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Da Ilme Ghaib Sharayi Maany aw Mafhoom [Pashto/Ebook/Pdf]

Once Again Welcome to Makashfa Admins Books Series

Name of Book: Da Ilm-e-Ghaib Sharayi Ma’nay Aw Mafhom (The Sharia meaning & understanding of the Knowledge of Unseen)

Language: Pashto (پښتو)

Author: Imran A. Khan



[Author’s Note: All thanks to Almighty Allah and His Blessed most Apostle Muhammad Sal-Allahu-Alaihi-Wasalam for giving me courage to complete this work. There are many books of the deviants in Pashto or Pukhto language spreading wrong words among the community on this subject i.e., Knowledge of Un-seen. Though Pukhto is my native mother language but writing is a very difficult task for those who never had taken it as a subject during their early age classes, so advance sorry for any grammatical errors, Insha-Allah I will try my best to reduce them in next attempt, and will appreciate any corrections, I hope this first book on this subject from orthodox genuine Sunni Sufi Islam will help many lovers of the subject to increase their knowledge with its help, It was actually suppose to be a series based on two pdf books, but then decided to reduce it to single pdf along with all references and research which is our specialty of makashfa. Full and updated references from Quran, Sunnah and Salaf as usual. Remember me in your prayers and supplications].


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