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People of Veranda (Who were they?) (Ahl-i-Suffah)

Concerning the people of the Veranda (Ahl-i-Suffah)

اصحاب صفہ

Know that all Muslims are agreed that the Apostle had a number of Companions,who abode in this Masjid (mosque) and engaged in devotion, renouncing the world and refusing to seek a livelihood. God reproached the Apostle on their account and said: “Do not drive away those who call unto their Lord at morn and eve, desiring His face” (Quran.vi,52).Their merits are proclaimed by the Book of God, and in many traditions of the Apostle which have come down to us. It is related by Ibn’Abbas that the Apostle passed by the people of the Veranda, and saw their poverty and their self mortification and said: “Rejoice! for whoever of my community preseveres in the state in which ye are, and is satisfied with his condition, he shall be one of my comrades in paradise.” Among the Ahl-e-Suffah were Bilal b. Rabah, Salman al-Farisi, Abu Abdallah b. Mas’ud al-Hudhali, Abu ‘Ubayda b. al-Jarrah, Abu’l-Yaqzan ‘Ammar b. Yasir, ‘Abdallah b. Masud’s brother ‘Utba b. Mas’ud Miqdad b. Al-Aswad, Khabbab b. al-Aratt, Suhayb b. Sinan, ‘Utba b. Ghazwan, Zayd b. al-Khattab, brother of the Great Caliph ‘Umar; Abu Kabsha, the Apostle’s client; Abu ‘l-Marthad kinana b. al-Husayn al-‘Adawi; Salim, client of Hudhayfa al-Yamani; ‘Ukkasha b. Mishan; Mas’ud b. Rabi al-Faris; Abu Dharr Jundab b. Junada al-Ghifari; ‘Abdallah b. ‘Umar; Safwan b. Bayda; Abu Darda‘Uwaym b. ‘Amir; Abu Lubab b. ‘Abd al Mundhir; and ‘Abdallah b. Badr al-Juhani.
Shaykh Abu’Abd al-Rahman Muhammmad b. al-Husayn al-Sulami the traditionist (naqqal) of Sufi’ism and transmitter of the sayings of the Sufi Shaykhs, has written a separate history of the Ahl-i-Suffah, in which he has recorded their virtues and merits and names and “names of honour”. He has included among them Mistah b. Uthatha b. ‘Abbad, whom i dislike because he began the slanders about ‘Aisha, the Mother of the Believers. Abu Hurayra, and Thawban, and Mu’adh b al-Harith, and Sa’ib b. Khallad, and Thabit b. Wadi’at, and Abu ‘Isa ‘Uswaym b. Sa’ida, and Salim b. ‘Umayr b. Thabit, and Abu ‘l-Yasar Ka’bb.’Amr, and Wahb b. Ma’qal, and ‘Abdallah bin Unays and Hajjaj b. ‘Umar al-Aslami belonged to the Ahl-i-Suffah.Now and then they had recourse to some means of livelihood (ta’alluq ba-sababi kardani), but all of them were in one and the same degree (of dignity). Verily, the generation of the Companions was the best of all generations; and they were the best and most excellent of mankind, since God bestowed on them companionship with the Apostle and preserved their hearts from blemish.

Translated from Persian to English

Book: Kashful-Mahjoob

Writer Sufi Saint Hadrat Ali Hajveri (rehmatullah aleh) also known as Hazrat Daata Ganj bakhsh

Shrine : Located in Lahore


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