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What is Narashansaha in Hindu Literature?

Islamic Study of Narashansaha

Narashansaha  is described in all the four holy Vedas, but since last 4000 years, he was a mystery. Till 20th century no one was confident enough to make a statement about his identity. In 20th century when literature & knowledge about other religions were easily available and when Sanskrit scholars studied literature of other religions, then only they could solve the puzzle about the identity of the most respected religious personality referred as “Narashansa”.

Scholars who did this research works are Dr. Ved Prakash Upadhyay (research scholar, sanskrit, Prayag university), Dr M.A. Shrivastav, Pandit Dharam Veer Upadhyay etc.

Details available in holy Vedas about holy narashansa are as follows:

In all the four holy Vedas he is described with name as Narashansaha. For example:
Holy Vedas has predicted many things about him. Some them are as follow:

1> Holy Vedas says that he will be soft spoken, or his speech will be mesmerising (too sweet and attractive)


2> Holy Vedas says that he could forecast the future.

Ashampoo_Snap_2014.01.13_02h07m30s_076_3> Holy Vedas says that he will ahve extremely pleasing personality.

Ashampoo_Snap_2014.01.13_02h07m40s_077_4> Holy Vedas says that holy Narashansa will purify human being from sins.

Ashampoo_Snap_2014.01.13_02h07m50s_078_5> Holy Vedas says that holy narashansa will ride camel. He will have 12 wives.

Ashampoo_Snap_2014.01.13_02h08m12s_079_6> Holy Vedas says that holy Narashansa will be praised by masses in every era.

Ashampoo_Snap_2014.01.13_02h08m21s_080_7> Holy Vedas predicted that God will give holy Narashansa following things:

a) 10 Garlends,
b) 100 Gold coins.
c) 300 Horses.
d) 10,000 cows

Ashampoo_Snap_2014.01.13_02h08m35s_081_8> Holy Vedas says that God will save holy Narashansa from 60,090 enemies.

Ashampoo_Snap_2014.01.13_02h08m44s_082_Since last 4000 years people could not co-relate the above mentioned figures and facts to any holy personality of history or Autars or Devta.

In present time when scholars search in other religions then only they could identified Hazrat Muahmmad (sall-allahu-alihi-wasalam) of Islam as the holy Narashansa, who has been predicted 4000 years ago in Vedas.

The predictions about holy Narashansa in holy Vedas matches to Hazrat Muhammad (sall allahu alehi wasalam) in following ways.

1) The similarities between names of Muhammad and Narashansa

Narashansa” is combination of two words that is Nar and Ashans. Nar means human being and Ashansh means “The praised ones“. The great scholar Sayan who wrote the explanations of holy Vedas says: Narashansa means “The one who is praised by human being“. The Sanskrit meaning of said text is as follow.

Ashampoo_Snap_2014.01.13_02h09m04s_083_Shree Dhyanand Saraswati also confirms the same meaning (Rigveda-Hindi Bhasha, page 25 published by Arya Samaj)

Dr. Ved Prakash Upadhyay says: The word Nar is used only for human being. It never been used for Devtas. Hence holy Narashansa can not be considered as any Devta. He has to be a human being.

In Arabic language, Hamd means praise, and Muhammad means “The praised one“. So meaning of Muhammad in Arabic language is same as meaning of Narashansa in Sanskrit.

2. First prediction in Vedas says: Holy Narashansa will be soft spoken or his conversation will be too sweet.

Historians knows that the nature and conversation of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) was too soft and sweet. Read following two books for more knowledge.

[a] “Life of Muhammad.” By Sir Willan Muir. (Published by: Smith Elder and Co. London)
[b] “Introduction the speeches of Muhammad.” (by Lane Poole (Pub. MacMillan & co. London).

Holy Quran also confirms this fact in following verse.

“Oh Muhammad, (peace be upon him) your nature is so soft and sweet, that is why your companion don’t desert you” (Quran, 3: 159)

3) The second prediction of holy Vedas says that holy Narashansa will be able to forecast the future.

Being a prophet, the arch angel Gabriel used to regularly visit Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him). Either through direct revelation of holy Quran or through Arch angel Gabriel, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to regularly get the information about future, Which he as per the situation used to convey it to people. One of his famous prediction was victory of Rome over Persia (Iran), just after defeat of Roman in 648 A.D, Romans defeated Persia at Nenva  in 657 A.D. and his prediction came true. There are many other narrations which are mentioned in old orthodox literature not only Islamic but other research also shows and proves many other narrations in which he predicted about coming future in many ways, specially his saying about the end times and the coming of all these things in which we are today involved in masses. This was a Gift from Allah to His beloved Prophet (peace be upon him). (you can also read it on this blog in section of end times)

4) Holy Vedas 3 “prediction was that holy Narashansa will have extremely pleasing personality.

It is a historic fact that Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) was having extremely charming personality.

Not only Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) but in general all Prophets or Autars were blessed with charming personality, respected family background, noble characters, patience, intelligence, far-sightedness etc. So that non-believer could not taunt and denounce the Prophets on personal level. Shri Krishna and shri Rama were also said to have very charming personalities. shri Rama is also known known as “Adarsh Purush” that is “Ideal man”.

5)Holy Vedas 4* prediction was that Narashansa will purify human being from sins.

The basic duty of Prophets is to prify human being from sins and indeed Hazrat Muhammad (sal allahu alehi wasalam) did it.
Holy Quran says:

“That means, God says: We have sent Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) as His (God’s) blessing to mankind. That means he (Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him) has been sent so that mankind could get salvation or Mukti. (Quran: 21:107)

6) 5th prediction of holy Vedas says that holy Narashansa will have 12 wives.

This prediction holds good only for Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him). As no religious personality of any religion had twelve wives except Hazrat Muhammad (sal allahu alehi wasallam). Name of his 12 wives are as follows:
1) Hazrat Khadeeja (rd)
2) Hazrat Sauda (rd)
3) Hazrat Aisha (rd)
4) Hazrat Hafsa (rd)
5) Hazrat Umme Salma (rd)
6) Hazrat Umme Habeeba (rd)
7) Hazrat Zainab binte Hajash (rd)
8) Hazrat Zainab binte Khazeema (rd)
9) Hazrat Juvairia (rd)
10) Hazrat Sufia (rd)
11) Hazrat Raihana (rd)
12) Hazrat Maimoona (rd)

7) Holy Vedas 5* prediction also says that holy Narashansaha will ride camel.
As Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) stayed in Mecca and Madinah which has desert all around. And as camel riding is best mode of conveyance in desert, hence he also used to travel by camel.

As Brahmin is not allowed to ride camel, hence this also indicate the holy Narashansaha was not a Brahmin or from India. (Rajaisthan was not desert in ancient time)

8) 6th prediction of holy Vedas says holy Narashansa will be praised by masses.

W.H. Hart has written a book with title “The most 100 influencial persons in history.” In this book he has placed Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) on first place. That means the one person of history by whom this world is most influenced is Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him)

In “Azan” (call for prayer in Masjids) Muslims recites the name of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) five times a day, loudly on loudspeaker throughout the world.

As time changes gradually from place to place, hence on every second and every minute in this world, his name is recited loudly. So in human being he is most praised person in the world. Not only that but it is also stated in Islamic Shariah (Law) that whenever we heard the name of Prophet (peace be upon him) we have to recite Darood Shareef “Salutations upon Prophet” and each Muslim is bound to this. Also upon hearding the Prophet Muhammad (alehisalam)’s name it is Mustahib (praiseworthy) to kissing the thumbs of the nails and touching it to the eyes to show appreciation and love for Prophet alehisalam. And majority of ummah is following this tradition.

9) Holy Vedas predicted that Holy Narashansa will be blessed by following things from God.

(a) 10 Garlends ……. (as explained previously)

For last 4000 years this prediction remained a puzzle for scholars, No one could understand it. After focusing on Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) this got decoded in following way.

(a) Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) was having 10 dedicated followers, who were called “Ashra-Mubashira“. Ashra means 10 in Arabic language, and Mubashshira means predicted for heaven.

Name of these 10 people are as follows:
1) Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (rd)
2) Hazrat Umar bin al-Khattab (rd)
3) Hazrat Uthman ibn Affan (rd)
4) Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib (rd)
5) Hazrat Zubair bin Awwam (rd)
6) Hazrat Abd-ar-Rahman bin Awf (rd)
7) Hazrat Saad bin Abi Waqas (rd)
8) Hazrat Saeed bin Zaid (rd)
9) Hazrat Abu Ubaida bin Jarra (rd)
10) Hazrat Talha (rd)

These ten people were most dedicated followers and were eager to scarify their lives for Prophet alehisalam, and they always try to remain close to him. Hence they were referred as Garlends.

2) As Prophet only can preach, he can not provide wisdom to understand (unless Allah wills him to do) the teaching of islam and follow it religiously. It is God who does it. So whatever 10 Ashra Mubashshira 100 Ashabe-Suffah, 313 defenders and 10,000 followers did was due to wisdom provided by God. Hence we can say God gifted them to Holy Narashansa or Hazrat Muhammad (alehisalam).

3) Holy Veda predicted that God saved holy Narashansa from 60,090 enemies.

When people of Makkah failed to confine or stop the spreading of Islam, they planned to assassinate Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him). One night forty warrior from forty families, surrounded the house of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him), so that in morning when he comes out, he will be assassinated. That night Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) came out of his house but warrior could not see him. He walked through them and migrated to Madina.

That time population of Makkah was approximately 60,000 and all of them were enemy of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) because of his truth and Islamic teachings towards monotheism and call for the joining of Abrahamic lineage of Monothiest Religion. As this was a miracle that Hazrat Muhamamd (peace be upon him) walked through them and reached Madina safely. Hence God says that He saved holy Narashansa from 60, 090 enemies.

3) Based on above facts and figures, Dr. Ved Prakash Upadhyay, Dr. M.A. Shrivastav, Pandit Dhanveer Upadhyay and many other scholars says that holy Narashansa and Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) are one and the same.

4) Kindly refer following books for detailed and in-depth knowledge about Narashans, Kalki Autar and Muhammad (peace be upon him).

1) Kalki autar and Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) By Dr. Ved Prakash Upadhyay
2) Narashansa Aur Antim Rishi. By Dr Ved. Prakash
3) Muhammad (peace be upon him) aur Bhartiya Dharam Garanth By Dr. M. A. Shrivastav
4) Muhammad (peace be upon him) in world scripture. By A. H. Vidyarthi

5) Whatever we discussed was co-relation between holy Narashansa and Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him). But one can say that whatever we discussed was our imagination and there is no solid proof that holy Narashansa is Muhammad (peace be upon him) or Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) is predicted in holy Vedas.

So to confirm the identity of holy Narashansa and to confirm the predictions of Hazrat Muhammad (sal-allahu-alehi-wasalam) in holy Vedas, we refer to following verses from holy books of Hindu religion.

6) Bhavishya-Puran Says: “In another country a prophet will come along with his companions. His name will be Muhammad and he will appear in a desert country.”
Ashampoo_Snap_2014.01.13_02h24m44s_001_Pandit Dharam Veer wrote a famous book, “Antim-Ishwar-Doot” which was published in 1923 by National Printing Press, Daryaganj, New Delhi. In his book he writes, Kag-Busandi and Garud remained in company of Shri Ram for a long time, they not only used to follow but also used to convey the same advices of Shri Ram to common people. Tulsi Dasji has mentioned the above advice in his translation of Sangram Puran. He wrote that Shankarji predicted about the Future religion to his son in following words:

Prediction by Tulsi Dasji:

Ashampoo_Snap_2014.01.13_02h26m12s_002_In second part of Encyclopedia edited by Nagendra Nath Basu few years of Upanishads about God and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is as follows:

Ashampoo_Snap_2014.01.13_02h27m43s_003_The Kalyan Magazine published by Geeta Press of Gorakhpur has mentioned 220 Upanishads in its special issue named “Upanishadank:. In these 220 Upanishads the Alloponishad is mentioned on the 15th  position. Dr. Ved. Prakash also described Allopnishad in his book “Vedic Sahtiya Ek Vivechan” published by Pradeep Prakshan in 1989.

7) Holy Vedas are approximately 4000 years old. Those divine books which revealed after Vedas, also predicted Narashansa or Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) is in following words:

(a) Prediction in Jewish religion:
“I will raise up a prophet from among their brothers, similar to him (Moses) and will put my words in his mouth and he shall speak to them all I shall command him.” (O. T, Deuteronomy 18:18)

(Read Full About Song of Solomon Here)

(b) Prediction in Christian religion:

Jesus Christ said in holy Bible:

“I indeed baptize you with water to repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy angel and with fire.” (St. Matthew 3:11)

Bible was originally revealed in Hebrew language, in Old Testament (in Hebrew Langauge), in the book Solomen, chp nob 5, verse 16 says:

Hikko Momittakim we Kullo Muhammadim Zehdoodeh wa Zehraee Bayna Jeruselem“.
“His mouth is most sweet, ye, he is althogether lovely. Muhammad is my beloved, and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem”. (In Hebrew (Im) is added with name to express respect. Hence Muhammad (peace be upon him) is reffered as Mohammadim) (You can also see full article along with original manuscript of the word and full detail along with language structure proofs here on this blog).

8) Predictions in Buddhism:
Holy Puran says, Gautam Buddha is 23rd Autar. Gautam Buddha said to his servant Nanda:
“O Nanda, I am not the first Buddha in this world, nor am I the last. In time, there will appear a Buddha in this world, wo will give the teachings of truth and charity. His disposition will be pure and holy. His heart will be clear.  He will possess knowledge and wisdom. He will be the leader and guide of all men. He will teach the truth, as I have taught the truth. He will give the world a way of life, which will be pure and at the same time complete. O Nanda, his name will be Maitrey.”
(Gospel of Buddha by Carus, page 217)

Here i would like to mention this hadith which is having the status of Sahih and “Mutaffiq aleh” (means agreed upon) lets read this short saying;

Allah  Almighty    kept  showing  us  his  <the  Prophet’s> Blessings  {‘Barakah’} and two years passed in this way. The Beloved Prophet ]  was growing very fast  as  compared  to  other  children  of  his  age  and  was  very  healthy  and strong even at the age of two. Then, we took the Beloved  Prophet  ]  to his mother  and  took  her  permission  to  bring  him  back  with  us for  few  more months.”

“Once,  when  the  Beloved  Prophet  ]  was  playing  with  his  foster  brother behind  our  house  with  lambs, his  foster  brother  came  running  to  us  and said: “Two men in white dress came to the Qurayshi brother, they made him lie down and have cut open his stomach!”

Sayyidah Halima (rd) further narrates that: “Hearing this, I and my husband rushed to the Beloved Prophet  ]  and saw him standing with his face pale. My husband embraced him and asked: “What happened to my son?” Upon this, the Beloved Prophet  ]  replied: “Two men in white dress came to me and  made  me  lie  down.  Then  they  cut  opened  my  stomach  and  took  out something  from  inside  and  threw  it  away  and  brought  my stomach  to  its original  form.”  We  heard  this  and  brought  him  back  home.  My  husband said:  “O  Halima!  I  am  afraid  that  this  child  of  mine has  been  affected  by some evil force. Let us go and return him to his family.”

“We took the Beloved Prophet  ]  back to his mother. She  (Sayyidah  Aminah (Rda) asked:  “Why  have  you  brought  him  back  when  you  were  so  eager  to keep him.” We replied:  “We are afraid that some evil may befall him, and were  worried  that  calamities  may  affect  him.  Therefore,  we  brought  him back.” Sayyidah Aminah (rd) then inquired: “What is the real matter? Please reveal  the  truth.”  And  when  she  insisted,  we  narrated  the  entire  episode which  occurred  with  her  beloved  son.  After  listening  to  this  she  replied:
“You  became  frightened  by  the  Satan  as  regards  to  my  son?  By  Allah Almighty! Indeed the Satan cannot reach my son! This son of mine is very special! If you say, I may narrate about him. And we  replied saying: “Please do inform us!”

Sayyidah Aminah said:

“When  I  conceived  the  Beloved  Prophet  ],  my  pregnancy  was  extremely light weight, and no pregnancy can be so light. And  when I was pregnant with  him,  I  was  shown  in  a  dream,  as  if  Light  originated  from  me  which illuminated the palaces of Syria. And at the time of his Birth, he was born as no other child can be born in such a way. He took the support of his own hands  and  had  lifted  his  head  to  the  sky.  Therefore,  you  leave  him  on  his own!”

. Sirat Ibn Hisham, 1:162-165; & Tarikh Tabari, 2:158-160

It is mentioned in Sahih Muslim that

“The Beloved Prophet  ]  was playing with children <in his childhood>, Jibrail came to him and made him lie down on his back and cut  opened his chest,  and  took  out  his  heart.  Then  from  his  heart,  Jibrail separated  a small clot of blood and  said this part belongs to Satan,his  heart was then placed  in  a  golden  plate  and  was  washed  with  Zam zam  water  and  it  was restored back on its original place. The children came running to his foster mother  and  said  that  Muhammad  has  been  killed.  When  people  came  to him they saw that he has become pale.”

Sayyiduna  Anas  ‘  narrates  that  he  used  to  observe  the  marks  of  the stitching on the Beloved Prophet’s ] chest.”  It is mentioned by Imam Bukhari, Imam Muslim and others that Sayyiduna  Anas  ‘,  Sayyiduna  Abu  Zar  ‘  and  Sayyiduna  Malik  bin  Sasa‘ have narrated a Hadith on the topic of ‘Isra’ and ‘Mairaj’ and have described that even during the night of ‘Mairaj’, the chest of the  Beloved Prophet  ]  was cut open, may Allah’s  Mercy and Blessings be upon him.

(Sahih  Muslim,  Kitab  ul  Iman,  Bab:  ‘Al  Isra’,  Hadith:  236;  &  Musnad  Ahmad,  ‘Baqi  Musnad  ul Muktakharin’,  Hadith:12084,13555,  3:121,  149;  &  Bayhaqi,  Dalail  un Nabuwah, 1:147; & Ibn Hibban, Al Ihsan, 8: 82.)

(Sahih Muslim, Kitab ul Iman, Bab: ‘Al Isra’, Hadith: 237- 238)

Dr. Ved Prakash proved in his books (two books mentioned earlier) that all predictions in holy religious books are for Holy Narashansa or Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Swami Ramswarup says on his site:
The meaning of Narashansa is he who is adorable by all human beings.This meaning is told by an ancient Muni Yaska, in his holy Granth Nirukta 9/6, he says in Sanskrit, “ YEN NARAH PRASHANSYANTE SAH NARASHANSO MANTRAH”, ITS MEANING IS THAT by whom the men are praised that mantra is called Narashasa mantra. The devta of this Atharvaveda mantra NARASHANSA. Accordingly the meaning in the above mantra of word NARASHANSA is adorable God, who is always praiswed by human beings. This pious word NARASHANSA has been quoted in other Vedas also, for example Rigveda mantra 1/18/9 is NARASHANSAM  SUDHRISHTMAM APASHYAM SA PRATHASTAMAM. DIVO NA SADMAMAKHSAM.

Literal meaning of pundit is “ a learned person i.e., learned of Vedas. Yajurveda mantra 31/11 states “ BRAHMANNAHA (who knows Vedas and Almighty, formless God)

What is purpose of writing of all these things?

If we go to a foreign country, where everyone is new and stranger for us, and if we come to know that among them one person is from our own country, then even without knowing anything about the person we feel friendship, sympathy and attraction towards him, because something is common between that person and ourselves, and that is our motherland.

This sense of ‘something common reduces the distances between two strangers.’

Same thing will also happen if we learn of something common among our and other’s religions.

Now we know that the holy Narashansa of Hindus and Hazrat Muhammad (Sal allahu alehi wasalam) of Muslim are one and the same. This sense of commonness will reduce the hatred and distances between Hindus and Muslims.

Let us spread this knowledge among common people, to reduce hatred among them, and bring peace and prosperity in life of human being and in this world.

For Urdu Readers!
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