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Wakeup Call Pakistan

Zionist Mossad-CIA Infiltration in India

The primary mission of RAW includes aggressive intelligence collection via espionage, psychological warfare, subversion and sabotage. RAW has a dedicated section which spies against enemies and have intelligence collection organizations. Diplomatic missions provide an ideal cover and RAW centers in a target country are generally located on the embassy premises. RAW operatives find good covers in {Indian} multinational organizations. Non-governmental organizations and cultural programmers are also popular screens to shield RAW activities (today’s example Geo News). International media centers can easily absorb RAW operatives and provide freedom of movement. RAW maintains active collaboration with other secret services in various countries. Its contacts with FSB of Russia, KHAD, the Afghan agency, Israel’s Mossad, the CIA and MI6 have been well-known, a common interest being Pakistan’s nuclear programmed. In 2006, Indian magazine Outlook reported that although India has a Muslim minority numbering 140 million, there was not one single high level Muslim officer in RAW. Reuters quoted anonymous sources as saying there were some Muslims in RAW, but they were mostly field officers. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Research and Analysis Wing)

RAW operatives actively search for local recruits and operatives. Separatist tendencies and ethnic or sectarian sensitivities are also allegedly used as grounds for manipulation. Armed forces and Paramilitary personnel remain a primary target for enrolment. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Research and Analysis Wing)

The RAW’s Bangladesh operation began in early 1970 by sowing discord among the disgruntled population of East Pakistan, suffering repression by the Pakistani political establishment. This led to the creation of Mukti Bahini and under its cover RAW operatives infiltrated into East Pakistan for guerrilla operations, blowing up Pakistani assets to damage the operational mobility of their troops. RAW emerged as a formidable intelligence agency after this success. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Research and Analysis Wing)

RAW’s another operation was amalgamation of Sikkim which is bordered by Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and West Bengal in the Eastern Himalayas. Sikkim was ruled by a Maharaja. The Indian Government had recognized the title of Chogyal (Dharma Raja) for the Maharaja of Sikkim. In 1972 RAW was authorized to install a pro-Indian democratic government there. In less than three years, on April 26, 1975 Sikkim became the 22nd State of the Indian Union. 

Operation Cactus was another RAW’s mission. In November 1988, the People’s Liberation Organization of Tamil Elam (PLOTE), composed of about 200 Tamil secessionist rebels, invaded Maldives. At the request of the president of Maldives, Indian armed forces, with assistance from RAW, launched a military campaign. The Indian paratroopers landed at Hulule. The operation, labeled Operation Cactus, also involved the Indian Navy. Swift operation by the military and precise intelligence information quelled the insurgency. RAW started training the LTTE to keep a check on Sri Lanka, which had helped Pakistan in the Indo-Pak War by allowing Pakistani ships to refuel at Sri Lankan ports. Latter LTTE created lot of problems and complications and then Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi was forced to send Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) to restore normalcy in the region. The disastrous mission of Indian Peace Keeping Forces (IPKF) was blamed by many on the lack of coordination between the IPKF and RAW. Its most disastrous manifestation was the heliborne assault on LTTE HQ in the Jaffna University campus in the opening stages of Operation Pawan. The site was chosen without any consultation with the RAW. The dropping paratroopers became easy targets for the LTTE. The assassination of Rajiv Gandhi is also blamed as a fallout of the failed RAW operation in Sri Lanka.

In Tamilnadu assembly Congress leader Peter Alphonso said that Rajeev Gandhi had given a bullet-proof jacket to LTTE chief Prabhakaran after India-Shri-Lanka agreement in 1987. (Bhaskar, 13 November 2008)

RAW had given training to LTTE to check Shri Lanka. This caused problems. Indian government was severely criticized. This happened as a result of non coordination between Indian Peace keeping forces and RAW. It is alleged that the failure of RAW operations was responsible for the murder of Rajeev Gandhi. (Bhaskar, 15 June 2007)

Myanmar had always been a worrisome point for Indian intelligence. India sought to promote democracy and install friendly governments in the region. To these ends, RAW cultivated Burmese rebel groups and pro-democracy coalitions, especially the Kachin Independence Army (KIA). India allowed KIA to carry a limited trade in jade and precious stones using Indian territory and even supplied them weapons. It is further alleged that KIA chief Maran Brangsein met the RAW chief in Delhi twice. However when KIA became the main source of training and weapons for all northeastern rebel groups, RAW initiated an operation, code named Operation Leech, to assassinate the leaders of the Burmese rebels as an example to other groups. Six top rebel leaders, including military wing chief of National Unity Party of Arakans (NUPA), Khaing Raza, were shot dead and 34 Arakanese guerrillas were arrested and charged with gunrunning. 

Kahuta is the site of the Khan Research Laboratories (KRL), Pakistan’s main nuclear weapons laboratory as well as an emerging center for long-range missile development. The primary Pakistani fissile-material production facility is located at Kahuta, employing gas centrifuge enrichment technology to produce Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU). RAW agents claim that in early 1978, they were on the verge of obtaining the plans and blueprint for Kahuta Research Laboratories that was built to counter the Pokhran atomic blast, but the then Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai refused to sanction the US$10,000 demanded by the RAW agent. In the mid 1980s RAW set up two covert groups, Counterintelligence Team- X(CIT-X) and Counterintelligence Team- J(CIT-J), the first directed at Pakistan and the second at Khalistani groups. 

In 2001, RAW had played a key role in the massacre of nine members of the Royal family of Nepal, when the former King tried to drift away from Indian hold. (http://www.kashmirwatch.com/index.php RAW’s invisible warriors by Sajjad Shaukat)

RAW also conducted Operation Chanakya in the disputed Kashmir region to infiltrate various so called  ISI-backed Kashmiri freedom groups. RAW operatives infiltrated the area, collected military intelligence, and provided evidence about these so called ISI’s involvement in training and funding Kashmiri freedom  groups. RAW was not successful in unearthing the links between the ISI and these groups, and in infiltrating and neutralizing the militancy against their brutal occupation of someone’s else land just like Palestine.


 Operation Chanakya also marked the creation of pro-Indian groups in Kashmir like the Ikhwan-ul-Muslimeen, Musleem Mujahideen etc. These counter-insurgencies consist of ex-militants and relatives of those slain in the conflict.


By 1996 RAW had built a 25 bed military hospital at the Farkhor Air Base, this airport was used by Aviation Research Centre, the reconnaissance arm of RAW, to repair and operate Northern Alliance’s aerial support. India also supplied the Northern Alliance high altitude warfare equipment worth around $8-10 million. A handful of Indian defense advisers who reportedly included an officer in the rank of Brigadier, were based in Tajikistan to advise the Northern Alliance in operations against the Taliban. RAW was the first intelligence agency to determine the extent of Kunduz airlift. 

Pakistani side proved that dissent among the Balochis, tribes in the North-West Frontier Province, Waziristan, Northern Areas and rural Sindhi population is due to RAW’s interventions. Pakistan also claims that RAW has established its training camps in Afghanistan in collaboration with the Northern Alliance in a bid to destabilize the region, as a retaliation for Pakistan’s involvement in Kashmir. It is also claimed by Pakistani authorities that approximately 600 ferraris (Baloch tribal dissidents) and members of so called Raw Created covert Islamic Emirate of Waziristan were trained to handle explosives and use sophisticated weapons in these camps. Pakistan has long complained of India-engineered terrorism on its soil.


RAW’s role in the war on terror may led by America increase as US intelligence sees RAW as a more reliable ally than Pakistani intelligence. 

CIA and Mossad have penetrated Indian secret services.

RAW was penetrated by the CIA in the 1980s when the head of its office in Chennai was allegedly found to have been passing on to the CIA Xerox copies of sensitive documents regarding its operations in Sri Lanka in return of sexual and financial favors. A senior IPS officer, who was in the line of succession as the DIB, was found to be having a close personal and clandestine relationship with a woman CIA officer in the US embassy in New Delhi. The IB was penetrated by the CIA at a very senior level at its headquarters in the 1990s.

RAW officer Ravinder Singh had fled America using fake passport via Nepal. He was spying for America. CBI officers alleged that in spite of repeated requests RAW did not provide them asked details of the assets and property of Ravinder Singh. (Bhaskar 7 March 2008) CIA did not want Rabinder Singh to fall into the hands of RAW interrogators at any cost. It was apparently worried that he might tell them something that could be very damaging to the CIA. He must have helped the CIA in recruiting moles well-placed in RAW or other departments who have access to sensitive and valuable intelligence.

In the regime of prime minister Narsingh Rao secret information of his office used to reach to America. Jaswant Singh did not name the officer who used to supply these information. He only mentioned that this officer is neither in service now nor he is in India. Ex Prime minister Chandrashekhar revealed that report of world bank was not shown to him for 7 months however it was circulated among 13 pro-world bank persons. (Bhaskar, 26 July 2006) During Rajeev Gandhi Regime case of Kumar Narayan where secret information were leaked had become famous. (Bhaskar, 27 July 2006)

According to daily Nav-Bharat leaking secret security information has been continuous at big scale by officers occupying highest positions. Last year navy war room information were stolen. In this theft wing commander S.L. Surve, Commander Vijendra Rana, Captain Kashyap Kumar, and V. K. Jha was dismissed from their service. There was considerable delay in war room leakage case and the culprits were able to flee out of country. Matter is also being investigated for commission in Scorpion submarines. Another big case involving lieutenant general D. Sumanwar who is accused of lobbying for American companies and developing special friendship with America is being investigated. Sources say that he along with Indian defense attaché in America is sent on forced leaves. (Nav-Bharat, 8 September 2006) Delhi police arrested retired brigadier Ujwal Dasgupta of computer department of RAW for supplying secret information to America and for being and American spy. Earlier police has already arrested system analyst of National Security Council S. S. Paul for spying for America. Also police had arrested Mukesh Saini of RAW for spying for America. (Times of India, 22 July 2006)

After the spy racket being run in secretariat of National security Parishad was revealed secret service has prohibited their employees to use mobiles having Bluetooth and camera facilities as well as use of pen drives and other such electronic equipments. From the head quarter computers CD /DVD writers are also removed. IB is investigating leakage of secret documents to America by its counterpart secret service NSCS. (Lokmat Samachar, 5 July 2006)

David Ben Gurion, the first Israeli Prime Minister said that the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are Hindus whose hearts have been full of hatred towards Muslims, therefore, India is the most important base for us to work there from against Pakistan. It is essential that we exploit this base and strike and crush Pakistanis by all disguised and secret plans.

The top people in the Indian security service (RAW) are said to be working for Mossad the spy agency of Israel. “The inner circle of the Indian RAW .. were on the Mossad payroll.” (Mossad in Sri Lanka Wake Up From Your Slumber)

Mossad is nickname of “the Institute for Intelligence and Special Task” (ha-Mossad le-Modiin ule-Tafkidim Meyuhadim) Mossad is especially interested in Pakistan, Iran, and middle east. Mossad has 1500 regular employees who conduct terrorist activities with the help of Jews and their supporters throughout the world. \

Jews of different countries visit Israel. Israel is also a destination for religious tourism for the Indian Jews. Mossad is famous for using Jews in the world in accomplishing its Zionist satanic ambitions and in its operations. “Sayanim (Hebrew: “helpers”) is a term used to describe Jews living outside Israel who volunteer to provide assistance to the Mossad. This assistance includes facilitating medical care, money, logistics, and even overt intelligence gathering, yet Sayanim are only paid for their expenses. No official number is known, but estimates put the number of Sayanim in the thousands. The existence of this large body of volunteers is one reason why the Mossad operates with fewer case officers than fellow intelligence agencies”

{Like Arya-Brahmins} Jews in India not only consider them upper castes, but they are most dominant and economically very strong community in India. The Jews in Kerala were the business community of Kerala. The ruler Sri Parkaran Iravi Vanmar gave to the head of the Jewish community Joseph Rabban the village of Anjuvannam and pronounced him the Prince of this village. According to the Cochin Jews the ‘princely rights’ (written on copper plates and therefore called Copper Plates) were given to them in 379 A. D. They had aristocratic rights, such as use of elephants and sedans. They even had servants whose job was to announce their coming to the streets so that the low castes could move away from their way. In the sixteenth century White Jews from Spain and Portugal came to Kerala. The Kochi Jews, concentrated mostly in the old “Jew Town,” were completely integrated into local culture, speaking Malayalam and taking local names while preserving their knowledge of Hebrew and contacts with Southwest Asia.

The early Christians of India are said to be the converts from Judaism. The clearest evidence for their view is found in the Aramaic language (language of the Iraqi Jews and of some Iraqis even today) once spoken by the Kerala Christians and used even today in the prayer books of Syrian Christian community of Kerala. Thus their is a clear link between Jews and Syrian Christians who consider themselves high caste Brahmins and practice caste system in Christianity.

The Sassoon family, or “the Rothschilds of the East,” played a major role in the industrialization of Bombay. Jews had three of its mayors, professors in its university and producers and stars for its film industry. The famous Haffkine Institute in Mumbai was named after Mr. Haffkine. The Sassoons, after whom the Sassoon docks, the Sassoon Hospital, and two of Mumbai’s well known sites – the Jacob Circle and Flora Fountain have been named. They have a Jewish Chief of the Navy. In the Indian Army, Jews have reached very high posts. Bombay had several Jewish newspapers (in Judeo-Arabic, Hebrew, Marathi and English), a Jewish publishing industry, Zionist and community organizations. The Sassoons built two beautiful synagogues to serve the Baghdadi community: Maghen David (1863) in Byculla and Kenesseth Eliyahu (1883) in Fort, both of which usually manage to obtain a Shabbat minyan today. By 1950 there were nearly 20,000 Jews in Bombay, but immigration to Israel, America, Britain, Australia and Canada have drastically reduced those numbers.

The leadership of Calcutta Jewry was held by the Cohen and Ezra families, the latter ranking among the city’s most prominent industrial and commercial houses. The Calcutta community was founded by Shalom Obaidah ha-Kohen (1762-1836), who arrived there from Surat in 1798. Jewish trading outposts — often including a prayer hall and a cemetery — sprang up in his footsteps from Lucknow to Darjeeling. The Baghdadis even helped some high caste Hindus to convert to Judaism.

Calcutta has had Jewish schools, a religious court, a matza board, charitable and burial associations, a Jewish hospital, several newspapers, a publisher since 1840 and Zionist groups. Calcutta has had three Jewish sheriffs, and Jews have provided Bengal’s first female attorney, several scholars, journalists, writers, musicians and sportsmen. Lt.-Gen. Jack Frederick Ralph Jacob commanded Indian forces on the eastern front during the 1971 war which led to the establishment of Bangladesh. General Jacobs, now the Governor of Goa, supervised the surrender of the Pakistani Army in the Creation of Bangladesh in 1971. The Chief of the Naval Staff was also a Jew. Maj. Gen. Samson was awarded the Padma Bhushan. Before the Second World War there were 3,800 Jews in Calcutta, a number which grew to more than 5,000 with the influx of Jewish refugees from Rangoon.

Cartoonist Abu Abraham is Jewish. The late famous Hindi film actor David, and the late “Sulochana” (Ruby Meyers) of Indian Silent Films, and the actress / dancer Helen, director-producer Ezra Mir, the actors Miss Rose and Ramola (Rachel Hayam Cohen), as well as the prizefighter-turned-actor Aaron Joshua, Poet Nissim Ezekiel, was Jewish. Nissim Ezekiel was a professor at Mumbai University. Esther David is a very popular novelist and so is Anita Desai. Some Jews also write in Marathi. Dr. Erulkar was the personal physician and friend of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Dr. Erulkar’s daughter is currently the 1st lady of Cyprus, married to the President of Cyprus. Another prominent Indian Jew is Dr. Jerusha Jhirad, who was given the title of Padma Shri by the Government of India. (Late) Mrs. Hannah Sen, President of All, India Women’s Conference and was also the first lady director, Lady Irwin College for Women, Delhi. (Late) Mr. Ezra Kolet did pioneering work in the shipping industry. Mr. J M Benjamin, was Chief Architect to the Government of India and former secretary, Delhi Urban Arts Commission.

In this way Jews in India are very powerful community. Arya-Brahmins of India have developed very strong affinity with them as they consider Arya-Brahmins as Jews or vice versa, indicating one and the same ethnic community.

The ensuing interaction with Indian officials led to India establishing embassy level relations with Israel in 1992. The decision was taken by a Congress prime minister P V Narasimha Rao.

P. V. Narsingha Rao’s close associate Chandraswami who is said to have worked for Rao is labeled as having Mossad-CIA connections :-

Justice Jain who investigated the conspiracy to assassinate Gandhi came across evidence that one suspect known as Chandraswami had links with the CIA and Mossad, and through them with the LTTE. Justice Jain ‘has linked Chandraswami with the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) in which arms dealer Adnan Kashoggi, several terrorist groups, and intelligence outfits like the CIA and Mossad had accounts. ‘The money in it was used for terrorist operations and political assassinations. The commission quotes evidence of former cabinet secretary Zafar Saiffullah who said Chandraswami had links with Mossad and CIA, and that the government had received intercepts of wireless communication between Israel and Jaffna which established Chandra swami’s involvement. (http://aangirfan.blogspot.com/2008/11/hindus-israelis-and-terrorism-in-india.html)

The central topic of the dialogues between the Indians and the Israeli delegation was the mutual problem of Islamic fundamentalism and Islamic terrorism in both countries, and how India and Israel can join forces to defeat this enemy. The world’s first Jewish-Hindu interfaith leadership summit, spearheaded by Hindu organizations in India and Jewish organizations in Israel, as well as the American Jewish Committee, was held in New Delhi on February 2007. The chief Rabbi of Israel, Yona Metzger, was actively involved in the dialogue, together with Swami Dayanand Saraswati. They stated that “The Jewish and Hindu communities are committed to the ancient traditions of Judaism and Hindu dharma respectively, and have both, in their own ways, gone through the painful experiences of persecution, oppression and destruction.

Hindu extremist websites gloat about the need to work together with Israel to target Muslims in South Asia… Israel has also been suspected of involvement in the incitement of virulent anti-Muslim activities in India. Faisal Kutty, a writer from Kerala state noted that a meeting took place, shrouded in secrecy between BJP high officials and Israeli officials preceding a completely uncharacteristic violent communal anti-Muslim riot in the normally peaceful and harmonious state of Kerala in 1992. Faisal Kutty also notes that the first serious communal clash between Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus and Muslims occurred shortly after the opening of an Israeli interests section in the U.S. Embassy in Colombo…These suspicions cannot be unfounded because of similar reports about Israeli agents wandering in Kashmir.

A Rediff story in 2003 revealed that the Indian intelligence agency RAW had clandestine links with the Mossad, Israel’s external intelligence agency. The Pakistanis eventually started to suspect intelligence relations between India and Israel resulting in a threat to Pakistani security. When young Israeli tourists began visiting the Kashmir valley in the early nineties, Pakistan suspected they were disguised Israeli army officers there to help Indian security forces.

Israel knows that the Hindus are the dominant group, at least numbers wise, in the whole Middle East. In UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait they are very strong businessmen and hold strategic positions in many institutions. In Medina of Saudi Arabia, the best hotel closest to the Prophet’s mosque is owned by a Hindu — the Oberoi. These Hindus are a very effective third column in these Gulf States providing a wealth of information and ready for subversive action when required.

[Shame on Arabs and Specially Wahhabis for their betrayal from Ummah in each and every way] 

Mossad and Sabak, reveal that the arrangements he has made for joint Indo-Israel espionage operations in key areas of the Muslim world would make the Indian embassies in these Muslim countries the eyes and ears of the worldwide cloak-and-dagger Israeli spy network. Under the euphemism of “counter-terrorism”, India is allowing Israel to establish a huge spy establishment in India which will, unearth and monitor “Islamic fundamentalist’ and “individuals’ and ‘groups’ for elimination by extra judicial process or by cold-blooded murder and kidnapping. “The Israelis were interested in having access to the secret reports of Indian undercover RAW diplomats from certain Muslim countries of special interest to Israel especially Pakistan, Libya and Iran. India is apparently willing to grant access to Israeli agents to the Indian Home Ministry’s Central Intelligence Processing Unit (CIPU) in New Delhi. This was recently set up under Advani’s direction with Israeli and US help. A handpicked RAW officer, trusted by Advani, heads this unit. Israel wants full access to its information data. The Indian government has already allowed access to it by American intelligence agencies now working with the Indian government on so-called anti-terrorist assignments.” “Israel has several teams now in Kashmir training Indian counter-insurgency forces to fight the dozen separatist guerrilla groups operating in the Indian-controlled sector of the disputed state.

(http://www.pakdef.info/forum/showthread.php?t=1697 Indian Raw + Israeli Mossad Vs. Pakistan And Islam)

It was during Vajpayee’s time, that the visits to Israel and consequently the relations and contacts of Sangh Parivar Dharma Gurus and Hindutva leaders with Israel increased manifold. Of all, the most studied is the February 2007 visit to Delhi of the delegation of Israeli Jewish religious leaders. The delegation was headed by Israel’s Chief Rabbi, Yonah Metzger. In this delegation, Jewish religious leaders from Israelis well as others rabbis from Belgium and Spain too were included. In India, the Israel Jewish religious delegation met important Hindutva leaders, which included especially the RSS Chief K. S. Sudharshan, President of VHP, Ashok Singhal, VHP leader Vishnu Hari Dalmia. Lal Krishna Advani had arranged a dinner for the visiting Israeli Jewish religious leaders’ delegation and others included in the delegation, at his own residence. After the meeting of the Sadhus and Jewish leaders, both delegations had issued a common manifesto. Jewish Rabbis expressed grave concern over the details of the terrorist attacks allegedly carried out by Muslims. (Rashtriya Sahara, Urdu Daily, Mumbai 2 Stories connecting CIA/Mossad with extremists one day before attack)

BJP has built close security ties with the U.S. and Israel under the guise of “fighting terrorism.” It is certain that this is a step towards turning India into a “security” state as both the U.S. and Israel will provide technological support in terms of arms, intelligence and who knows what else. Organizations like the Bajrang Dal, a Hindutva group who burned to death an elderly Australian missionary and his children, also find inspiration and who knows what else in Zionist Israel. On several occasions, the cadres and their leaders mention Israel and the Mossad as their inspiration. Asked what he did at the camp, an activist whispers, “I am from the secret service of Bajrang Dal. Israel’s Mossad is my inspiration. I can’t tell you more.”


In Muslim India magazine on its page 239 gave an article “Who is Rohit Vyas Maan and what is hinduunity.org ?” written by Vishal Rawal of Pune. According to this article which is also available on hotmail.com , nytimes.com and indya.com Sanghparivar has some terrorist secret organizations that work underground. The militants of these secret terrorist organizations work among the various organizations of Sangh-Parivar without revealing their true identity and are active in pogroms like Muslim pogrom of Gujarat. hinduunity.org is one of such secret terrorist organizations of Sangh Parivar which work within Bajarang Dal and Vishva Hindu Parishad and also is related to banned organizations such as terrorist Kakh and Kahan movement. The 23 year old chemical engineer Rohit Vyas Maan who is son of American businessman family belongs to one of the founder members of this terrorist organization. Time to time he stays at Delhi, Mumbai and in America. Rohit Vyas Maan and hinduunity.org work for the sole intention to establish fascist Hindu-Rashtra by whatever means. The members of this organization call themselves soldiers of Hindutva. They have their website hinduunity soldiers of hindutva hot topics. Vishal Raval wrote that Rohit Vyas Maan, Raj Malhotra, Sanjay Shah, and Amrendra are some of the big responsible leaders of hinduunity.org in Mumbai. Some of their militants are active in Kuwait. They are 500 members who do not disclose the name of their organization and call themselves merely soldiers or soldiers of Hindutva and declare their aim to establish Brahmin-Rajya in India through violence. Rohit Vyas Maan collects big amount from the NRIs of America and Britain. A large portion of this amount is spent in buying bombs, explosives and guns and they are supplied to Bajrang Dal etc fascist organizations of India. The significance of this article become very much obvious considering that from the godown of Manish Thakur at Nagla Bandar (Thane) explosive worth 100 bomb blasts was seized. According to police these explosives were similar to which were used in the explosion of Ghatkopar bomb blasts on 2 December 2002. Is Manish Thakur related to hinduunity.org ? Are absconding Manish Thakur and Rohit Vyas Maan closely related ? Their whereabouts are unknown. Whenever there is any terrorist act committed why the organizations of Sangh Parivar call general strike ? Is it to give opportunity for the perpetrators / terrorists to escape, just like Manish Thakur has escaped ? because the police instead of searching these terrorists are compelled to involve in the arrangements for strike. (Manjrul Haq Ansari, New Yerkheda Kamptee, Nagpur)

The Zionist website hinduunity.org is famous for its poisonous propaganda against Islam and Christianity and provoking violence against them. Because of this this website was to banned. But Kahane extremist Zionist group and its related organizations came in support of this website Kahane group is related to terrorist activities in America and Israel. The websites hinduunity.org and kahane.org use the same server located in Israel for their websites. Both the websites compete each other in poisonous propaganda and invoking violence against Islam and Muslims. They recognize each other as friendly websites. Leaders of Bajrang Dal and other organizations of Sangh Parivar not only advocate strong Hindu-Jew unity {read Brahmin-Jew unity} but openly declare Mossad as their inspiration and ideal. When one Bajarang Dal worker Sharma was asked what he learned in camp ? he replied in a whispering tone that “I am related to secret service of Bajarang Dal. Israel and Mossad is my inspiration and ideal. I can not tell more than this.” The Bajrang Dal trainees consider Israel’s terrorist activities against Muslims as their ideal. Considering the history of Israel to train the terrorist organizations of various countries and helping them with money, explosives and weapons, and Bajarang Dal members declaring Mossad of Israel as their inspiration and ideal one does not fail to ask that Israel is also providing Bajarang Dal training, money and ammunitions ? (Ghadar, Volume 5: Number 2, July 21 2002.;

http://www.proxsa.org/resources/ghadar/v5n2/zionism.html; Zionism, Hindutva, and Mickey Mouse Imperialism by Raja Harish Swamy Raja Harish Swamy works for Wesleyan University)

The articles of Mr. Atri in hinduunity.org website reveal plan of fascist Arya-Brahminist organizations to establish their Manuist-zionist rule by weakening and destroying indigenous masses through devised riots pogroms and looting with the help of selfish indigenous Bibhishans and Hanumans. We give a brief outline of their plan below :- Guns are the best weapons for Hindus in present situation to make Muslims helpless devoid of any resources. Let us come forward bravely with full determination to finish the wolves of Islam and Christianity. (Should we Hindus combat with Islam / Christianity) Mullas, Maulavis, Mufti, Qazi, and different preachers of Islam are greese monkeys. If we kill these 10,000 greese monkeys the Islam will not last even for a weak. Therefore is not it more civilized and better to exterminate 10,000 greese monkeys than exterminating 140 million (14 crore) Muslims ? (Mullahs, Maulavis, Muftis and Qazis). We must drive out all Muslims of India to Kharista without any slightest hesitation. We must make preparations and keep our groups ready to exterminate the greese monkeys. These groups should remain alert 24 hours and should be able to act within a minute. They must have ready with them the list of names and addresses of greese monkeys to be exterminated. Using these lists we shall be able to exterminate maximum number of greese monkeys. With such measures Islam will be extinguished from India in a surprising speed. We need not make propaganda about the existence of our exterminating groups. (Can “Basackward-pyramid of Islam and Christianity” be dismantled ?) The Hindus of the world should unite their minds in a common thread and raising their guns should drive out Muslims out of India. No Muslim in India should have means of livelihood. No Hindu should employ any Muslim no matter how cheaply he is available. We must be watchful to see whether any Hindu is employing any Muslim. Names of such Hindus should be written in black list and RSS, Vishva Hindu Parishad, Bajarang Dal, Arya Samaj, Shiv Sena, Hindu Mahasabha etc. Hindu organizations should drag such Hindu-traitors on ground and beat them severely. His procession on donkey should be taken out and children should shout slogans such as “Hindu Traitor Bachcha Hai Hai, Muslim Bachcha Hai hai” so that he does not dare to employ any Muslim in his service. Muslims should be terrified for their very existence. Every Hindu should become exterminator of Muslims and make Muslims realize that they have no livelihood in India and India is burning hell for them if they want to remain Muslims. (Sulla Destruction Machine) Then Muslims will have only three alternatives :- 1) die with hunger, 2) flee to Pakistan and 3) become a Hindu. Not even one percent will go to Pakistan. More than 99% will become Hindu. Only those Muslims should be given employment who secretly get themselves converted to Hinduism {and work for fascist Arya-Brahminist organizations and Mossad}. We must continue boycott of Muslims and secretly converting them. Boycott of Muslims is going very well in Gujarat. But why it is not happening in other states ? Why ??? The Hindus of rest of country must join the boycott of Muslims sincerely. and make the life of Muslims a burning hell. We must strike them hardest and should leave no alternative for them other than becoming Hindu. (1. The Boycott Technique. 2. Boycott Bomb, The liberty shield of the Hindu) The Hindus must have courage to implement in India the measures implemented by Bulgarian government in 1980. The few of these measures are as under :- 1) Bulgarian government in an order banned all Muslim names and compelled Muslims to take Christian names. As a result, all Muslim names in Bulgaria vanished. 2) Bulgarian government banned completely the use of Turkish language on radio, newspapers, documents and other papers. Persons using Turkish language were severely punished. As a result Turkish language completely vanished from Bulgaria. 3) Government banned and seized the copies of Koran 4) Praying Namaz in mosques were banned. As a result mosque remained merely buildings which had the status of illegal mosques. 5) Muslims were banned from cladding any Turkish / Muslim dress or following custom or tradition related to Turkish culture. 6) Muslim schools were banned. 7) Circumcision tradition of Muslim children was banned and it was checked time to time whether the person has circumcised ? Persons circumcising were severely punished. 8) Millions of Muslims from their majority area were shifted and were forced to live in Christian dominated area as minority. Applying these measures Muslims in Bulgaria vanished. The suppression movement that Bulgarian government carried out was known as Bulgarian National Revival Movement (BNRM). Government crushed brutally every resistance that was offered by Muslims of Bulgaria. Only 300 were killed. In beginning Muslims all over the world demonstrated against these measures in large number. They also lodged their complaint in United Nations. But Bulgarian government remaining unmoved continued its repressive measures. Now the whole matter has become forgotten part of the history. These tested and effective measures of Bulgaria can be implemented in India by a hardcore Hindu government only. They can be implemented only if BJP comes to power. (A tested, tried and proven technique by S.P. Attri, hinduunity.org)

Congress and fake communist parties of India are run by Arya-Brahmins. Therefore, they are inseparable hidden members of Sangh-Parivar. Therefore with mutually agreed conspiracy they are implementing above agenda very calmly and quietly wherever and wherever it is possible.

According to 5 year report of American foreign ministry on international religious liberty, it is clearly mentioned that Hindutva {read Brahminism} is being institutionalized in India slowly but continuously. Things related to Hindu religion and culture are being given preference over the other religions and their cultures. (Bhaskar, 20 December 2003)

Brahmin chief minister of Tamilnadu Jayalalitha had passed anti religious conversion bill by force in November 2002. After that Gujarat government passed more stringent anti-conversion bill. In the bill passed in Tamilnadu, person has to inform magistrate regarding his conversion. In Gujarat it is obligatory to obtain permission of district collector to change one’s religion. Madhya Pradesh government has two laws to prevent religious conversion. (Dalito Par Badhate Hamle ka Munh Tod Jawab Do, p. 21, New Vistas Publication) Karnataka government has taken action against Muslim employees growing beard. One Muslim police officer was compelled to retire for growing beard. (Lokmat Samachar, 12 May 2003) At government, administration and social level a mentality is being cultivated that being a Muslim means being a terrorist. According to this very mentality the measures used in Bulgaria are being used against the Muslims of India.

The international executive president of Vishva Hindu Parishad Mr. Ashok Singhal threatened Muslims to come on right track {read get converted} or be ready to live in refugee camps like camps in Gujarat. (Nav-Bharat, 26 June 2002, Lokmat Samachar, 1 July 2002)

One can not deny the involvement of Israel in assisting in every way to provoke suppression and massacres of Muslims of India as Israel have been doing it in other countries.

In American embassy of Colombo “Israel interest Section” was formed. After that the first communal riot in the history of Shrilanka between Muslims and Hindus of Shri Lanka erupted. Shri Lankan government latter on closed this “Israel interest Section” When some elderly BJP leaders before coming to power had visited America, they participated in several secret meetings with Jewish organizations like AIPAC. Why the BJP leaders insist on arranging secret meetings with Jewish leaders in America ? Kerala was known as a peaceful state. But in 1992 anti-Muslim riots happened in Kerala. Before these riots erupted the secret meeting between BJP leaders and Israel officers had taken place.

Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janjagriti Samiti is busy in spreading Brahminist terrorist ideology from Melbourne to New Jercy. They have several Ashrams where their preaching take place. Their one Ashram is in Goa and one in Panvel near Mumbai.

(http://in.news.yahoo.com/ Quietly, hardline Hindu outfits build a network across Maharashtra, Goa Mon, Jun 23 03:10 AM)

According to an article of Indian express, 23 June 2008, in addition to their branches in India they also run their branches in New Jercy, Brisben, Melbourne, Dubai and in many other places. In their spiritual practice it is essential to destroy the evil doers {read enemies of Brahmanism} physically and mentally. For this purpose they have formed Dharma Sena (Army of Religion). The trainees of Dharma Sena receive training in guns and other weapons. They do not have formal membership. The photograph of Mr. Jayant Athwale, the founder of Hindu Janjagriti Samiti and Sanatan Sanstha, is given in military uniform. In this photograph he is making a very emotionally strong appeal to the trainees to become terrorists against Naxalites who are enemy of Brahmin Rule. Sanatan Sanstha has given the periodical chart of coming events which is as under.

1) Year 1997-99 a period for developing firm determination in the minds of people to destroy evil-doers physically and mentally as a part of their spiritual practice.

2) Year 2000-2006 period for destroying evil doers physically, mentally and spiritually. In their books related to self-defense use of guns and other weapons is taught.

(http://communalism.blogspot.com/ June 23, 2008 A New Source of Terror? Herald, Panjim, 22 June 2008)

Urdu news papers have been repeatedly pointing out that Israel’s secret services are also involved in the terrorists activities being executed in India in the name of Muslims. These secret services have been providing training to Brahminist fascist forces in Israel. Brahminist organizations have been sending their members to Israel to get training in agriculture. But instead of training in agriculture they have been given training disruptive activities. (http://kafila.org/ Join The Dots: Silent Emergence of Hindu Terrorism Posted by: subhash gatade | 29 June 2008 and http://www.countercurrents.org/index.htm Skewed Media Approach To Terrorism By Yoginder Sikand 20 June, 2008)

Secret Service sources disclosed that at the invitation of Israeli Jewish religious leaders, a delegation of Hindutva leaders had visited Israel this year. In this, some leaders of Sangh Parivar too were included. According to high official, the way America’s secret service, CIA and Israel’s secret agency, Mossad, are infiltrating in Central Asian and South Asian countries, it is giving strength to the suspicions that in such delegations, members of foreign intelligence get included and through interaction and infiltration, secret operations are carried out. Those organizations that organize and support such visits and meetings, may or may not be aware of the secret mission of foreign agencies, the truth can come out only on investigations. For this reason, the national agencies are now concentrating on investigation of Sangh Parivar and its connections with Israeli lobby and Mossad. The way ATS has arrested Hindutva extremists belonging to Sangh Parivar, in connection with Malegaon bomb blast, facts have emerged of international networking and support to Hindutva radicals.

The growing strength of Hinduists and Sangh Parivar organizations and the increasing violence through these organizations against Muslims, Christians, and minorities in Gujarat, Orissa, Karnataka and other states are alarming. Therefore, enquiries and investigation of relations between Jewish and Hindutva religious leaders from Israel and India are being severely felt and is being analyzed. India’s internal and external intelligence agencies have got busy trying to figure out if some big international conspiracy is being hatched behind the activities of hardliner extremists of Sangh Parivar. (Rashtriya Sahara, Urdu Daily, Mumbai 2 Stories connecting CIA/Mossad with extremists one day before attack)

The officials of the national intelligence agencies have categorically stated that American secret service agency, CIA together with Israel’s secret organization Mossad, has carried out several secret operation all over Asia. It has exposed that Hindutvadis have got support and motivation from Israeli secret agency and they helped Mossad’s operations against the Arab and Muslim countries in the past. (Rashtriya Sahara, Urdu Daily, Mumbai 2 Stories connecting CIA / Mossad with extremists one day before attack)

The Mossad agents mainly come from high technology area. After their retirement they enter into professions in areas such as information technology, computers, communications etc which provide services in I.T. solutions, software engineering, computers and electrical engineering, Computers and electronic hardware, and communication. They usually open company into this area with the help of some big personality or an influential non government organization. ( – Mossad, Mossad Coming soon to a town near you!) It must be kept in mind that large number of Arya-Brahminists are working in information technology and computer sector. Following news is very significant and meaningful considering the above fact.

Warcha area Vishva Hindu Parishad president Kamlesh Kayla has said that VHP will give its members training in spying to find out antisocial and terrorist elements in society. He said that VHP workers will be assaigned work of find out antisocial elements and spy over suspicious persons. (Bhasksr, 11 December 2008) Does not this clearly indicate the intention of Mossad to get its spy network widened and get its work done through fascist organizations like VHP ?

Arya-Brahmin industrialists also want Mossad to develop its network in India. Top industrialists from Karnataka met with Mr. Yediyurappa, the Chief Minister of the state recently. The delegation was led by Ms Kiran Mazumdar Shaw of the ‘Biocon’ fame and Infosys CFO Mohandas Pai. The Biocon CEO suggested creating a well-equipped crack anti-terrorist squad in Karnataka. The possibilities of getting them trained by Israeli secret service Mossad should be explored, she said. ((DNA, Sunday, November 30, 2008 01:51 IST) Welcome Mossad ! By Subhash Gatade 24 December, 2008 countercurrents.org))
India under the iron-grip of Israel-American Military bases !

Mossad-CIA are trying to cause chaos in several neighboring countries and covertly inflame subversive activities in India, Russia and China to weaken them.

The Zionist plan is to destabilize and dismantle India with their subversive covert operations as they are doing with the Middle East and Central Asia, in order to redraw borders to suit geopolitical imperial ambitions. During cold war India and Israel officially pretended rivals of each other. Arya-Brahminists riding government of India have been playing in the hands of Mossad-CIA to ensure Arya-Brahminist position as agent-rulers holding higher jobs in an impending Satanist Zionist state. Arya-Brahminists riding the Government of India implemented Zionist plan to balkanize Pakistan and created Bangla Desh from east Pakistan. The fall of the Soviet Union generated a solid open strategic alliance between them. India also launched a military satellite capable of spying Iran, Pakistan, Russia and China for Israel through its Indian Space Research Organization.

In year 2000, Israeli submarines reportedly conducted test launches of cruise missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads in the waters of the Indian Ocean, off the Sri Lanka coast. It would be advantageous to the Israeli Navy to establish a logistical infrastructure in the Indian Ocean with the cooperation of the Indian Navy, since the Mediterranean has a dominant Arab and European presence that is hostile to the Israeli navy in varying degrees. American Jewish Committee announced it would soon be opening an office in New Delhi.

In India there is already a great presence of foreign military forces. America and Israel do not miss any opportunity to increase their forces in India. Time to time military, Naval and Air force exercises are conducted to insure pro-Zionist military presence. In the name of war against terrorism and curbing Naxalite violence, foreign military presence is continuously increased. They put pressure on Indian government to approve their proposed increased military and intelligence presence. Foreign military and intelligence persons always find their presence in several counter terrorism schools. Many of these schools even train Shrilankan army commandos. In the wake of Mumbai attacks the pressure is further increased.

Israeli intelligence unit is conducting the field security surveillance course in Pune for Indian Army Military Intelligence sleuths. Course has been designed to look at methods of intelligence gathering in insurgency-affected areas. This is part of the ongoing defense cooperation between India and Israel. The Israeli experts have been drawn from the external (Mossad) as well as internal (Shin Bet) intelligence agencies. Indian Military Intelligence is to pick up tips on gathering human intelligence as well as receive training on technical intelligence using recently procured Israeli surveillance equipment. (http://www.expressindia.com/ Israel’s Mossad all set to slip into India by SAIKAT DATTA February 28, 2004)

Under the proposed agreement, the IDF of Israel would send highly-trained commandos to train Indian soldiers in counter terror tactics, urban warfare and fighting in guerrilla settings. (http://www.india-defence.com/ Israel Likely to Train Indian Counter Terror Special Forces Dated 14/9/2008)

“The most important meeting the Indian Home Minister Advani had during his three-day Israeli tour on June 13-16 was with the top brass of Israel’s intelligence agencies in Tel Aviv. Heading the Israeli team was the powerful chief of Israeli police, Yehuda Wilk, with the heads of the Israeli intelligence agencies, Mossad and Sabak, and military officials dealing with Israel’s punitive and espionage operations against Arabs in Israel, Palestine and neighboring states such as Lebanon and Syria. Senior officials from the Israeli Foreign Office and the defense and home ministries attended this meeting. Israeli experts in bomb detection were also present. “Mr. Advani’s large team included India’s highest level spymasters such as the Director of the Intelligence Bureau, Mr. Shyamal Dutta, the Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation, Mr. R K Raghvan, the head of the Indian Border Security Force, Mr. E M Ram Mohan, Indian Home Ministry’s powerful Secretary K Pande who oversees the work of the infamous Indian spy agency, RAW, and liaises with the Indian Foreign Office in respect of undercover RAW agents working in Indian embassies abroad, and a senior officer of India’s military intelligence agency, equivalent of Pakistan ISI. Advani recalled that India had voted in favor of a US-sponsored motion in the UN for rescinding a UN resolution that equated Zionism with racism. “The Indians gave the Israelis a long shopping list of spying, torture and surveillance equipment such as:

1) electronic fencing of sensitive sites, 2) laser systems, 3) short-range rockets, 4) eagle-eyed long distance snipers, 5) observation blimps, giant shields, 6) night vision devices, 7) unmanned aircraft, 8) special protective dress and gear for security personnel, 9) cross border snipping devices and gadgets, 10) training and deployment of spies and the special gear for them, 11) use of computers and Internet for espionage and disinformation, code breaking, tailing of enemy agents and their elimination, 12) nuclear espionage, 13) purloining state secrets of hostile countries and pooling them for the good of India and Israel and their mutual friends. 

A Memorandum of Understanding, signed by ISRO and Israel’s space agency, provides for cooperation in multiple areas of space science and technology. The latest Israeli Radar Satellite, Tecsar, was launched by India on 22 January, 2008. India’s space agency launched an advanced Israeli reconnaissance satellite capable of taking images through cloud cover or at night, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) said. Israeli satellite launched from a pad in southern Andhra Pradesh can be used to spy on Iran. 

There were speculations in the media that the Indian nuclear test of May 1998 was actually done to test the Israeli nuclear technology, as there are no testing grounds available in the Israeli territory. APJ Abdul Kalam, head of India’s nuclear program, had visited Israel twice in 1996 and in 1997. There were also reports that Israel spy satellite was providing India with intelligence on Pakistan and Israel was allowed by India to undertake missions on Indian territory (probably Kashmir) to monitor points of interest. Israeli setting up of its naval bases in Indian Ocean along with India and US will seriously aggravate the chances of Pakistan to preserve its life line along Indian Ocean and put its fragile security situation in fix. (http://newsgroups.derkeiler.com/ Growing Israel India Nexus From: Muhammad Javed Iqbal)

India and Israel secretly planned to hit nuclear facility in Kahuta near Islamabad in 1983-84 but backed off when the CIA tipped off Pakistan’s then president Gen Zia ul Haq. The authors highlighted India’s intelligence links with Israel at the time when the two countries did not have any diplomatic contact. India put its plans on hold after Dr Raja Ramanna, the then director of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, was warned by the then Chairman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Munir Ahmed Khan in Vienna in the autumn of 1983 that Islamabad would attack Trombay if its facilities in Kahuta were hit.

(http://www.dawn.com/ ‘Israel planned to hit Kahuta from India’s Jamnagar base’) In a startling revelation, the Israeli Ambassador in New Delhi, Mark Sofer, has said that his country had assisted India in ‘turning around’ the situation during the 1999 Kargil war with Pakistan. He also disclosed that Indo-Israeli defense ties would go beyond mere selling-buying of arms. ‘We do have a defense relationship with India, which is no secret. What is secret is what the defense relationship is ? And with all due respect, the secret part will remain secret,’ he said in the interview to Outlook weekly magazine. (http://www.rediff.com/news/2008/feb/08kargil.htm)

The Times of India, Friday 22 September 2000 reports that A high-level team of Israeli counter-terrorism experts is now touring Jammu and Kashmir and several other states in India at the invitation of Home Minister Lal Krishna Advani to make an assessment of New Delhi’s security needs, high-level government sources said. The Israeli team, headed by Eli Katzir of the Counter-Terrorism Combat Unit of the Prime Minister’s Office, includes a senior Israel Police commander and Israeli military intelligence officials. The team will prepare a “feasibility study” of Indian security needs and assess the areas in which Israel can offer assistance to New Delhi in tackling the activities of insurgent and terrorist groups. “The Indian Express” reports that Israeli intelligence experts will conduct an advanced course for Indian Army Intelligence Corps personnel. “The Indian Express” claims that Mossad and General Security Services experts will arrive in India this week, “to conduct the first field security. (http://www.accessmylibrary.com/ “The Indian Express”: Mossad to train Indian Army Intelligence Corps. Publication: Asia Africa Intelligence Wire Publication Date: 02-MAR-04)

Dalit voice rightly published a news titled “Jews of India” giving Kashmir to Jews ? (Dalit Voice, 1-15 October 2007)

An Israeli media suggested that Tel Aviv might help India carry out covert operations inside Pakistan in retaliation for the Mumbai attacks. India has asked for Israeli assistance in cross-border attacks against “Pakistanis” inside Pakistan, reported Debka which is believed to have ties with intelligence and military sources. (http://pakalert.wordpress.com/ Israel to help India against Pakistan 10 Dec 2008)

[NOTE: a little update here: its 2014 now and we all know that how India planned all Mumbai attacks by the help of Mossad just like 9/11 to create problems for Pakistan, also the train incident was their own act which killed many of the Pakistani civilians]

According to Congress government, in spite of revelation of bribe of Rs. 1160 Crores in Barak missile deal Congress government will not put Israel companies in black list because of security reasons. Defense officers said that India-Israel defense relations are so deep and wide that any action against these companies will be against the security of nation. The same Congress government had put South African arms company Denel in black list and stopped all business transaction with them. (Times of India, 13 October 2006) such is the stronghold of Israel over India.

Afghanistan have massive military strategic position against China, Russia and India. Already there is a large Anglo-American NATO force bases. Indian Express of June 9, published the following story based on a PTI report: “The US, which has lined up several joint military exercises with Indian armed forces, is interested in establishing access to military bases in India Carbaugh Jr., who advises US industry and policy makers, says’ American military officers are candid in their plans to eventually seek access to Indian bases and military infrastructure'”.

A rediff.com report has recently declared that it has a copy of a classified US Defense Department Report. According to the report US wants ‘access to Indian bases and military infrastructure’. United States Air Force specifically desires ‘the establishment of airbases in India’. Senior members of the Indian government already know of this plan. The process of arming the ‘Baseworld’ ensures a steep and steady profit margin for the US military-industrial complex, popularly known as the ‘arms lobby’. (The Ascent Of F 16 S Chattopadhyay)

A classified report commissioned by the United States Department of Defense, states that the “American military officers are candid in their plans to eventually seek access to Indian bases and military infrastructure. India’s strategic location in the centre of Asia makes India particularly attractive to the US military,” the report says. An American Colonel says, “The US Navy wants a relatively neutral territory on the opposite side of the world that can provide ports and support for operations in the Middle East. India not only has a good infrastructure, the Indian Navy has proved that it can fix and fuel US ships. Over time, port visits must become a natural event. India is a viable player in supporting all naval missions, including escorting and responding to regional crises. In the same vein, the US Air Force would like the Indians to be able to grant them access to bases and landing rights during operations, such as counter-terrorism and heavy airlift support.” It is significant that during the 1991 Gulf War-I, India provided refueling facility to US warplanes. And during Operation Enduring Freedom, several US warships used Indian facilities for rest and recuperation. As part of Operation Enduring Freedom, Indian naval ships provided escorts to merchant vessels from North Arabian Sea till Strait of Malacca in the most active cooperation with US navy in history. It is not just access to bases and ports that the US military hopes to get in India, but also training facilities on Indian territory. (http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/ Americas Next Target: Indian military bases Rediff: 04/22/03)

According to National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, President Bush is set on “strengthening and broadening the relationship with India which goes beyond security, proliferation or regional issues.” (quoted in The Hindu of 15-5-2002 http://www.mombu.com/ India’s big power ambition By Afzaal Mahmood)). India’s Defense and Foreign Minister Mr. Jaswant Singh has said that India is open to the idea of offering Indian Military Bases for being used by the American Armed Forces. (Hindutva News Analysis – Indian Military Bases for the American Armed Forces)

The Kalaikunda airbase is in West Bengal, a state governed by so called anti-imperialist left government. Which is now the flying-pad of US F16 fighter jets. Is the day very far off when a US military base is formally opened in India? Can we call Kalaikunda a potential US airbase ? US military presence can only mean the servitude of India is not something that they are concerned about. It can be safely assumed that these bases, once formally established, will function as imperial outposts for watching China and colonizing the whole of Asia. Wherever US army goes, rape and prostitution flourishes. The day before joint Indo-US exercises began at Kalaikunda on November 7, newspapers reported angry protests in Philippines outside US bases over the sexual assault of a Philippino woman by American soldiers. This not a unique incident as the histories of Korea and Vietnam demonstrate. (The Ascent Of F 16 S Chattopadhyay)

The US wants India to be converted into a military base to facilitate refueling for its planes and recreation for the soldiers engaged in Iraq war, CPI(M) politburo member and Rajya Sabha MP Brinda Karat said. (http://www.expressindia.com/ US wants to convert India into a military base: CPM Agencies Posted: Aug 01, 2008 at 1433 hrs IST) America also wants to encircle India is obvious from the following news :- The United States is planning to set up military bases in Nepal to target China and India, claimed Maoist rebels. (http://www.indiatraveltimes.com/ US seeking Nepal military bases to target China: Maoists)

America seems to behave as if India is his colony is apparent from following news :- According to article written by Kuldeep Nair Anita Uddaiyya, a 47 year woman living in fishermen colony of Mumbai had seen terrorists reaching the shore who had attacked several places in Mumbai. She told that ‘white men had carried her to America in an aircraft for investigation. She was kept there for two days and was returned to Mumbai by air craft. She was instructed by them to tell that she had gone to Satara. it is obvious that this was a secret mission which was known to higher authority. American secret Service FBI is famous for such secret activities. But why Anita was carried to America when FBI has every facility of ultra-modern equipments of investigation in India itself ? This makes it clear that FBI has every freedom in India. Is the incidence of Anita is lone one ? There could be several such instances. It is not the question of number but of sovereignty of country. Did America gave India same facility {of carrying their citizens to India for investigation} ? This incidence has no relation with “Pratyavaran” Treaty. It is related to extra constitutional authority which America is showing throughout the world. Previously when it was read that Pakistan handed over his citizens to America for investigation. Number goes over 500 citizens. It was thought that A weak country like Pakistan who can not stand on its feet and is weak democratically and financially can not resist American pressure. But should we too surrender the sovereignty of our institutes to the Americans ? If we behave like a dependent nation, then no small countries would receive any relief. It seems that we are being dragged into the orbit path of American influence. America-India nuclear treaty is responsible for this. (Lokmat Samachar, 28 January 2009) Anita Uddaiya a fisherwomen was the first person to see the terrorists who had stepped on the shore of sea at 8.30 PM of 26 November 2008. She had objected their going from the route that was uncommon. On this they had threatened her to matter her own business. On this she thought that they might have come regarding some film shooting. (Bhaskar, 4 january 2009)

As we explained and corrected earlier in the article that Mumbai attack drama is now already been exposed by Indian’s own media and the confessions of Hindu who was named Ajmal Kassab, and a media hype was been created as a plan against Pakistan. We as a Pakistani Nation need to understand the up-coming 14 Aug. We urgently need a real change, otherwise our these open enemies will not tolerate the time laps.

Wake up Nation, Stand for your Rights, Bring Revolution in the Country with Ideology of the Founder. The Basis based on Islam, not on the un-real western so called democracy. Which is a mere curtain for the Elite forces (as they consider themselves) to survive inside the masses.