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Hadiraat (lesson 2)

Bismillahi RehmaniRaheem!

This is the second part of the educational articles regarding “Hadiraat” (the unseens). After writing my first article about this thing, few of our respectful readers send me messages and emails and asked about the “Bakhur” (perfume which is very liked by those “rijal al ghaibs” i-e unseen beings). And they ask me this common question that how to know which kind of “Bakhur” or “Bakhoor” which they will need to make. So this 2nd article is related to this question and their answer.
Many of you will be aware of this fact that in spiritual practices or even in satanic rituals (depending on the status of the ritual and its kind) one sometimes need some special kind of perfumes (in Noorani amaliyat) or dirty smells (in satanic or evil amaliyats). But i will talk about Noorani ones i-e opposite to satanic ones.  These perfumes are sometimes ordinary perfumes (non-alcoholic) or sometimes you will need some special type of perfume or incense.

Now sometimes those amaliyat are so tough that a poor man could not afford that cost which come upon the making or getting of these special perfumes or incenses. I mean its not possible for ordinary people to buy those goods which are very expensive, so there are many people in the world who are not even having 1 time for their hunger, and Sufi’s are the people who are poor and  loves humanity so there must be something which can be get by anyone in a very cheap and low price. So i am showing how to and where to of this thing in few moments. The names which i will write here can be copied and then given to the “Ayurvedics’s Shopkeeper“, they know and get it by its name so you would have not to worry about. E.g Auwd, Ambar and Mushk (musk) and Zaafran etc are so much expensive so this will really very less expensive in that regard and this “Bakhur” will surely attract all “rijal al ghaibs” i-e Noorani Moakils (If you do not know about Noorani and Sifli amaliyat, kindly read my first article about hadirat).

So there are two ways to use these things i-e “Bakhoor” (1) either hit with flailed (2) or grind and flailing and mixed and made like an incense sticks and then burn them slowly. One stick will be enough during one “amal”. This fragrance will attract those entities like a magnet. Remember Spirits, Jins,Souls are the things which will be attracted to this, the satanic demons or tiny dwarfs or evil spirits or ifra’ets, or all black covenant things do not attracted, they instead attracted to dirty smells. 

Formula and Ingredients :
1) Brahmi Booti (brahmi leaf)
2) Baalchar 
3) RedRose Flowers
4) Kaafoor
5) Devodaar ka Buraada
6) Mushkdana
7) White Sandalwood powder
8) Naagarmootha
9) Raal
10) Asgandhbala
11) Gogal
12) Lobaan
13) DaarCheeni
14) Jaifal
15) Jaavitri
16) Tezpaat
17) Small Cardamom (choti illaichi)
18) Paanri or PaanDi (a kind of a grass)
19) Aggar (fragrant woods)20) Zar-nub (its also a kind of a grass)
21) khass
22) Chel-Chabeela
== These all in quantity of 1 (tola)
For the readers who are not aware of these names in english, for them its easy to bring or to copy this on a page and then show it to the shopkeeper who has Pakistani, Indian Ayurvedic medicines and or Hikmat Shops i-e Hakims Akims shops. They will bring out all thing for you without any problem.  I am also writing it in urdu form so that shopkeeper can easily read it.

Formula and the names of the ayurvadic used in incense sticks or powder
Formula and the names of the ayurvadic used in incense sticks or powder


This Amal (practice or ritual) does not need any kind of “Bakhoor” for opening your internal eyes and wisdom. Ascent Month (ie that thursday which comes after 9 moons passed) start reciting of the given words after the Isha (Night Prayers) salat. After the salat Take a new virgin cotten (virgin cotten means that cotton piece which is never used and which is the purest one cut out by some virgin child from the fields) and sprinkle the fine minced pepper a little bit on it and then make it little wet or vaporized a little bit so that the cotton get a little soaked.
Then put these  cotton balls in both of your ears. and then Recite the following words (kalima) for 313 times for 21 days at the same place at the same time without any break daily.
InshaAllah if Allah wishes you will be granted the wisdom and light from inside and you will be able to know many things around you.

Here are the words and its meanings

Capture_2013.03.21_021) Yaa ZulJalaale Wal-ikraam – The Lord of Majesty and Generosity
2) Yaa Aleemo- Yaa Baseero – The All Knowing the Omniscient, The all Seeing


Every Muslim Can Recite These names of Almighty One and Alone ALLAH

may Almighty Allah save us all from the Fasad of Satan – Amin