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Three hypocrisy and mistakes of ahl-al-Bidda


Ahlu Bid’a (Wahhabi/Salafi/Ahlehadith/Deobandi) sometimes proclaim that Syaduna Ghaus al Azam i.e., Sheikh Abdul-Qaadir al-Jilaani (rd) was a ‘Ghairmuqallad’. (Means not following any one specific Imam in matters of Sharia/Fiqh).

Well this is an open lie, although our great Imam and Spiritual mentor Syaduna Ghaus al Azam dastageer (rd) was himself on the status of ‘Al-Imam’ but he opt to follow the madhab of Imam Ahmed Bin Hanbal (rd). Some narrations says that it was because of Imam Ahmed asked him to just to fulfill the compulsory nature of Taqlid one must have to follow any one specific Imam. So in this book which is published by Salaf Publishers.

Book: Tareekh al Islam wa wafayat al Mashaheer wal a’alaam by their own favorite Imam Shamsudeen Muhammad B. Ahmed B. Uthman ad-Dahbi. (D. 748 H). Published by Dar-al-Kitab al Arabi Beirut Lebanon.

There Imam Dahabi is clearly mentioning him as ‘al-Hanbali’ (which means follower of Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal in the matters of Sharia/ in other words Muqallad).

Lie is been exposed 🙂




The so called ‘Salafi’ occult always say bad words about Sunni Islam, while from their own Imam Dahabi, in his book he is saying, and he wrote it, that Famous Mujahid of Islam Hadhrat Sultan Salahudeen Ayubi (rta), keep the foundations of the Fiqhi School of Thoughts. I.e, in Misr (Egypt), he built a Madrassa (School) for Fiqh al Maaliki and Fiqh al-Shaafi’ee (That means for the Muslims who use to follow the verdict of Imam Maalik (rd) and Imam Shafi’e (rd) in the matters of Sharia and rulings). That also means that it is well established fact now that Taqleed was and is the Important point of Islamic Sharia. But unfortunately today, the so called followers of Salaf-as-Saliheen use to deny this very fundamental belief of Islam and consider themselves more knowledgeable and more better Muslims than these mighty names of Islamic History.

In next page on vol 39 page 30 it is written clearly that he was following the Qadi of Misr Sadr-ud-deen Abdul-mulk bin Dirbaas. Which clearly means he was also Muqallad.




Now i would like to share a very important and interesting point here,  every one know that ‘Salafi’s’ are actually (sub secterian name of Wahhabism), Wahhabi occult can be found in many place with many names in the world. Famous of them is Salafi. Now in this same Book of History published by their own publisher It is stated in volume 39 on page 73/74 and 75 it is stated about  (Check yellow lines) one famous Imam of hadith and fiqh i.e., whose name is  al-Hasan b. al-Abbas b. Ali b. al-Hasan b. Ali b. al-hasan b. Muhammad b. al-Hassan b. ali b. Rustam, Imam dahabi is mentioning different aqwals (sayings / history) about him in which he has written that he was Faaqeeh (Jurist) of Shafi’e (Shafi school of thought) on page 73. then on page 74, it is written on the authority of many scholars among them, one is Al-Hafidh Abdul-Qadir al Ruhawi, who says that he was Faqieeh (Jurist) as well as Zahid (Pious one / Sufi) and then explain his Manaqib (virtues) while sitting near his grave. and was considered as master of the Fuqaha (Jurists) of Isbahan (Isfahan).

Interestingly the point which i like to mention here is that look at 2nd and 3rd line on the page which is in yellow color, it clearly shows that he was Imam, Faqih and On the true path of Salaf-as-Saalehin and HE WAS MUFTI OF SHAFI’EE. and again from one other narration on page 75, this thing is again explained, Note the words ‘Wa’huwa Aala Tareeqatal-Salaf’ Which means He was the follower of Salaf as Saliheen. And then note the words ‘Waqal: Abu Saad al Sam’aani (rta): Imam Faadhil, Mufti al Shaafieeya‘ which means he was renowned Imam, Jusrist and Mufti of the Shafi’e School of thought.

Now you can see that all Muslims from 1400 years, after the time of Sahaba and Taibun are agreed upon to follow anyone of particular Imam’s Taqlid in matters of Sharia. And this combination was considered as True Islam. But Today its very funny that the so called followers of Salaf are the deniers of Taqleed (following of any Imam). Isnt that a biggest hypocrisy?

This dividation among Muslims that Salafi’ Wahhabis made themselves away from Jamat i.e., disobeying the Hukm of Prophet alehisalam who says, Always follow my Sunnah and do not deviate from Jamat’. Now they called themselves Salafies, the followers of Salaf, while they are doing totally against that which was the way of Salaf al Saliheen. So you will not find any one single Imam in 1400 years of Islam who was not a Muqallad. This Fitna (fasad of ghair-muqalladism i.e., not following of any particular Imam) was being created after Ibne Taymmiyah’s time. So Wahhabism, is in fact a Bid’a and those who are following Wahhabism are Bid’atis and are doing totally against Salaf as-Saliheen.