Excellence of Ramadan

Heart-warming saying of the Holy Prophet :

Sayyiduna Salman Farsi R.A has narrated that on the last day of Sha’ban, the Beloved Holy Prophet said,

‘O people! An auspicious and blessed month has approached you. In this month, there is a night that is better than a thousand months. Allah has made it Fardh to fast in this sacred month. To offer (Tarawi Salah) in its nights is Sunnah. If you do a good deed in this month, it will be equivalent to carrying out a Fardh act in any other month and if you perform a Fardh act in this month, it will be equivalent to carrying out 70 Fardh acts in any other month. This is the month of patience whose reward is Heaven. This is the month of sympathy, and the believer’s sustenance is increased in this month.

In this month, the one who serves a fasting person with something to do Iftar, will be forgiven for his sins and his neck will be freed from the fire of Hell, and he will be rewarded the same as the one who fasted, without any reduction in the reward of the fasting person.’

The companions asked humbly, ‘Ya Rasulallah! Not all of us possess enough money (to present a meal to the fasting person) for Ifar.’ He replied, ‘Allah will give this reward to the one who offers a sip of milk, a date or a sip of water to the fasting person, and the one who serves the fasting person with a meal so that his stomach is full will be given water from my pond (Kawšar) such that he will never feel thirsty and will enter Heaven.

The first ten days of this month are mercy, the middle ten days are forgiveness and its last ten days are freedom from the fire of Hell. One who treats his slave leniently in this month (by not burdening him with heavy duties) will be forgiven and freed from the fire of Hell.

In this month, there are four things which you should do in abundance, two of them will earn the pleasure of Allah for you, and you cannot do without the other two.

The two which will earn you the pleasure of Allah are:

  1. To testify that there is none worthy of worship other than Allah.
  2. To ask for forgiveness.

The two which you cannot do without are:

  1. To ask Allah for Heaven.
  2. To seek refuge of Allah from Hell.’

 » Sahih Al Bukhari 660/1 # 2014

What Ramadan is ? :

Holy Prophet said, ‘If my Ummah had known what Ramadan is, they would wish if only Ramadan had remained the whole year.’

  » Sahih Ibne Khuzaimah 190/3 # 1886

Holy Prophet would welcome Ramadan :

When the Month of Ramadan would arrive Holy Prophet would welcome it and He would questioned the Sahaba thrice that : ‘who is welcoming you and for whom you are welcoming ?’ Hazrat Umar R.a asked : ‘Ya RasoolAllah! Is that Divine Inspiration is going to reveal now ?’ Holy Prophet said : ‘No’. Hazrat Umar R.a asked : ‘Is any War, going to be held with any enemy ?’ Holy Prophet said : ‘No’. Hazrat Umar R.a asked : ‘then whats the matter ?’ Holy Prophet said : ‘Verily ALLAH will forgive All the members of the family, on first night of the month of Ramadan’.

» At-Targheeb Wat’Tarheeb 64/2 # 1502

Sahaba would welcome Ramadan :          

Sayyiduna Anas Bin Malik has said: when the Month of Shabaan would begin, Muslims (SAHABA) would Reciete QURAAN, and would give Zakaah, So that the poor people may fast and can spend Ramadan in a better way.

» Ibne Rajab Hanbali, Lataif Al Ma’arif : 258


To have  A Complete guidence to this Ramadan in the light of Quran And Sunnah

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