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Tarikh-e-Farishta (Urdu/History)

Tareekh-e-Farishta by Mohammad Qasim Farishta Astarabadi  (1560/1620 ) who was the famous historian of that times. This book regulates a brief and very interesting history of humanity, Islam, Hind(that time’s Indian continent) and more interestingly one can understand the Basic Hindu Religion through detailed and eyewitness account of this famous historian.

Here excerpted from that famous tareekh something related to Pukhtun civilization, although one cannot say this will be totally accurate, but according to the knowledge of this historian its interesting to knew different views, also this excerpt contains some important answers to the now a days issues, and those are mostly coloured.

Matters: e.g
About Afghan origin and origin of Pukhtun Nation
About Existence of Schools of thoughts in early Islam and past eras of Muslims. (this also refute all those salafis who says that these were not there in early Islam, while, if we agree for a moment that what they say then their own rule can be applied on them because then in that regard their own existence is a Bid’at of new century then how can they defend themselves).
About Respect and Attitude of moral behave in courts of Saints of Allah by almost all monarchs and khulafa’s of Islam.
About Tabaruk of Khirqa of Sheikh Abul Hasan Khirqani to Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi (rta).

About finding and seeking knowledge from Naqashbandi Sufis (Note: again Sufis, you will never find any Wahabi who had promoted Islam in far areas of the world). Which shows that ordinary and elite both kind of people were respecting those people who are called and known as Saints and sages.  No matter whether there are Kings or Queens or ordinary people, all were seeking knowledge of Deen and Dunya and Tareeqa (way (wrongfully famously called sufism)). 
As an Ijmaa of Ummah.

In Short kindy read coloured lines more carefully.

Courtesy Brother Majzoob
Presented by Zarbehaq (click below to access scan folder)