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Salafi-Vs-Salafi (OBL)


During my reading habit i came across something really interesting, which i would like to share with all of our readers. The world knew this fact that OBL (Osama B. Laden) was the bi-product of Extreme Wahhabi/Salafism created by Zionist CiA.  May be many among readers had read this before, but for those who didnt read this fatwa of famous Salafi Scholar Ibn al-Baz (Official grand mufti of ksa) issued regarding OBL. In which he declares them (OBL & GROUPS) as ‘KHAWARIJ‘. This is the translation of that fatwa along with reference. I hope this slap will be remembered by all those groups who support ‘Zaliman’. i.e., TTP, (Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan).

For reading full details click the folder to access the rest of the Fatwa Translation.