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Different Meanings of Words used in Spells and Spiritualism (english)

Spiritualism (Information & explanation)

First of all for the readers who are reading this, I would like to thank and then I will say that this topic or article of mine is not related to “Pure Islamic points”, in spite it is related to the science of SpiritualismRoohaniyat” . For Muslim readers you can consider this an informative article on the spiritualism . This is not related to “Tareeqah”or “Tareeqat”, while yes it is knowledge of spiritualism which on its peak , is the fountain of many things among those the Righteous way is “Tareeqat” the Pure Islamic soofi’ism ideology, So for those who have objections, this is not Islamic article but yes you can take it as Spiritualistic + semi Islamic (bcz I will try to explain it through Roohaniyat based in  indo-pak sub continent’s nature) article. Another thing I would like to mention before you start reading is that, in this article there will be many explanations about certain words and rituals and if there is stated some ritual or “Wazeefa” or ‘Amal (Spiritual practices)’ i will try to provide full details  but i am not taking responsibility of that ritual and their outcomes.


1.       Definition of “Amal,Amaliyat,Aaamaal”.

This is the word which often used in the terms of Spiritualism and is having the meaning of Spiritual practices. Which mostly perform by “Aaa-Mil” (The person who practice and perform spiritual works).

2.       What are Haziraat “Haa-di-raat

Hadhiraat or Hazirat (in urdu) are the spirits or spirits of “D-Jins” . According to the Glorious Quran “Jins” are made up of smokeless fire. (You can search blog for the topic about jins etc it will be very useful to read its Fully Islamic concept”. So Hadheraat are those souls or spirits of Jins who get freed by their normal death. These are free from many boundaries and these can have many powers. This Unseen beings (which can not be seen by our ordinary eyes) has been stationed by Almighty Allah (Shanuhu wataala) for the sake of help for humans in many ways.

  1. 3.       What are Rijaal –al- Ghaib:

These are al Makhlooq “Creation” “Beings” other than humans in parallel dimensions , which are created by Almighty Allah for the help and securing humans. There are few Hadiths also mentioning these un seen powers around us.

  1. 4.       What can we get from them?

We can take help from them in many ways, e.g by spiritual guidance or by rituals (if ritual is performed in satanic gestures then only “Khabees Souls” Satanic souls can be acquired for help , not rijal or neither hadhirats”. One can take over these powers by performing rituals defined in specific time frame and other necessary requirements.

  1. 5.       What are essentials for performing such “Amaals” (Spiritual practices)?

There are many ways but the one should first make up his/her mind clear on this concept that if he/she is doing some ritual or spiritual practice in righteous ways (not satanic rituals), they must have to fulfill the basics of that Ritual. E.g many practices or amals need to be performed in specific time when some specific moon is in our desired amal’s orbit. And the Amil (who is performing ) must be a sole, decent, loveable, sincere nature. Amil must have to avoid dirty thinking and other bad  habits like backbiting etc etc . Only pious and conscious person can achieve this goal. Because there are many spirits who are also good and pious as well as satanic and deceived spirits. Another important thing is voluntary strength of yourself.

  1. 6.       What is Jantari?

In indo-Pak Sub-continent, the astronomers had made a chart based on daily sightings and timings of different moons in orbits. This is a kind of calendar of moons and orbits and their places with “TIMES”. Time is the most important thing for the authenticity and working-ness of such rituals. Even Satanists perform their rituals in time phrases of different moons and orbits. So “Jantry” or ‘Jantri’ is a chart basically for the whole year and now a days also available very easily on the book stalls and book shoppers.

  1. 7.       Concentration:

Concentration is the very basic need for everything even in common day life we need this thing to improve our standards so as in Spiritual sciences it is also important to having concentration and this can be acquired by performing ‘Muraqiba’ (Islamic concept of concentration) , or Yoga ‘ Hindu ways of concentration’ or as Budh-ists do. There are many ways another way is the practice and command on the coming and going of our own breaths, Sufi’s  do Muraqaba and Durng Muraqaba they concentrate on Dikr (ZIKAR) the chating of the names of Allah (Shanuhu wa’talaa) or other ‘Wadaifs’ during this process.

  1. 8.       Amal-iyaat and S’aa’aat (Spiritual practices and timings)

Each and every day is related to a Star for easy knowing of the time. Note this may be different in other religions. But as I mentioned before that I would try to explain Spiritual practices according to the indo-pak based concept. Here is the chart of Days related to which star is.

  1. 1.       Friday = Zuhra (Venus)
  2. 2.       Saturday = Zuhal (Saturn)
  3. 3.       Sunday = Shams (Sun)
  4. 4.       Monday = Qamar (Moon)
  5. 5.       Tuesday = Mareekh (Mars)
  6. 6.       Wednesday = Ata’rd (Mercury)
  7. 7.       Thursday = Mush’tari (Jupiter)

That means 24 hours of the day are under the trance of some star when its orbiting in time, and the day itself also under the effect of a star. (Note do not compare this with pagan constellation thing which is something else) Here I am just talking about the time and the star in that time and its place in that time. Used for specific spiritual practice. That does not mean that one is believing in the paganism rather its used for the purpose as it is explained.


  1. 1.       TIME OF THE QAMAR (MOON) :

In this time one can perform rituals for success of the daily routine work and its completion, works related to oceans, water and medicines, or any other works related to the liquid things or the people who are related to the things which are liquidated in form. Success, Love, For seek of spouse, diseases disorders of blood, Problems and disorders related to females.

  1. 2.       TIME OF SUN:

This time is very useful for the seek of Power (Governmental), Good for Grades in Job, Lords,Princes,Monarchy, Good for taking Tenders in Govt level, Femine, coming powerful on enemies, extra powerful positions.

  1. 3.       TIME OF JUPITER:

Is good for wealth, money, money related jobs, arts, knowledge, information, Judicial decrees, treasures, business, things related to daily life eat, lottery, money through races.

  1. 4.       TIME OF VENUS:

Problems related to females like , love, marriages, songs, (wrong things like drinking, parties, wasting time in vain kind of things), and people related to these things, making someone’s tongue silenced, medication for female diseases, politicians, even Akim and Doctors are also included in this time frame.

  1. 5.       TIME OF MERCURY:

For Zuban bandi (Making someone silent), Dreams, for the working and non working of the businesses, writing reading, and the people related to writing reading, e.g Doctors , Advocates, Hakims, children who are students, learning,memory, decoity and other related.

  1. 6.       TIME OF MARS:

In this frame of time the practices or rituals for Body power, Male sexual powers, Health, Ending of diseases, Hate, Anger, Death, Success in athletic events, safe return to the  home back and power taking on enemies can be performed.

  1. 7.       TIME OF SATURN:

Those works of time taking Eg- The construction, things related to constructions, buildings, materials, Making someone off or on in different situations, Making hate towards someone, beneficial for the long administrations, official postings, etc.


These are only few things which I explained here in short. There are many other things worth to explain and I will try it to show it in some other article soon.


What is TARK-e-Jamali – and- Tark-e-Jalali:

These two words are often used in Islamic wadaif’s and Amals having the meaning like. Ie

Tark e Jalali : Means all those things which are having ingredients of power and heat e.g not eating of eggs, things made up of oils, or using different things like salt and spicy chillis, and few other things (Note jamali and jalali both should must be utilized as ordered in specific ritual otherwise the results will not be occurred as you wished for”. (this was a short intro)

Tark e Jamali: Not eating of Milk, Things made up from dairy products, those things which have fats in it, and all those things which are having cold nature.

(Remember: The person who gave you some ritual or some amal or practice to perform will also have to guide you about their TARKS (NOT PERFORMINGS) and as that person recommends one will must have to follow that other wise that ritual may not occurred in right way).

Few Other things to mention here :

All spiritual practices are performed in specific manner. If the practice or amal is satanic then these things will be completely  mirrored for example. If I am a pious person and believing in one true God and performing my daily life routine duties well and my behave is good enough with other human beings then when I will do some satanic thing it may require me to do complete opposite to my nature. So Good will transformed to bad and evil, love to hate, anger and jealousy etc  etc . And that is the reason that ISLAM NEVER GAVE PERMISSION FOR SUCH THINGS and called them HARAM e.g Jadoo (Magic) Even there are 3 kinds of Magic.

  1. 1.       Black Magic .
  2. 2.       White Magic (Budhists type)
  3. 3.       Satanic Magic (rituals)

But  these above all are complete void in ISLAM. Whosoever perform these spiritual practices will be no place in heaven and will be always everlasting in hell afterwards. So For the Muslims this is not Spiritualism If it is satanic but of course you can say it is Spiritual. Because as God is having His friends for the benefit of human race, He HIMSELF gave the Satan a time to deceive those who are not trust worthy and so that is the reason that there are many people who are performing satanic rituals.

In next article I will try to put some light on the preparation of the process through which one could invite these ‘HADHERAATS’ and can take benefit from them in their daily life problems. So join the blog and keep  yourself in touch with me. Thank you all for reading. Have a really nice day.