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When Khawarij Try to Write Seerah {En}

When Khawarij Tries to do work in Seerah (Biography).

Occasionally many times we came across different sort of work on different types of biographies. Khawarij (Wahabiya-Sifliya-Devbandiya) also tries to sell books on Seerah of Rasul-ullah alaihaisalam, but because Khawarij has nothing to do with Islam, so they try to abridged the actual history, and try to get their own void ideas from it and to make them more supportive for the masses. Today I would like to show my friends few things which I found in this ‘Seerah’ book written by Saeed bin Ali bin Wahf al Qahtani (Wahabi). The name of the book as you can see in the scans is Rahmatul-lilalameen, and published by Maktabatal Malak Fahad al wataniya Riyadh. Here I would like to show some ‘Wahabi Tricks’ while writing Seerah.


On page 15 of the book, under the chapter of Khiyar min Khiyar (Nasbahu), they are trying to show that, 12th of Rabiul-awal Sharif is (second), but asking 8th date authentic, while if you see the sub section point (2), the second saying (Al-qowl al thani), Annahu Wulad fil Thani Ashr min Rabiul-Awal) which means, (He alaihi-salam was born on 12th of Rabiul awal)…. Qaal Ibnu Katsir (said Ibne Kathir) fil Bidaya wan Nihaya (in his history book – Tarikh-Ibne-Kathir or al-Bidaya wan Nihaya,,famous)… then there is written these words (Wa-Haaza HuwalMashoor Indal Jamhoor) means, [… and this is Famous, Accepted accoding to Majority). Further it is been supported by Ibnu Ishaq, through Seerah Ibn Hisham 1/171. (Al-Bidaya-wan Nihaya’s Scans can be seen in our Scans Library). 

So in other words, they covertly first neglect the Qowl of Jamhoor (Majority’s consensus), and try to force the un-authentic 8th date and others as more accurate, this is called changing the views and thoughts of the people from What actually Salaf-us-Saliheen has said.


In the same chapter on Page 17, sub/sec 2, the Wahabi/Siflee writer has shown his natural cry over the celebration of Mawlid of Prophet alaihisalam, and he writes (In Iqamatal Ahtafalat bimawlid anNabi alaihisalam kulu aam fil yaom al Sani ashr min Rabiul awal bida’ta Munkarata) Astaghfirullahil Azeem . He (the Khawariji Writer Saeed) is writing that, the people who usually celebrate now a days on 12th of Rabiul Awal the Mawlid Sharif, is Bi’ddat-Munkara, and further he is saying this idiotic stubborn lie, that Neither Prophet alaihisalam celebrated nor the act of Sahaba did that, after his demise nor Tabiyoon and Salafusaliheen celebrate it. Thus he is declaring it as (Totally Void innovation). Which is damn untrue and void as his existence as a Wahabi, because, Prophet Alaihisalam himself shows happiness when Hazrat Ka’ab (Sahabi – Companion Radi-Allahu Anho) was celebrating Mawlid of Rasul-ullah alaihi salam. So Mawlid is been proven by Prophetic Tradition as well as act of the Companions, further Tabiyoon also accepted that, and when it was been done regularly yearly in the times of Sultan-Salah-ud-Deen Ayoubi (rt), about which Salafus-Saleh Hazrat Muhadith al-Imam al-Hafidh Jalal-ud-deen Suyuti ash-Shafie (rta) said that its religious status is (Biddat’e’Hasanah) (The Good Innovation) and he along with all Jamhur paid a great tribute to those who celebrate this event in the Love of Prophet alaihi-salam even, the Khawariji’s favourite Imam, Taymmiya also acknowledged celebration of Mawlid Sharif. So this Wahabi priest is going totally out from the fabric of Islam by using such Lies that, it was never there. Kindly read Case Research Study of Mawlidun Nabi alaihi salam on Makashfa section of Mawlid along with 600+ scans in support and in refutation to this blatant lie by Wahabi writer. The references are also given there, here is a short reference, the narration is been narrated by Abul Khitab Umro bin Wahb Kalbi (RAANHO), in his book Al-Tanvir fi Mawlid alMustafa, by the chain of Hazrat Abu-al-Darda (Radi Allaho Tala Anho), and the Companion who was celebrating Mawlid when Prophet alaihisalam visited with other companions to his home, was Hazrat Aamir Ansaari (Rd). Also If you noted the word ‘Wa-Huwa-Shaheed’ 


There is interesting proof of authenticity that, Prophet alaihisalam was also given Ilm-al-Ghaib (Knowledge of the unseen) by Allah Almighty. Yes and this is been proven by “Wahabiya’s” own book and writer. On the page 285/286 under the title of (Al-Wajhusthani: Al-Ikhbaar Anil Ghuyoob-Means- 2nd fascle: Telling of the Unseen). And then Wahabi writer ‘Seed qahtani’ has proven this by giving Quranic references and saying that, this is been explained in Holy Quran, and then he is writing (Wal-Ikhbaar Bil Ghuyoob Anwa’a) (And telling of Unseen are of different kinds). First type of Unseen news, is of the news about Past, and Allah Almighty has informed His apostle about whatever has been happened in the Past precisely, nobody can know that but only Allah, who has (Wa-Atla’a Aleh Rasuluhu) (Informed His Apostle on it). Then second type is (Ghuyub-al-Mus-taq-bil) (Upcoming News of Unseen -or- Telling Futuristic Ghuyub). This is what we Ahlu Sunnah Wa Jamat (Hanafi-Shafie-Maliki-Hanbali Sufis) all believe. This is the belief which we say that, though Allah is the only one and alone who knows each and every Ghaib (Unseen) and who has Full Knowledge of (ilm-al-Ghaib), while still He Himself Given this Gift to Prophet alaihisalam, thus we Sufis say, its called Ilm-e-Ghaib-e-Attayi (The Gifted Knowledge of Unseen) for Prophet alaihisalam. and the knowledge of Almighty Allah is HIS OWN (without given to Him by any). Upon such belief these same Wahhabi Khawarijs always put fatwas of (Kufr-Shirk * Bidda) on us. Yet here they are totally accepting what is the view of Ahlu-Sunnah. And in the last, if you check clearly the line 10th of Page 285 you will see the words (Wa-Huwa Shaheed) which is again proof of (Prophetic Hazir wa Naazir – because it means, And he was Witness (to those events). 

I hope this information will also bring up many people to research through the books of these Khawarij, who sometimes also writes the truth, and sometimes try to fabricate it by putting adding and extracting different themes from it.

wAllaho-Tala A’alamm wa Rasuluhu

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