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Fabrication Caught in Mojam al Buldan of Imam Hamowi


An Open Fabrication Caught!

Imam al-Sheikh Shihab-ud-Deen Abi Abdullah Yaqoot Bin Abdullah al-Hamowi al-Rumi al-Baghdadi was a famous scholar and expert historian of Islamic era, he born in 574 /or/ 575 Hijri (1179 AD), in Anatolia (Turkey). He has written many exclusive work of literature, we will not explain his biography here. The thing which is most important for us is its URDU WAHHABI TRANSALTION of his famous book ‘Mojamal Buldan‘. This is a grand piece of historical records about the places, and the tribes of Arabs. Where and in which era how and why the place got that name etc etc are been recorded in this. 

I found in its Urdu Translation as a huge fabrication and editing committed intentionally by the translator whose name is Dr. Ghulam Jilani Barq, considered to be a famous writer of Ahlu Hadith (sect of Wahhabism). In the very start of the translation, he explain and written down in this work that Imam Hamowi also requests in his book to everyone who in future try to minimize this extensive work is not in any case allowed. Even translator has given reference that, one of Imam Hamowi’s student try to minimize his work during his lifetime and presented that book which was the short form of Mujam al Buldan, and Imam Hamowi get very upset and angry on that, and he said to his student. My whole work of life was like a beauty and you had just taken the beautiful eyes from that picture. So the student felt very bad and he ask him to pardon him.

Still the same translator is writing that, although i also knew that Imam Hamowi does never want anyone to edit or manipulate his huge work, but for this and that (here he gave his false reasons) that why he is minimizing his work. So he removed all lengthy explanations which was the lifework of the famous Imam, which is also mentioned that please do not in any sort remove my explanations and even a dot. But still this translator has removed thousands of pages. 

Question is ! Ok for instance we will accept the excuse of Wahhabi Translator, but we need to see what he has removed?

When I check out for the Word ‘Najd’ to see what was the thinking of this word in proper old Islamic era. I found that, Imam Hamowi clearly mentions Najad of (Today’s KSA/RIYADH), I mean to say that, this cursed place Najd, about which Wahhabism usually try to misguide people by saying that Najad was of IRAQ which was known as cursed place in Hadith, and its not ‘Najd’ of Riyadh Ksa. Which is a gross lie.

So when it was checked in Original Arabic volume, i found a huge information about that word, also i had gave scans in another post about Najad and its real and actual place and i already refute them in refutation section who says that it was Iraqian Najad not Ksa’s. You can search on this blog about that post.

But here I would just like to show you that because Imam Hamowi’s huge work clearly explains each and every place, tribe, and Arab history. Thus this translator removed the whole exegesis and explanations of Imam Hamowi, and instead he gave his own words totally a mixed and manipulated thing. 

WHY? Ask them WHY!!!

Because they do not want to be exposed in front of those audiences whom they try to bring under the Salafism, by calling it Islam. Which is totally a deviancy.  Imam Hamowi’s work proves that, the place which was cursed was only and only in Najad of today’s Ksa (i.e., occupied Hijaz), because it is exposing Wahhabism’s lie, So the Translator did this work intentionally and even mentioned it that i am doing this because of length. Now can someone ask him, why you manipulate the BOOK? WHEN you accept it, that it is wrong, if you have no ability or time or money to translate it fully step by step then, you do not have to at least change the main work, if translator is intentionally removing all explanations, then why are you translating this?

Further according to the original Arabic version of the book, one will find that, Imam Hamowi also explains, that what is the word ‘Najd‘ derived of and what is the meaning, further he also explains it in three different places, one place named by Najad is of (Today’s KSA) which Imam Hamowi explains with the famous place ‘HIJAZ‘. 

Then Najad of Yeman is also explained, and Dhat al Irq is also explained, which clearly distinguish that, in that Hadith in which Prophet (علیہ الصلوٰۃ والسلام) said about Najad where the horn of the devil will be raised in the end times, was surly without any doubt today’s Kingdom of Saudi Arabia i.e., old days HIJAZ al-Muqaddasa. It was not Iraq or Yaman or any other place. As Wahhabism try to deceive people by point towards Iraq.  
You do not have power to fully translate the book, then why are you doing this?

No Wahhabi is there to answer our questions ever!…

This is called clear attempt of destructing the historical artifacts of Islamic literature, just to put a curtain on their Ugly deviant sect. And they want our coming generations to be misguided, so that, their shops of religion and so called ‘Dawa’ goes on.

We can only say, may Allah save our Ummah from such fabricators who consider themselves the followers of Salaf.

Scans  (A)Translator’s acceptance of minimizing the work of Imam Hamowi (rta)

Scans (B) of Fabrication and removal of all explanation e.g about the word ‘Najd

Title of the Fabricated or Minimized Book


Now See the Original Arabic text and its explanations by Imam Hamowi, this book is published by Dar Sader Beirut Lebanon. Even a Child who can read urdu, will tell you that, it not translation, indeed its open fabrication and editing in original text and removal of several explanations which shows the whole concept of the word.

As you read and see everything, what is the reason to translate a book if you have to remove anything from original text? It was much better to not even translate this. And this is only about one word. al-Najad. I can present hundreds of the explanations which was removed from this huge work of Imam Hamawi (rta) during translating it into Urdu language by famous Wahabi scholar.

This is their authenticity and this is their Manhaj of salaf.

You Decide!