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Tawasul of the Grandfather of the Prophet and Salaf (En/Ar/Urdu)

Usually the Salfists (Wahhabism – Ahlu Hadith ) had a big problem with (Intercession) (Tawasul), You will find out that, this Hadith which is also been mentioned in the Wahhabi Darussalam published Bukhari Sharif Vol 1.

They (Wahhabis) did 2 things in it. First is Fabricating the Translation of Arabic Words, (Though we had mentioned this already in our refutational section before). Second, what interpretation they had given in it, is totally against the basic fundamental rules which are prescribed by Muhaditheen, Scholars of hadith never interprest such thing from this Hadith, So we had put them in bracket. In this post you will see what Real Salaf as Saliheen was having to believe in and what today’s their so called followers are doing.
Summary of Urdu Translation:

The Holy Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wasalam) blessing for inhabitants of Makkah even during his (Peace be upon him) Childhood.

Somebody related that he arrived in the Masjid-e-Haram and the Quraish of Makkah were worrying how to bring in rainfall (because there was a famine in Makkah). Some people suggested to their deities Lat and Uzza, others proposed going to Munat. [Note: Urdu Translation is of arabic, while here english translation is from another chain which we are writing here, because these are the occasions that when and on which event this happened so the main theme is same] But an elderly good-looking wise man suggested that they did not need running about halter skelter because they had among them a person who was the blessing of Hazrat Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and the spirit of Hazrat Ismail (peace be upon him) (means bloodline). [note: in Urdu translations this is hadith narrated through ibne Saad, and Nofal by his Mother Raqeeqa (rd) in which she heard a voice saying these things. Check urdu version]. Hearing this Quresh asked, ” Do you mean Hazrat Abu Talib?” He replied int he affirmative and all led by the elderly man, went and knocked at Hazrat Abu Talib’s Door. Hazrat Abu Talib (rd) , a fine handsome man wearing a shawl came out. The delegation rushed towards him and implored to him, “O Abu Talib, the famine is raging, children are hungry, come, let us pray for the rain.” Abu Talib advised them to wait till afternoon. When the intensity of the heat of the Sun was a bit diminished, Abu Talib came out with a child whose illumination was like a shining Sun just emerged from the clouds. Abu Talib caught the child and made him stand with his back touching the Khana-e-Ka’aba. The Child raised his finger, and although there was not a trace of any cloud, clouds started gathering from all sides and there was a heavy rainfall, in the city and the villages all around and they became green and fresh. Then Hazrat Abu Talib recited this verse:

“Wa Abaydu Yastasqi al ghammam bewajhi……”
Rain is solicited through the auspiciousness of this child with a heavenly face. He is the protector of the orphans and caretaker and support of the windows

(Note: This is proper translation, not like Darrussalam’s who cut the words from it while translating into english)

[Reference: al Khasais al Kubra Vol 1, pp 136/137, Darul Kutub al Ilmiya Beirut Lebanon)



The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) used to appreciate this verse of Hazrat Abu Talib’s. Hafiz Ibne Hajr Asqalani (rd) writes:

Once there was a famine in Madina. A Bedouin came to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and submitted that the people were in miserable plight. Due to hunger neither children could speak, nor camels could blare. Then he recited some verses. This was one of the verses:

“Walaisaa Lana ilaa…….till end”

Where could we go leaving thy door because the Prophet of Allah is the refuge of the people“.

Then the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) collected his chader (Shawl) and stood up. Then he graced the pulpit with his presence. Then he prayed,”O Allah, bless us with rain.” (It started raining). Hadith has also mentioned that, that time Abu Talib been alive, he would have been greatly pleased. Then they Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) expressed his wish to hear Abu Talib’s verse. Hazrat Ali (rd) stood up and verified from the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) whether he meant these verses:

“Wa Abaydu…..” (as translated before)“.
(Reference: Fathul Bari Sharah Sahih al Bukhari volume 2 Published by sultan bin abdulaziz al-e-saud. Ksa Madina al Munawara. Pp.575)

Famous Sunni Hanafi Imam Muhadith Hazrat Imam Badruddin Aini (rta) has also quoted this hadith and he has mentioned these words also:

“Lillahi Darru Abi Taalibin Lawo Kana Haadhiran Laqarrat Aina”

Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar (Rd) also used to recite the above verses.

(Reference: Umdatul Qari Sharah Sahih Al Bukhari (exegesis of Bukhari) by Imam Badr-ud-deen Aini al Hanafi (rta), Vol 7 Darul kutub al Ilmiya Beirut Lebanon Pp 45)

Thus its proven that, using tawasul of the pious people does not make it polytheism. Tawasul Intercession is a basic rule of Sharia, and Salaf as Saliheen are all agreed upon it. Only today’s so called followers of those Salaf who are called “Salafism” deny this.

Wrong Wahhabi Translation and Hadith from Bukhari Scans:

 Khasais al Kubra Arabic scans:

Fathul Bari Sharah Sahih al Bukhari Scans:


Umda’tul Qari Sharah Sahih al Bukhari Scans:


Urdu Translation and Meaning

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