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Rasool Allah alehisalam is Noor (From Quran and Sunnah)

The aqida (belief) of the Ahlu Sunnat Wa Jama’at is that the Prophet (alehisalam) is Noor (Light) and came to us in the form of a man. Even though he came towards us in a human form, he is “Afdalul Bashr” (The Most superior human).


It should be noted that originality does not change by the changing of a garb. Hazrat Jibra’eel Ameen (alehisalam) is Noor but when appeared before Hazrat Maryam he would appear to her in the form of human.

Concerning this Alimighty Allah states in the Holy Quran:Surah Maryam Ver.17 

فَاتَّخَذَتْ (پھر بنا لیا اس نے ) مِّنْ (سے ) دُوْنِهِمْ (ان سے الگ ہو کر ) حِجَابًا (ایک پردہ ) ڨ فَاَرْسَلْنَآ (پھر ہم نے بھیجا ) اِلَيْهَا (اس کی طرف ) رُوْحَنَا (اپنی روح کو ) فَتَمَثَّلَ (تو اس نے شکل اختیار کی) لَهَا (اس کیلیے ) بَشَرًا (ایک انسان ) سَوِيًّا (کامل ) 



فاتخذت من دونهم حجابا فارسلنا اليها روحنا فتمثل لها بشرا سويا


“So there she screened herself from them; We therefore sent Our Spirit towards her “ he appeared before her in the form of a healthy man. (Angel Jibreel “ peace be upon him.)”

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Scans of this verse 17 or Surah al  Mariyam from few Tafaaseers

Tafsir Ibne Abbas Surah Maryam Verse 17

Tafsir Ibne Abbas Surah Maryam Verse 17

Tafsir Ibne Abbas Surah maryam verse 17 english version Tafsir Ibne Abbas Surah maryam verse 17 english version

Tafsir Ibne Kathir Surah Maryam Verse 17Tafsir Ibne Kathir Surah Maryam Verse 17

 It is in Mishkaat shareef on the authority of Second Caliph of Islam Hazrat Umar (rd). He states:

 نحن عند رسول اللہ صلی اللہ تعالیٰ علیہ وسلم ذاتَ یومِِ اذ طلع علینا رجُل۔

 “Once we were in the Holy Court of the Prophet alehisalam and a man appeared.”

The Holy Prophet alehisalam asked Hz. Umar (rd) if he recognised the person and Hz Umar (rd) said “Almighty Allah and His beloved Rasool alehisalam know better.” The Prophet alehisalam said, 

فاَنہ جبریل

“It is Jibraeel (alehisalam).” (Mishkat ul Masabih P. 11- Bukhari Shareef)

This Hadith is also been quoted in Masnad Ahmed Vol 1 Hadith Number 368 Scan  added:


Musnad Ahmed Vol 1 hadith 368 Scan

Musnad Ahmed Vol 1 hadith 368 ScanMusnad Ahmed Vol 1 hadith 368 Scan

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It is obvious that the Sahaba (companions) referred to Hz Jibril (alehisalam) as a man since they had seen him in the form of a human being. He had black hair, hands, legs, eyes, ears and a nose. All these are human qualities, yet it is obvious that he is not human but an Angel who is Noor, and just appeared to them in the form of a man.

It is a well known fact to the people of knowledge that in the Hadith it has been narrated on numerous occassions about how Hz. Jibraeel alehisalam presented himself in the Holy Court of Holy Prophet Muhammad alehisalatowasalam as a human.

On many instances he came in the form of a Sahabi-e- Rasool Hazrat Dahia Kalbi (radi allahu tala anho)

The Holy Prophet alehisalam has stated: 

اول ما خلق اللہ نوری

“The very first creation which Almighty Allah created was my Noor.” (Tafseer Nayshapuri. Pg. 55. Vol 8 – Tafseer Roohul Bayaan Pg. 548. Vol 1— Zurqani Shareef Pg. 37. Vol 1— Madarijun Nabuwa P 2. Vol 2 — Bayanul Milaadun Nabwi Li Ibn Jauzi P 24)

The Distinguished Sahabi-e-Rasool Hazrat Jaabir (rd) respectfully enquired from the Holy Prophet alehisalam. 

یا رسول اللہ بابی انت و امی اخبرنی عن اول شئی خلقہ اللہ تعالیٰ قبل الاشیآء

“O Prophet of Allah, my parents be sacrificed upon you. what is the first thing which ALmighty Allah created before everything else?

The Holy Prophet alehisalam replied, 

یا جابر ان اللہ تعالیٰ خلق قبل الاشیآءِ نورِ نبیک من نورہ

“O Jaabir (rd)! Undoubtedly, before creating anything else, Almighty Allah created the Noor of your Nabi (alehisalam) from His Noor.” (Mawahibul Laduniyah P. 9. Vol 1 – Zarqani P.46 Vol.1/Seeta e Halbia P.37 vol .1/ Sharah Dalailul Kheyrat P 210/ Hujatul’laahi alal Alameen P 28/ Anwaarul Muhammadiya P 9 / Fataawa Hadeethia P. 51)

The annotator of Bukhari Imam Ahmed Qasatalani (rd) in his most distinguished work “Mustataab Mawahibul Laduniyah” presents a narration on the authority of Hazrat Imam Zainul Aabedeen (rd) who narrates from His Father Hazrat Imam Hussain (rd) who narrates form His father Hazrat Ali (rd) that the Holy Prophet alehisalam said, “14000 years before the creation of Hazrat Adam alehisalam, I was a Noor (Light) by my Creator.” (Mawahibul Laduniya P. 9 Vol 1/ Jawahirul Bihar P. 774/ Anwarul Muhammadiya P. 9/ Hujataul’laahi Alal Alameen / Tafseer Roohul bayan p. 370 Vol. 2)

After examining the above mentioned sayings of the Holy Prophet alehisalam, it is as bright and evident as the sun that the Holy Prophet alehisalam referred to himself as a Noor and he did so in a very clear manner to his Ummah. Those who oppose and contradict the Nooraniyat of the Holy Prophet alehisalam are definately against the Holy Prophet alehisalam. 

Now let us examine the Aqida (belief) of the Glorious Sahaba-e-Kiraam (companions of the Prophet alehisalam) who are beacons of guidance for the Ummah.

Renowned Muhaditheen of the Ummate Muhammadi alehisalam, Allama Muhadith Baihiqi and Hazrat Allama Yusuf Nabhaani have explained the belief of Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (rd) from one of his stanzas in praise of the Holy Prophet alehisalam: 

امین مصطفی بالخیر یدعوکضوء البدر زائلۃ الظلام

 “Muhammad Musatafa (alehisalam) is the Honest and is the One who invites towards righteousness; His Bright Light takes away darkness and destroys it like the radiance of the full Moon.” (Dalail un- Nabuwat P 225 . Vol 1 / Jawahirul Bihar P.96 Vol 1)

The Fourth Khalifa of Islam Hazrat Ali Murtaza (rd) states: 

کان اذا تکلم رُءی کالنور یخرج من ثنایاء

“When the Beloved of Allah used to speak then Noor (Light) could be seen beaming from between his blessed teeth.” (Mawahib Laduniya P.270 Vol1/  Anwarul Muhammadiya P 132/ Zarqaani Sharif)

After gaining victory and success in Ghazwa e Tabook, when RasoolAllah  alehisalam arrived in madinatul Munawwara, Hazrat Abbas (rd) asked for permission fromt he Prophet alehisala to present a few stanzas in his praise. Mercy unto the Worlds, the Holy Prophet alehisalam said, “My dear Uncle! Go ahead. Let Almighty Allah keep your tongue in good health (One worthy of praising).”

Two of these stanzas are being noted below. These have been recorded in the distinguished works of great Muhaditheen such as Imam Jalaludeen Suyuti, Muhadith Ibn Jauzi, Allama Ibn Hajr, Allama Halbi, Allama Dahlaan makki, Allama Nabhaani, Allama ibn Abdul Birr, Allama Haakim  and Allama Sharistani


“On your blessed Birth the earth became bright,Through the radiance of your light””So in that radiance and in that light We attain and travel the path of guidance”(Kitabul Wafa P. 35 Vol 1   – Khassais al Kubra  P. 97  Vol. 1  – Jawahirul Bihar P40   – Anwarul Muhammadiya – Hujatullahi alal alameen p222 — mawahibul laduniyah p 23 – Al bidaaya Wan Nihaya P 258 vol 2)

The blessed and distinguished Sahabi e Rasool alehisalam Hz Abu Hurairah (rd) states:


“When the beloved Prophet alehisalam used to smile, the walls would glow with his Noor (Light).” (Mawahibul Laduniyah P 271 VOl 1 / A-M P 133/ Shifa P 39/ Commentary Shamail Tirmizi P 16/ Madarijun Nabuwat (Persian) P.12/ Hujatullahi alal alameen P 689)

Hazrat Anas (rd) says,


“The entire Madinatul Munawwara became bright through the Noor of the Prophet alehisalam on the day when we entered into the City (Madina).” (Tirmizi P 202, Vol2  /  Mishkaatul Masabih P 547   /   Ibn Maja Shareef P 119    / Tabaqat ibne Saad  P 221 Vol 1   /   Mawahibul Laduniyah P 68 Vol 1   /   Anwarul Muhammadiya   P 38 /  Seerate Halabia  P 234 Vol 2  /  Jawahirul Bihar P 60   /   Khasais ul Kubra P 471 Vol 1   / Madarijun nabuwat  P 81 Vol 2 )

Now,  after  examining  all  the  narrations  quoted  by  the  Sahaba-eKiraam, it is very clear and obvious that they accepted the Prophet to be Noor. In the light of Ahadith of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah it is clear that  the  claim  of  the  Deobandis  that  they  are  the  Ahle  Sunnah Wa Jamaat is only a hoax and a fraudulent act as they  do not accept the Prophet  (salla  Al’laahu  alaihi  wasallam)  as  Noor.  The  proper  Ahle Sunnah Wa Jamaat are those who accept the Prophet  as Noor and they are the ones who are known in the world as Sunni Bareilvis. Those  who  reject  the  Prophet   as  being  Noor,  say  that  the  Holy Prophet had wives, He had children, He used to eat and drink and it is for this reason that He is not Noor (In other words he possessed all human qualities). They do not accept our Prophet  as Noor since he had  wives  and  children,  he  ate  and  drank  etc;  but  the  Sahaba  of  the Holy Prophet also saw that He had wives, children etc; but still they accepted him to be Noor. The  Imam-ul-Mufasireen  of  the  Ummat-e-Muhammadi   Hazrat Abdullah ibn Abbas has stated concerning the Tafseer of the Ayat:


 “Undoubtedly came to you from Al’laah a Light (Noor) and a Bright Book.” [Surah Maaídah Verse.15] He states: 


“Verily came to you from Al’laah, a light” refers to the Holy Prophet Muhammad .” [Tafseer ibn Abbas Pg.72 – Published Egypt] Bibi  Halima  Sa’adiya  (radi  Al’laahu  anha)  was  the  one  who  was blessed with being the milk mother of the Holy Prophet . She was the person before whom the Holy Prophet  used to eat and drink. Even she  believed  that  the  Holy  Prophet   was  Noor  and  this  has  been explained by Allama Muhadith Ibn Jauzi and Qaazi Thanaul’lah Paani Pati (radi Al’laahu anhum) as follows: Translation:“I never felt the need for a lamp in my house, whenI fed the Holy Prophet (sall Al’laahu alaihi wasallam).”She further says, “One day Umme Khula Sa’adiya said, ‘O Halima! Do you leave the fire burning for the entire night in  your home’ and I replied by saying:No! I swear by Almighty Al’laah that I do not keep the fire burning at all, but this is actually the Noor (light) of Hazrat Muhammad  .’ [Bayaanul Milaadun Nabwi Pg.54 – Tafseer Mazhari] The second nurse (milk mother) of the Holy Prophet  also believed that Huzoor  is Noor. This is obvious from one of the stanzas of the poem  which  she  said  at  the  time  of  the  passing  of  the  Holy  Prophet Muhammad :“And you were definitely a Noor, A (radiant) sun, and you used to provide  brightness  in  darkness  and  emptiness.”  [Tabaqaat  ibn Sa’ad Pg.333 Vol.2]

After examining the beliefs of a few distinguished  Sahaba-e-Kiraam (radi  Al’laahu  anhum),  let  us  examine  the  beliefs  of  the  Aunts (Paternal) of the Prophet :

Hazrat  Allama  Abdur Rahman Jaami  narrates  that  Sayyida  Safiya the aunt of the Holy Prophet Muhammad  says  “On the eve of the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad I was present at his home. I saw  that  his  Noor  (radiance)  became  more  powerful  than  the brightness of the lamp.” [Shawaahidun Nubuiwat Persian Pg 22] After  the  Holy  Prophet   journeyed  into  the  hereafter,  Hazrat  Safia (radi Al’laahu anha) said the following stanza due  to the sorrow and thought  of  the  passing  of  The  Holy  Prophet  .  From  this,  one  may conclude that she also accepted him as Noor (Light).


“I  am  weeping  on  the  passing  of  the  Holy  Prophet  Muhammad  who was really Noor (Light).” [Tabaqaat ibn Sa’ad Pg.329 Vol.2] It  is  obvious  from  the  above  mentioned  narrations  that  Hazrat  Safia (radi Al’laahu anha) always accepted the Holy Prophet to be Noor. The second aunt of the Holy Prophet  , Hazrat Aatika (radi Al’laahu anha) also said that the Holy Prophet  was Noor. On the passing of the Holy Prophet she said the following: 


“O eyes! Tear in sadness on the loss of the Noor of the cities, Hazrat Muhammad , (it is for him) for whom am I am weeping” That Mustafa , who is Noor and who was sent with Righteousness and Guidance” [Tabaqaat ibn Sa’ad Pg.326/327 Vol.2, Published Beirut]

On the passing of the Prophet  the third aunt of the Holy Prophet  Sayyida Urwa pointed out what she believed. This was recorded by ibn Sa’ad in his book Tabaqaatas follows:


“Ah! Muhammad is the Noor (Light) unto all cities, (so) let me continue praising you.”  [Tabaqaat ibn Sa’ad Pg.325 Vol.2] 

It is clear that even after knowing and living amongst the blessed wives and beloved children of the Holy Prophet  and even after observing him  eat  and  drink,  the  blessed  aunts  of  the  Holy  Prophet   still believed that he is Noor (Light) and this was theirclear and open belief (aqida). Let us now examine the belief of the Blessed and Respected Wives of the Holy Prophet , who are known as the “Mothers of the Ummah” Um’mul  Mo’mineen  Hazrat  Sayyida  Aisha  Siddiqa  (radi Al’laahu anha) was the one whom the companions of the Prophet (sall Al’laahu alaihi  wasallam)  went  to  when  they  needed  guidance  regarding  any issue after the passing of the Prophet . She states: 


“It  was  the  time  of  sahri  and  I  was  sewing  something  when  the needle fell down. Just then the Holy Prophet entered the room and due to the stream of light flowing from His blessedface, I found the needle.”[Khasaais-ul-Kubra  Pg.156  Vol.1  –  Hujatul’laahi  Alal  Aalameen Pg.688 – Al Qaulul Bad’i Pg.147] 


Mulla Ali Qaari and Allama Jalalud’deen Suyuti (radi Al’laahu anhum) narrated  that  Ummul  Mo’mineen  Aisha Siddiqa  (radi  Al’laahu  anha) says,


“In total dark nights, I used to put the thread into the eye of a needle with the help of the Noor (light) of the Holy Prophet .” [Shara Shifa Hashia Naseemur Riyaz Pg.328 Vol.1] 

The cousin of the Holy Prophet  Hazrat Abdullah ibn Abbas says that the Holy Prophet is Noor. He was always in and out of the house of the Holy Prophet Muhammad . The uncle of the Holy Prophet  , Hazrat Abbas  also says that the Holy Prophet is Noor. Those nurses who fed the Beloved Prophet and  saw  him  eating  and  drinking,  those  nurses  in  whose  home  the Beloved Prophet lived, walked, ate and drank etc; also believed that the Holy Prophet is Noor. Those blessed aunts of the Holy Prophet who saw his wives, his children, and who saw him eat and drink and who observed the way he lived his life, all believed that he is Noor and not an ordinary human being.

Sayyida  Aisha  Siddiqa  (radi  Al’laahu  anha)  was  the  one  that  the Sahaba respected so dearly that after the Holy Prophet (sall Al’laahu alaihi  wasallam)  passed  from  this  world,  they  queried  from  her  the solutions to their problems. Even  though  she  was  the  respected  and  blessed  wife  of  the  Holy Prophet Muhammad she still accepted him to be Noor. Hazrat  Imam  Azam  Abu  Hanifa   states  the  following  in  the  most praised court of the Holy Prophet : 


“You are such a Noor that the full Moon is brightened by your Noor and you are with your beauty and elegance a shiningsun.”[Qasidatun Nu’maan Pg.23]

Clear  evidence  from  the  sayings  of  the  Sahaba-e-Kiraam,  the  Ahle Bait-e-Athaar  (radi  Allaah u Anhuma), and from the books of the distinguished Muhaditheen have been  presented.  After  examining them, tt is as clear and obvious as the brightness  of day that although they possessed knowledge of the eating, drinking, wives and children of  the Holy Prophet  Hazrat  Muhammad   they  all  still  believed without any doubt that he is Noor. 

Last Words:  

There are many verses in Holy Quran which refers to Prophet alehisalam in which he is named by Noor e.g Siraj’m’uneera.  He was Noor and to us he was sent in the form of Human being. This does not gives him divinity but rather this distinguish him in the highest rank among the race of Adam. This is called Aqeeda e Noor which now a days some deviant sects like Wahhabism Deobandism reject and indirectly neglecting the basic beliefs of Ahlu Sunnah Wa Jam’at, which makes them out from the circle of Ummat-e-Muhammadi (alehisalatowasalam). May Allah bless us knowledge of Islam so we can save ourselves from these new new bidati groups. Ameen