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Khutba (Address deliverd to audience by Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani (ra)

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Assalamu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu



Futuhul Ghaib

A Beautiful collection of Spiritual Realities A Heart warming Detailed Explanation of Tasawuf from the Qalam Mubarak of Qutbul_Aqtaab, Syedus_Saadaat, Sheikhul_Mashaikh, Mahboobe-Subhaani, Sulatanul_Aulia, Abu Muhammad, Al-Syed Sheikh Abdul Qadir Mohyuddin, Al-Gillani Radhi_Allahu Anhu.

Insha-Allah i will post 11 Khutba of Sayyedina Gaus-e-Azam Radi Allahu anhu one by one daily & this will be the most easiest translation so that everyone can understood it properly.

1st Khutbah

Characteristics of every true believer

Qutbul Aqtaab,Syedus Saadaat,Sheikhul_Mashaikh, Ghous Samadaani, Mahboob Subhaani, Sulatanul_Aulia, Abu Muhammad, Al-Syed Sheikh Mohayyuddin Abdul Qadir Al-Gillani , Radhi_Allahu Anhu


Three things are mandatory practices of every believer under all circumstances:

1: To obey all comandments of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.

2: Stay away from all prohibitions

3: Accept all divine decrees with good grace.

In even the most trying situation, a true believer must continue to hold-on and abide by the above three things. The believer must therefore keep his mind and feelings focused upon them, talk to himself about them, and practice the physical self, and maintain the discipline , the three things require of him , at all times.

JazakAllahu Khayrun

I will post the second Khutba tommorow.

Dua;s pls

Let me end with the word’s of my Master my rehbar Khwaja-e-Khwajegan Shahenshah-e-Hindustan Hindalwali ata_e_rasool Sayyedina Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan chisti sanjari summa Ajmeri Radi Allahu anhu

Yaa Ghawth-e-Mu`Azzem noor-e-Hudaa; Mukhtaar-e-Nabee Mukhtaar-e-Khudaa
Sultaan-e-Do’Alam Qutb-e-Ulaa Hayraan ze jalaalat ard-O-Samaa

2nd Khutbah : The Path of Freedom

Qutbul Aqtaab,Syedus Saadaat,Sheikhul_Mashaikh, Ghous Samadaani, Mahboob Subhaani, Sulatanul_Aulia, Abu Muhammad, Al-Syed Sheikh Mohayyuddin Abdul Qadir , Al-Gillani Radhi_Allahu Anhu


Follow the Sunnah (Practices) of the beloved Prophet Sallallahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam, without concocting innovations. Obey Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala and the beloved Prophet Sallallahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam . Do not step out of the limits set by THEM i.e do not turn renegade.

Affirm the Oneness of Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala. Ascribe no partner to Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala. Assert the immaculate nature of Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala,without any doubts what-so-ever, profess your total faith and belief in ,Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala without any doubts, endure with absolute patience, not getting upset; hold on to your ground, not turning back to run.

Beg for your needs from Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala , without complaining and frustrations, wait and watch. Always keep your hope for the rahmat of Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala is comming. And never loose hope.

Stay together with other believers, behave like brothers, do not get angry with each other; unite in obedience, instead of going your separate ways; feel mutual love for one another;

Make yourselves pure,protect yourself from the blemish and stains of sin, adorning yourselves with obedient service to Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala;

From your Master’s door do not walk away, nor refrain from devotion to Him. In repentance do not delay, and never weary of apologies to Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala, (Your creator) at any hour of night or time of the day.

Then perhaps mercy will be yours, and happiness; removed far from the fire of Hell, you may be allowed the joys of Jannah (Paradise), brought into the presence of Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala, You may be blessed with the highest reward that is glimps of the “wajha Mubarak” of Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala.

And in this place of peace and tranquility you be bestowed upon with many blessings and these blessings are forever. Immersed in happiness, consorting with the beautiful ladies of Jannah, with eyes like the gazelle, best of the transportation modes you have never known before, in every kind of perfume, and in the melodies of pleasant voices, along with all those other blessings.

And be exalted in the company of the beloved Prophets alayhimu ‘salam, the champions of truth , the martyrs and the righteous.

3rd Khutbah

For The Believer, the begining and destiny when he is being tried and tested

Qutbul Aqtaab,Syedus Saadaat,Sheikhul_Mashaikh, Ghous Samadaani, Mahboob Subhaani, Sulatanul_Aulia, Abu Muhammad, Al-Syed Sheikh Mohayyuddin Abdul Qadir , Al-Gillani Radhi_Allahu Anhu Said:

When the servant of Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala is tested with a trial, his first impulse is to cope with it by himself. If his own efforts get him nowhere he would look for help from other human beings, such as people in power, important officials, men of influence and means, and when he is ill he would look for medical doctors. If he still obtains no relief, he would then turn to Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala through prayers of supplication, humility and offering of praise.

As long as he finds it possible to manage on his own problems, he will not seek help from other people, and while human help is available he does not make efforts to turn to Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala.

Having finally begged from Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala, and only to find apparently no help seems to be forthcoming from Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala, he then throws himself down at His doorsteps, begging, pleading, entreating, offering praise and submitting his needs in fear and with hope.

When Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala does not grant acceptance to his supplication, and ignores him; he then has reached the end of his tolerance. Only then, does he experience’ the effect of the decree of Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala and the action of His work, and so this servant passes beyond material needs and behavior, to survive as spirit alone.

Since he now sees nothing but the Truth (al Haqq) in action, he becomes, of necessity , a totally convinced believer in the divine one-ness (Tawhid), affirming that in reality there is no agent but Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala, no dynamic or static force apart from Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala, and no good or evil, no loss or gain, no giving or withholding, no opening or closing, no death or life and no honor or disgrace except in the hand of Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala.

His status comes to resemble that of; a suckling baby in the arms of a nurse; a corpse in the hands of a washer of the dead; or a ball on the receiving end of a polo- player’s mallet-rolled and spun and knocked around, though inert in itself and imparting no motion to other bodies.

Gone forth from his own self, out into his Master’s work, he now sees nothing but that Master and His work, and neither hears nor comprehends from any other source. If he perceives at all, if he does hear and learn, His speech is what he listens to, and His knowledge is what he comes to know.

His favors he enjoys, through His nearness he prospers, through His proximity he is graced and honored, by His promise he is pleased and reassured. With Him he feels at peace, and in His discourse he takes delight, while from all others he recoils and shrinks away.

In remembrance of Him he finds refuge and support. In Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala, the Almighty and Glorious, he puts his faith and in Him he places his trust. By the light of His awareness he is guided, as he wraps and clothes himself therein.

Strange marvels of His infinite knowledge he discovers, and of the secrets of His power he becomes aware. To Him he listens and from Him he learns, then for all this he offers praise, gives thanks, and turns to prayer.

4th Khutbah

The Fruit’s of overcoming The Personal Ego

Qutbul Aqtaab,Syedus Saadaat,Sheikhul_Mashaikh, Ghous Samadaani, Mahboob Subhaani, Sulatanul_Aulia, Abu Muhammad, Al-Syed Sheikh Mohayyuddin Abdul Qadir , Al-Gillani Radhi_Allahu Anhu said :

When you disassociate completely from the creation as though you have virtually died for the creation ,Then you will be told: “Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala have bestowed HIS mercy upon you! May He now has let you freefrom your passionate desires.”

When you have become free from your passionate desire, you will be told: ” Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala have taken you into HIS mercy so as now you have free from your willing and wishing.”

When you disconnect your self from your willings and wishes, then you will be told: ” Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala have mercy on you! May He now restore you to a life beyond which there is no death.”

You will then be enriched with a wealth behind which comes no poverty;

you will be granted a gift behind which comes no eprivation;

you will be given a comfort behind which comes no distress;

you will be favored with a bliss behind which comes no misery;

you will be schooled in a knowledge behind which comes no ignorance;

you will be assured of a security behind which comes no fear.

You will be made so prosperous that you are never exposed to hardship.

So honored that you never suffer disgrace, so established that you cannot be dismissed, so exalted that you will never be abased, so respected that you are never be treated with contempt, so purified that you will never be defiled. Thus hopeful aspirations for you will be realized, and good reports of you will be confirmed.

You will become a philosopher’s stone and therefore almost imperceptible, so distinguished that you have no match, so special that you have no peer, so unique that you are one of a kind, singular and unpaired, a total mystery and an absolute secret.

You will then be the heir of every Prophet (nabi) and Champion of Truth (siddiq) and Messenger (rasul) Saintship (al-wilaya) will Culminate in you, and toward you the Abdal will all incline. Through you the anxieties will be dispelled. Through you the rains will bring water and the crops will grow. Through you troubles and afflictions will be averted from people of distinction and common folk, inhabitants of the dangerous frontiers, rulers and subjects, leaders and society at large.

You will be the prefect of the country and its population, so people will set out to reach you in haste, to pay their respects, present gifts and do service, by leave of the Creator of all things, in all kinds of affairs. All tongues everywhere will be speaking well of you and singing your praises, for no two persons of faith will disagree about you, O best of those who dwell in the land or travel about therein.

Such is the bounty of Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala, which He bestows on whom He will. Allah Subahanahu Wa-Ta’ala is the Lord of infinite bounty.

5th Khutbah

On the nature of this world, detachment from which is strongly advised

Qutbul Aqtaab,Syedus Saadaat,Sheikhul_Mashaikh, Ghous Samadaani, Mahboob Subhaani, Sulatanul_Aulia, Abu Muhammad, Al-Syed Sheikh Mohayyuddin Abdul Qadir , Al-Gillani Radhi_Allahu Anhu said :

You see this world in the hands of those who keep it going, with its ornaments and vanities, its deceptions and its lethal poisons. Its surface is so smooth to the touch, while the inside is full of greed, quick to bring destruction and death to those who touch it and fall prey to its delusion, forgetting its evil motives, its fickleness and breach of promise.

When you see all this, its like some one who is in the act of defecating, with his private parts exposed and an unpleasant odor all arround him.

Just as you would turn away your eyes from his nakedness, and hold your nose against the stinking smell. you must behave similarly towards the worldly possessions: When you see those, look away from its charms and hold your nose against the stench emitted by its lechery and lust.

Thus you may escape the world’s corrupting influence, yet still receive your allotted share of worldly goods-yours to enjoy! As Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) said to His chosen Prophet (Sallallahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam); in the Quraan-ul-Kareem

Strain not your eyes toward that which We have given for some pairs among them to enjoy-the flower of this world’s life, that We may thereby put them to the test. Your Lord’s provision is better and more lasting. (20:131)