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Editing the Words of Imam Ghazali by Deobandi Jamat

Ihya-ul-Uloom-ad-Deen By Hujjatul Islam Imam Muhammad al-Ghazali (Rah)’s English Translation‘s Fabrication/Misprint or Direct intentionally deletion of different lines, by Deobandi/Wahabi Publisher

Example 1:


Sayings of the Sages:

Hazrat Ali said to Kamil: O Ka’mil, knowledge is better than wealth. Knowledge guards you but you are guarding wealth. Knowledge dispenses justice, while wealth seeks justice. Wealth decreases with expense while knowledge increase with expense. He said: A Learned man is better than one who prays and fights in the way of Allah. When a learned man dies, such a calamity befalls on Islam which cannot be removed except by his successor. Hazrat Ali (rd) said in poems:

Glory is due to none other than to the learned.
Guided are they and proofs to the seekers of guidance.
Everybody is honoured proportionate to his knowledge,
But the illiterate are disgraced, as enemies of the learned.
Acquire knowledge, you will be immortal.
All men are dead, only the learned are alive.

The sage Ibn Aswad said: Nothing is more honourable than knowledge.[Note: Here line is missing about prophet solomon’s saying] While the kings rules over the people, the learned rule over the kings. Hazrat Ibn Mobarak (Rd) was asked: Who are kings? He replied: The Learned, He was again asked: Who are the kings? He replied: The ascetics. He was again asked: Who are the meanest? He said: Those who exchange the religion for the world. He did not consider anybody as a man except the learned, knowledge distinguishes men from the lower animals and it is only for knowledge that men are honoured. This honour is not due to a man for his physical strength, because a camel is physically stronger than a man. This honour is not for his large body as the body of an elephant is bigger then of a man. This honour is not on account of his bravery as a ferocious beast is braver than a man. This honour is not for his strength of too much eating as the stomach of an oxe is bigger than that of a man. This honour is not for his strength of sexual passion as a sparrow has got more strength for coition than that of a man. This honour of a man is on account of his knowledge and intellect.

Special Note: The Line in Scan 1 Yellow. is totally been removed from the english version which is published by Darul-ishaat, Urdu bazar Karachi Pakistan: Translated by Fazl-ul-Karim. (Its deobandi/wahabi publication agency)

The whole line about Syaduna Sulaiman (alehisalam) is been deleted from its English version Vol,1

These scans are from Arabic Versions,

(1) Indonasian Publication,

(2) Dar-al-Shoaib Qahira Edition.

(3) Ihyaul Uloom ad-deen Urdu version by dawat-e-islami International.

The Removed Line’s Translation is:

“Its narrated from Hz Syaduna Abdullah ibn Abbas (rd), who says: Hazrat Syaduna Sulaiman (alehisalatowasalam) (Prophet solomon) was blessed with knowledge, wealth and monarchy, WITH AUTHORITY TO UTILIZE , thus he uses knowledge, thus because of this he was gifted with wealth and government (monarchy) too.”

Why they removed this sentence?

They can better answer, as far as we are concerned, according to our knowledge, they removed this whole line because it shows the Authority of Prophets Gifted by Allah which they can use for the benefits of the people, and because this thing is in complete denial of Wahabi/Deobandi minds, so they removed it, because they are of the belief that, Nothing can be happened by the wish of any Prophet or Sage. (auliya) etc.  This conflicts with their aqeedah, that’s the reason, for their such works in many books of authentic literature. We already so many times shown their fabrications, although Wahhabism also do this, but the extent of Deobandi fabrications in translating works of different author is huge in front of Wahhabism’s fabrications. Deobandis are more involved in it, that is our personal experience from a long time and proven on this blog by so many admins.You can check cross examining of the Book with original manuscripts and editions.

Scans of Urdu Translation by Dawateislami Internationl:


Scans from Indonesian Arabic Version:

Scans from Qahira Egypt Arabic Version:

Now the readers can decide whether it was only by mistake or it was intentionally deleted from the english translation version published by Wahabi/ Deobandis. 

Deleted Version’s Scan and Place of the sentence from where it is been deleted.