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The Salafi Fabrications and Lies again Caught

Bismillahi Rehmani Rahim.

Dear brothers and sisters, i come across one book which is freely distributed on Wahhabi/Deobandi sites, they named it after Imam Ghazali (rta) and the book name is ‘Fiqhus Seerah’. This is claim to be the book of Imam Ghazali (Rta) by Wahhabi Sources. 

May be i am wrong but my question to Wahhabis kindly bring us evidence of authenticity of this book, because you are famous for tempering with books. So it is surely doubtful in minds that the few words or lines which are translated by so called ‘Students of Islam’ whose headquarters is located in (Occupied Hijaz i.e., KSA). 

I am denying their claim because all rest of the famous and authentic books written by Imam Ghazali (rd) are in favour of Mawlid and in those books, Imam has expressed lots of happiness and motivate ummah to follow and keep on this tradition. As recently our research work which can be easily read in this blog under the name of Research Study of Mawlid-un-Nabi alehisalam. 


In which we had presented not only quotes of same Imam in favour of Mawlid and celebrating the birth date of Mawlid but also given more than 170 authentic references and scans, one of the largest online scans available on internet. Which none of these deviant Salafi/Wahhabi creed try to object or reject. 


So its not possible for me to accept these words, as you will see in scans which i am giving here of this book which is ‘supposedly’  written by Imam Ghazali. I mean i am not talking about the whole book, in fact i am talking about this single passage which you can see in scan. 

This paragraph totally changed the belief of what Imam Ghazali preached for his lifetime through his writings. So how is it possible that in this single few paged book can take authentication against all those major authentic and proven and saved books along with manuscripts in our Islamic libraries and other places.


So i will leave this on the scholars and readers who use to search issues like this with deep concern. In the end of the scans i will again give you link where you can read the whole article in which Imam Ghazali’s view about Mawlid is presented with that books which are most popular and authoritative. Along with more than 150+ scans from authentic exegesis of Holy Quran in favour of this topic.



Wallah this is total lie and i can never accept this fabrication because i have more than 12 different oldest books of Imam Ghazali (rta) and i never came across such words in those books, and instead he has written more than 2 books on this blessed occassion of Mawlid, which you can read in this REFUTATION TO THIS FABRICATION – (Click) . In the words of Imam. 

SHAME ON YOU , Which face will you bring on the Day of Judgement??? Does your pagan religion of lies upon lies would end somewhere?  or as Rasoolullah alehisalam mentioned that this ‘FITNA’ (i.e., your creation) will be the biggest ‘Fitna’ of my Ummah, and will be carried out until the emergence of Dajjal. 

These acts of Dajjal and  anti Christ type of actions like fabrication in texts are the open example of your LIE.