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Tareekh-i-Islam During time of Shiekh Ghaus Al Azam (rd)

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Short History of the time of Our Blessed Sheikh:

The 2nd Crusade:

Ammad ad Deen Zangi (rta) fought many wars with crusaders and make them praise his sword. In 1168 Hijr He kicked out crusaders from Halb City. and to this Mujahid whom Muslims were having great feelings and hope were assassinated by his own slave who was given money and wealth by Crusaders according to many reports and narrations.

After the death of this great Sultan, the hopes of Crusaders were more stronger than before and in 1147 hijri , 9 h/tnd troops flee from Europe under the flags of German monarch, and French Monarch Loui 7th towards Holy land i-e Jerusalem.

Crusaders fenced all ways of Damishq (damascus). On other hand the son of Ammad ad deen zangi (rip), Saif-ad-Deen Ghaazi and Nurudeen Mehmood came for the help of the people surrounded by brutal crusaders, and as they reached there, the crusaders left the fence and turns back.

Noorudeen declared “Jihad” against their tyranny and defeated them at many places. in one of the battles the satanic commander of crusader was caught i-e Josquiline”. When noorudeen mehmood reached Damishq while victoriously winning battles and grounds of Antakia and Asqalan, the damscus people accepted him as their leader.

2 years before the death of great Sheikh Syaduna abdul Qadir al Jilani (rd) in 1164 Noor ad deen mehmood fights with Crusaders a very tough battle and in that battle many of the leaders of Crusaders were been ended or prison.

During the time of Noor ad Deen, a Mujahid (fighter) “Sher koh” had made his name during battles with the crusaders and became very famous for his bravery, he was “KURD”. 

after the death of Sheikh, ie- 3 years after the death, in 1169 hijri he entered into Fatimi’s Darul Khilafa (capital of fatimite khilafa) as a Winner which was that time Qahira (egypt). Cairo.

Fatimi khalifa aazid gave him ministry and make him incharge of his army. Unfortunately after 2 years of this, he died and on his post, his young nephew was appointed who is Famous no one else But SULTAN SALAHUDEEN AYUBI the Famous SALADIN. During his time Fatmi Khilafa was ended and Crusaders were kicked out from the holy land.

Who was Hassan bin Sabah?

During the time of our gracious master Sheikh abdul qadir al jilani (rd) there was one another person who get fame and that Satan was named “Hasan bin Sabah”. After the death of Malak Shah Saljuki, when Tarkan Khatoon, Birqiyariq and Tatsh was fighting among themselves, the advantage of this was taken by hassan bin sabah and he made his “Markaz” “Center of activities” in the far away province of Iran Mazandran’s hilly areas, the place there was called “Al-Maut”. He made “Fidayeens” (killing squads) which were willingly supporting his cause. He gave them “Hashish” and during intoxication he send them to his “Paradise” where “Hoors” entertain them 

(Special Note: Do you remember those sick wahhabi women who willingly went to satisfy the ugly polytheist wahhabi jihadis last month? just compare this history, yes history always repeats itself)

Keeping that “Fidaa’ye” in their “Jannah” , they bring them back after few days, so he wishes to get back to that “paradise” of sabah, and when he wishes he was asked to do something for Sabah in return, he was send to kill someone in return for everlasting existence in that “Paradise” full of “Prostitutes”. And with such tactics Sabah killed many people by using those young people. 

(Note: Consider taliban’s Jannah and compare it with this authentic history)

In those people whom killed by Sabah, was Nizam al Mulk Tusi , who was miniter for Saljuk dynasty for 30 years. This is that Nizam al Mulk who made the system of Madrassa’s in Bagdad , Neshapur, and Toos and first started the generation of Sunni al madhab Ulemas Scholars, Historians, Mathematicians etc, he also fought with “Motizala” deviants at that time and defeated them in arguments. Nizam al Mulk was the Mohsin of Ahlu Sunnah and such thing was looked very bad by Hassan bin Sabah 

(Note: You are free to compare sabah’s ideology with today’s wahhabis)

Hassan bin Sabah was the founder of “Batini Sect” and that sect destroyed the image of Islam. (Just like today’s Wahhabism)

In Europe, the Hashishi (Assassins) were subjected as phrase of (Killers), in english language the word “Assassination” is derived from Assassins (Hash-i-she). There is also one narration that some people says that during the Crusades the european kings and monarchs and leaders always send money and other comforts to Assassins to save themselves from their hands, because they were mature enough to understand that “Hashisheens” can came in any disguise and kill anyone whenever wherever they wish to.

This will continue ………