12 sayings of Rasulullah regarding Sahri

Our Beloved Holy Prophet has said:

 1) Eat Sahri because it is a blessed (food).

 » Sahih Muslim 633/1 # 1923

2) The distinguishing factor between us and the people of the book (Ahl al-Kitab) lies in eating Sahri.

 » Sahih Muslim # 1096

3) Allah and His angels send mercy upon the people who eat Sahri.                                                                           

» Sahih Ibne Hibban 194/5 # 3458

 4) When Beloved Rasul used to call one of his companions to eat Sahri with him he would say, ‘Come (and) eat the blessed food.’

  » Sunan Abu Dawood 442/2 # 2344

 5) Eat Sahri to gain strength for fast and take rest (siesta) in the afternoon to gain strength for worshipping at night.

 » Sunan Ibne Majah 321/2 # 1693

 6) Sahri is a blessing Allah has granted you (therefore) do not miss it.

 » Sunan Al-Kubra 79/2 # 2472

 7) There are three people who will not be held accountable no matter how much they eat, provided the food is Halal:

 (a) A fasting person at the time of Iftar.

(b) The one who eats at Sahri and

(c) A warrior that protects the Islamic border in the path of Allah.

  » At-Targheeb Wat’Tarheeb 90/2 # 9

 8) Sahri is full of blessings, so do not miss it even if you drink just a sip of water. Allah and His angels send mercy upon the people who consume Sahri.

 » Musnad Ahmed 88/4 # 11396

 9) Sayyiduna ‘Irbad Bin Sariyah has narrated that once the Holy Prophet called him to eat Saari with him during the month of Ramadan and said: ‘Come for a blessed breakfast.’        

» Sunan Abu Dawood 442/2 # 3458

 10) Sayyiduna Anas Bin Malik has said that the Holy Prophet used to say to me at the time of Sahri, ‘I intend to fast, give me something to eat’, so I used to give him some dates and water in a cup.


» Sunan Al-Kubra 80/2 # 2477

» No one should have the misconception that Sahri is a condition for fast. A fast can be valid even without Saari, but it is not appropriate to miss Sahri deliberately as eating Sahri is a great Sunnah.

 » Mulla ‘Ali Qari has said, ‘Some (scholars) have said that the time for Sahri begins at midnight.’

                                                    » Sharha Mishkaat ul Masabeeh 477/4

11) For a believer dates are an excellent Sahri.

» Sunan Abu Dawood 443/2 # 2345

 12) Sayyiduna Ya’la Bin Murrah has narrated that the Holy Prophet has said: ‘There are three things that Allah likes:

 To eat Iftar without delay after sunset.

  1. To delay Sahri and
  2. To place one hand over the other (while standing) in Salah.’

 » At-Targheeb Wat’Tarheeb 91/2 # 4


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