jewish, neither Brahmin marry anyother low cast, nor Wahhabism marry their daughters with even Muslims example SaudiArab.
(2) If you check the some of the Indian names, e,g Krishna baum, Garsholem das, Dravid, Chandrabaum. These baum, dravid, zavis etc are the different races of Jews or now from Khazzars. They are the pioneers of the Indian Paganistic religion which they called Hindutwa. They even enforce their Kabbalistic religion upon their own people who were not having their Idols instead of their own ones.
(3) The Pagan Sickness stil carried out by these Kabbal Satanists throughout in the world by different names and groups. You will find so called Muslims among them, you will find so called Christians among them, You will find foolish magic monger Jews falling in the hands of Zionism, so do you will find Hindus falls in the hands of Brahminism which is nothing but Satanistic Kabbal of Zion.

The Fallen Angels


The Kabbalah was devised in the sixth century BC, as an aberration of Judaism, which combined Babylonian magic and astrology. It was from this point onward that the Bible was compiled, and evidently underwent some corruption in order to incorporate these new teachings. To understand the history of the Illuminati, it is therefore first necessary to look at the Bible.There, by assessing the claims of their descent, we can determine the nature of the Illuminati beliefs, before we can then follow the evolution of their conspiracy over time, from the days of Herod the Great, to the Khazars, the Crusades, and finally to our time, and the advent of al Qaeda.


The Illuminati claim descent from the Fallen Angels, from whom they supposedly learned the “Ancient Wisdom”, also known as the Kabbalah. These “Fallen Angels” are referred to in the Bible, Book of Genesis, as the Nephilim, or “Sons of God”, and were said to have descended to earth and intermarried with human beings. Christian interpretations struggle with the passage, choosing to translate the term into “mighty men”. However, apocryphal Jewish texts explain that they were the Lucifer and his legions, who were cast out of Heaven, and took wives from the female descendants of Cain. They produced a race, according to the Bible, known as the Anakim. According to the Illuminati, it is these other-worldly beings who first introduced humanity to the occult arts, including astrology, magic and alchemy.

This account of history is believed by occultists to accord with that of the lost continent of Atlantis, and that the race produced by the intermixing of these Fallen Angels and humans is thought to be the Aryans. Supposedly, their corruption caused great corruption on the earth, to such an extent that, according to these same Apocryphal works, God decided to destroy them through the Flood.


Here, it is important to understand the Bible account, from which their legends are interpreted. According to the Bible, wickedness soon returned to the earth, however, when Noah’s son Ham committed a sin. Ham moved southwest into Africa and parts of the near Middle East, and was the forefather of the nations there. From Ham’s son, Mizraim, came the Egyptians, from Phut, the Lybians, and from Kush, came the Kushites, who established Ethiopia. Cush was also the father of Nimrod, the legendary founder of the ancient city of Babylon, who was responsible for instigating the building of the Tower of Babel.

Supposedly, Shem, Ham’s brother, and Cush’s great uncle, became appalled by his nephew’s evil deeds, and killed Nimrod. Before his death, however, Nimrod had married and impregnated his own mother, named Semiramis. After Nimrod was slain, Semiramis instituted the worship of herself and her son among the people of Babylon, who came to regard Nimrod as a sun-god, and she was a goddess, or Queen of Heaven.


Nimrod, or Bel, as he was later worshipped by the Babylonians, was also identifid with the constellation of Orion, the shepherd of the stars, mythologized as a hunter by the Greeks, and therefore referred to mystically in the Bible as “a mighty hunter before the Lord”. Semiramis, later revered as Ishtar, was identified with the planet Venus, as were all the goddesses modeled after her.
Nimrod was confronted in his blasphemy by Abraham, the founder of the Jewish nation [Check Important Correcting Note in the End] , who left his own nation of star-worshippers, in Harran, to found a new religion. That religion, centered around the worship of a single transcendent God, and the practice of justice and compassion towards one’s fellow man, became known as Judaism. Abraham’s grandson Jacob, later Israel, had twelve sons, from whom were descended the Twelve Tribes of Israel. However, later, in the Bible, through the inflence of the Kabbalah, these tribes acquired mystical symbolism, which would eventually become the prominent features of European heraldry.

Like the astrological zodiac, these twelve tribes were divided into four camps of three, in accordance with the four seasons of the Zodiac, divided according to the Four Elements. Thus, Reuben, who is compared to running water, with Simeon and Gad, are Aquarius. Judah, the lion, with Issachar and Zebulon, are Leo. Benjamin, Manasseh and Ephraim, whom Jacob compares to the ox, are Taurus. Naphtali, Asher and Dan, whose device is the scorpion, synonymous astrologically with the eagle, are Scorpio.


The brothers tried to kill their sibling Joseph, by dropping him into a well, but he was later rescued, and eventually became a governor in Egypt. When the Israelites were stricken with famine, they were forced to seek the assistance of Joseph in Egypt, who fially revealed himself to his treacherous brothers. After four hundred years in Egypt, the increasing number of Israelites in the country began to concern Pharaoh, who oppressed them. Moses was sent by God to revive the monotheistic religion of Abraham among the Israelites, and lead them to the land promised to their forefather, in what is known as the Covenant. For according to the Bible, God had chosen the Jewish people above other nations, to follow His commandments.

After confronting Pharaoh, Moses successfully acquired permission to lead his people out of the land. However, a short time after the Israelites had cross the Red Sea, and while Moses was away on Mount Sinai receiving the tablets of the Ten Commandments, they blasphemed by constructing a statue of a Golden Calf from their melted Jewelry. Scholars acknowledge that this cow-god [Check Note in the End] was borrowed from the Apis Bull of the Egyptians, who was equated with Osiris. More accurately, Osiris and Isis were merely the Egyptian versions of the same couple worshipped in Babylon originally as Nimrod and Semiramis.


Moses ordered the Seventy Elders to slay the idolaters, and the tribe continued its journey to the Promised Land, where they were ordered to conquer the inhabitants. According to Kabbalistic legend, it was to these Seventy that Moses had originally revealed the secret doctrine. These Seventy would become the origin for the foundation of the Sanhedrin, a legislative council that would later govern the Israelites, until their defeat at the hands of the Romans. And Moses, like his brother Aaron, was from the tribe of Levi, and the generations of priests that claimed descent from him, known as Kohanim, or Cohens, were therefore Levites as well.

Palestine was then inhabited by the descendants of Ham’s fourth son, Canaan. According to the Bible, although it was Ham who had sinned, it was upon his son Canaan and his descendants that a curse would fall. According to occult interpretation, however, the Canaanites represented survivors of the Anakim. In Deuteronomy 9:1-2, we read:

Hear, O Israel! You are crossing over the Jordan today to go in to dispossess nations greater and mightier than you, great cities fortifid to heaven, a people great and tall, the sons of the Anakim whom you know and of whom you have heard it said, “Who can stand before the sons of Anak?


The Israelites eventually succeed in taking hold of the land of Palestine, but soon falter into the worship of pagan gods. According to the Bible, the Jews are told repeatedly not to intermarry with the Canaanites, nor to worship their idols. Despite these warnings, not only do the early Israelites intermarry extensively with their subjects, but adopt their pagan ways, by worshipping Baal and Astarte, the Canaanite versions of Nimrod and Semiramis.


Though known by different names to different peoples, this dying-god and goddess shared common characteristics. They were consistently identified with the Sun, who in winter journeyed “beneath” the earth, into the Underworld. They were therefore believed to “die”, and to resurrect in spring, corresponding to the Christian Easter. Because Baal and his sister Astarte, were regarded as twins, as well married to each other, they were identifid as a single androgynous god, symbolized by Venus, whose original Latin name was Lucifer.

Basically, the ancient pagans’ belief was dualistic. They believed there to be two powers in Heaven, a good God and evil one. Because he was believed to journey there in winter, the dying-god was regarded as the god of the Underworld, reigning over the souls of the dead, and therefore identifid with evil. This led to the practice of black magic. To protect oneself from him, or to summon his powers to command spirits against one’s enemies, it was believed necessary to perform heinous sacrifies. Most common was the sacrifie of children, rites which were performed in drunkenness, attended with loud music, to drown out the screams of the suffering child, and followed by sexual orgies.1 These were the basis of the rites later known as “Mysteries”.



[Important thing. Illuminati for that reason use Lady in Red to represent Pagan goddess Venus,  in different films, posters, in cartoon network, etc and the people see the symbolic hidden subliminal representation of this satanic deity of pagans through freemasonic chains from media and web]
[Notes and Corrections by ZH]

(1) We do not agree that David was the founder of Jewish Nation. Because if he was the founder of the Jewish Nation then who were Noah, and others, and Adam, and those forefathers of Abraham, were’nt they Jews?. So the correction is that Araham (Ibrahim) (alehisalam) (mercy of Allah be upon him) was surly Prophet for the Jews, but he was the continuation of that Monotheist Ideology which was given to Adam by Allah. Its more correct to say that, Abraham (ahs) was Leader of the all monotheist faiths in the world in that era.

(2) This cow-worship is still going on in the land of Indian Zionic Satanic State by their creation Brahminism. They even ordered that none of their (holycows) will be slaughtered and we have video evidence that whosoever do that, they are beaten and even killed by Terrorist Indian Brahmin slaves of Zionism.

Islam does not pose a threat to the West. It is the contrary that is correct. Islamic terrorist organizations are hotbeds of impostors in service of the West. It is well known that there are various dubious relationships that exist between Islamic radicals and Western powers. The truth is far more sinister. Islamic terrorists are connected with Western power through an intricate network of secret societies.While outwardly claiming to adhere to disparate religions, the Islamic terrorists follow a heretical version of the faith, ultimately rooted, like their counterparts in the West, in the same occult doctrine, the worship of Lucifer, and the belief in the use of religion as a disguise to deceive the masses.

Collectively, this web is headed by a nefarious cabal commonly identifid as the “Illuminati”. The Illuminati was the name of a secret society, founded by Adam Weishaupt, in Germany, in 1776, with the goal of seeking world domination through subversive means. It’s existence is one of the few instances in history in which historians are willing to recognize the existence of the diabolical conspiracy, because the evidence is undeniable. However, in 1784, the order was exposed, and forced to disband. Scholars, therefore, have used the fact of the suppression of the order as justifiation to suppose that no conspiracy continues to exist into our time. Nevertheless, Weishaupt himself boasted, “I have considered every thing, and so prepared it, that if the Order should this day go to ruin, I shall in a year re-establish it more brilliant that ever.”1 The “Illuminati”, really, is merely a convenient term to refer to those individuals and secret organizations who continue to pursue the same goals in our time. In actuaity, the order’s existence began long before the eighteenth century. The truth is it began in Babylon, in the sixth century BC, with the advent of the Jewish heresy of the Kabbalah. According to their own accounts though, the Illuminati represent the descendants of the Fallen Angels who inhabited the lost continent of Atlantis. These Fallen Angels interbred with humans, producing a supposedly superior race called “Aryans”, to whom they taught the Ancient Wisdom.
Therefore, the Illuminati regard themselves as inheritors of a centurieslong tradition of preserving their occult knowledge, against the “tyranny” and “despotism” of “organized religion”. Ultimately, they perceive it their duty to institute a world order, to impose their cult as a one-word-religion, and governed by one of their own. Thus, throughout the centuries, the Illuminati have been carefully intermarrying with one another, to preserve their “sacred” bloodline, to transmit their esoteric knowledge from generation to generation, and from which their messiah is to issue. For this reason, they also refer to themselves as “the Family”.

Today, fronted by the powerful banking dynasties of Europe, the Illuminati exercise supremacy over the world’s governments, as well as their economies, and even their cultures. Ultimately, the Illuminati are an international network, existing in a parallel world, straddled between fronts of legitimacy, and activities on the black market and in the underground.Their method of conquest is to wholly demoralize the societies of the world, wrecking their very fabric, by promoting every vice, including sexual depravity, greed and war. By enslaving the nations of the world through colossal debt, they ensure subservience, and guarantee the slow transfer of their sovereignty to global government. By encouraging stock market speculation they siphon off the wealth of the ignorant masses. In the end, by creating a global economic cataclysm of untold magnitude, they intend to demonstrate to humanity their own ineptitude, and offer their reign as salvation, by implementing a global fascist state, to be governed by their expected messiah.

Deprived of any moral restraint, they fund their covert activities by dominating the world of illegal arms dealing, narcotics traffiking, and prostitution. Their activities are intertwined with those of the world’s leading intelligence services, including the CIA, Mossad, and Britain’s M16, as well as international crime syndicates, like the Mafi and the Asian Triads, and the Yakuza of Japan.2 Adopting any disguise to suit their collective objectives, they work hand in hand with the Freemasons and numerous other secret societies, and are responsible for the emergence of numerous radical cults, from the Hare Krishna’s to the Moonies, of Christian and Muslim Fundamentalism, and most importantly, terrorism. By wielding inordinate fiancial and political power, the plan of the Illuminati is to foment a global war, or World War III, from which will emerge, out of the ashes of the expired civilizations of our time, like a phoenix from the fie, a New World Order. The coming confrontation is being presented as a “Clash of Civilizations”, between the “Liberal Democratic West” and “Islamic fundamentalism”.

Despite all the fear mongering, however, the Muslims do not pose a threat. The Muslim world has been suffiiently weakened due to their own internal corruption, in addition to the subversive activities the Western powers that, by WWI, the Allied powers were able to brush aside the forces of the Ottoman Empire, which by that time had crumbled to near dust. Since, the Muslim world has been in disarray, incapable of uniting to even represent Islam, let alone defend its cause.

This fact was acknowledged by Zbigniew Brzezinski himself, the primary architect of the fabricated threat. As to whether or not such a phenomenon is a menace to the world today, he responded: Nonsense! It is said that the West had a global policy in regard to Islam. That is stupid. There isn’t a global Islam. Look at Islam in a rational manner and without demagoguery or emotion. It is the leading religion of the world with 1.5 billion followers. But what is there in common among Saudi Arabian fundamentalism, moderate Morocco, Pakistan militarism, Egyptian pro-Western or Central Asian secularism? Nothing more than what unites the Christian countries.3

[Correction Note by ZarbeHaq: Here what he writes Pakistan militarism is totally bias and again misleading masses, reason is there is no such Pakistani Militarism neither inside nor outside country, those people who are following the brotherhood of Zionist Illuminati Wahhabism only they and likeminded sets are there who do such acts, but again they are heavy funded by CIAMosad-RAAW and MI6. Saudis are giving them ideological grounds for terrorism and Indians are infulencing through Afghan soil. Afghanistan’s destruction today is just no one’s fault than themselves, their warlords are the reason, and that word [Pakistan Militarism] is just a fabricating words of Indian mindset of Z.Bzky. Because where is said Asian Secularism, why didn’t he say a clearcut word which is Indian RSS-ISM or in other words Hindutwa Terrorism which is not only their State Agenda and Goal to take other’s life wealth and lands, but they justify it because Z.Bsky’s Israel did the same in Palestine. So he used to put a curtain on that, and did not talk about their counterparts i.e., Indian Army’s State Terrorism from 65 years in Kashmir, Balochistan and other parts of Pakistan.Nice hypocrisy ]
Therefore, so as to rile the masses of the Western world against Islam, it has been necessary to artifiially foment militancy in the Muslim world, by creating terrorist groups, to create the illusion of Islam’s competition with the “democratic” West.


What is meant by democracy, however, is secularism. Originally, in the eighteenth century, the goal of the Illuminati had been to separate religion from the state, to replace it with a rule of their own. Through the widespread propaganda of the eighteenth century, they discredited Christianity as conflcting with the fidings of science, and defied the Christian Church as an organization rife with corruption and greed. While it is certainly true that the Church was fraught with abuse, the citizens of the West were told to throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater, for it was not its moral teachings, or the common worshipper, that were inherently corrupt, but the upper echelons of its politically minded hierarchy.
Paradoxically, the secularism of the Illuminati is based not on atheism, but on ancient occult teachings. To the upper levels of the Illuminati, it was Lucifer who “liberated” man, showing him the truth that there is no truth.Rather, all morality is mere convention, invented by the dull masses. To them, there is only Will, and therefore, man triumphs by overcoming all apprehension, otherwise regarded as morality, that prevents him from achieving what he desires. Or, the “ends justify the means”. The program of the Illuminati, beginning in the eighteenth century, has been to disparage all religion as superstition, and the enemy of “Liberty”, that is, the freedom to do whatever they will.To inculcate the veneration of such a principle in the minds of the gullible masses of the West, history has been rewritten to present modern secular states as the culmination of centuries of progress towards “Liberty”, which is upheld as the fundamental characteristic defiing the Western superiority over the East, where “desptism” supposedly perpetually reigns. Throughout “Western” history, we are taught, from Greece, to the Roman Empire, the Renaissance, and fially the Enlightenment, European thinkers have been progressively distancing themselves from “superstition”, or religion. The culmination of this supposed progress were the French and American Revolutions, and their implementation of secular rule, seen as the triumph of “Liberty”.
In reality, these revolutions were coup d’etats effected through the machinations of the Illuminati. And, the fist priority of the Illuminati, following the revolutions, as propounded by its prominent members, like the Marquis de Condorcet in France, Johann Fichte in Germany, and Thomas Jefferson in America, was the establishment of compulsory education. The fist to articulate the need to interpret history as the progress of “Liberty” was Georg Hegel, German professor and member of the Illuminati.4 Based on Kabbalah, Hegel proposed that history was the unfolding of an idea, as God coming to know himself. To Hegel, it is man who becomes God, as Western civilization overcomes superstition, by progressively advancing towards the implementation of “Liberty.” However, it was not until World War I that Hegel’s mythology of Western civilization was fully established. America, to justify its entry into the War, presented itself and the Allied Powers as, not disparate nation-states, but members of a single “Western” civilization, and capitalized on the notion of “Liberty” and “Freedom”, to cloak its imperial strategies in high ideals. Known as General Education, or the Western Civ. Course, the Hegelian interpretation of history was then imposed on the American university system. The mission was accomplished through the inflence of two Illuminati front organizations, boards of trustees acting as benefactors of the educational system, the General Board of Education (GEB) chartered by the John D. Rockefeller, and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (CFAT). As revealed by William H. McIlhany, in The Tax-Exempt Foundations, from minutes of their meetings, these foundations asked themselves the following:


is there any means known to man more effective than war, assuming you wish to alter the life of an entire people?” They could not fid one, and so helped to precipitate WWI. Following the Great War, however, recognizing the need to maintain the control of the “diplomatic machinery” of the United States they had achieved, the foundations determined that “they must control education”.


Together, as William McIlhany described, the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations “decided the key to it is the teaching of American history and they must change that. So they then approached the most prominent of what we might call American historians at that time with the idea of getting them to alter the manner in which they presented the subject.”5 Through their inflence, the entire American educational system was coordinated to serve a centralized command. Control of this system would be two-pronged, dividing study into pure and social sciences. The pure or applied sciences were to serve the emerging Military-Industrial-Complex, while the social sciences, like psychology, sociology, and anthropology, were designed to study the behaviour of human beings, towards achieving means of controlling or modifying that behaviour. Lastly, the remaining filds, like history of political science, were to inculcate a proper “interpretation” of history.
Because, according to the boards’ directives, “history, properly studied or taught, is constantly reminding the individual of the larger life of the community… This common life and the ideals which guide it have been built up through the sacrifie of individuals in the past, and it is only by such sacrifies in the present that this generation can do its part in the continuing life of the local community, the State, and the Nation.” In Universities and the Capitalist State, Clyde Barrow commented that: The full-scale rewriting of history under state supervision not only facilitated a short-term justifiation of American participation in the war, but also helped to institutionalize a much broader and more permanent ideological conception of the United States in the social sciences and humanities.6

The fist recommendations to educators, during WWI, were careful to warn them that using outright lies or false information was a “mistaken view of patriotic duty”, that was likely to be counterproductive in the long run. These recommendations went on to provide detailed suggestions on what to teach, and how to teach history “properly”. They urged teachers to stress the difference between Germany on the one hand, and France, Britain, and the United Sates on the other, as a conflct originating in the struggle between despotism and democracy. This was a continuation of the same revolutionary struggle for Liberty, which America had initiated in the American Revolution. If it had been America’s destiny to perfect democracy, it was now America’s responsibility to defend democracy wherever it was threatened and bring it to the rest of the world.This myth of America’s role in the preservation of “democracy” and its struggle against “depostism”, is again being resorted to, towards the build up to World War III, or the so-called War on Terror. Ultimately, according to Francis Fukuyama, in deliberate reference to Hegel, we are at the “End of History”. That is, we have achieved the pinnacle of human intellectual progress. We cannot advance further, and Western style “liberal democracy” is the fial product. However, one bastion of medievalism is preventing our fial step forward: “militant” Islam. Therefore, according to Samuel Huntington, as fist published in Foreign Affairs of the Council on Foreign Relations, a front group of the secretive and elusive Illuminati, the West is headed for an inevitable confrontation with Islam, or a Clash of Civilizations.

Satanism and Terrorism are 2 hands in one glove, in coming article we will more talk about the inter-links among different pagan cultures, grasping essence of their ideology and then compare it with today’s extremism which is called Terrorism, and which takes hold on every religion and faith on this face of the earth, we will also talk deeply about how west promote its dark thinkings in form of Wahhabism, and may be we can more talk about Indian Terrorism which western media never talks about. stay in touch.

To be continued …………..


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