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Adad e Qamri (Numerological Charts)

Numerology is a very important subject, specially when we relate it with different spiritual practices.And there is no knowledge in which there is not having any numerical values,e.g, if one want to fill any “naqsh” “taweez” diagram we cannot fill that without the proper knowledge of “Ilm al adad” Knowledge of the digits. We will shortly show the way which is the proper and right way to figure out digits and how to use it. Summery is here!

Alahazrat imam ahmed raza has mentioned different ways for that, among those 2 of them are very popular. One is known as “Adad-e-Qamri” (this is based on the timing of moon, i-e how and when it is in which area be shown and according to the measurement of the arising and going off of the moon), and 2nd one is known as “Adad-e-Shamsi” (which means, this calculation is based on the timing of sun,i-e in 24 hours measuring the calucation upon the sun as an instrument of time). But the 1st one is very popular and we will like to mention it here because it is the one which is mostly used.

Now as you can see in the charts.


The upper one is the chart from where one can use the proper way to how to get your own name’s numerical value according to “Abjad-e-Qamri” (I will use a short cut for this word AQ). Now here is the way how to get that.

If you want to get the numerical value of any AYAT of QURAN or Any Name, you will have to do first of all get those words from the chart, here is the example i am sorry i am presenting here arabic and urdu words while in my another artical i had shown how to produce the names which are in english for international users, they can check out that post).



Ashampoo_Snap_2013.08.01_00h42m03s_002_Note: as you can see each word is now having their respective value from the chart of “AQ”, in Urdu and Persian languages we have some extra words like shown in Urdu pic. e.g PAY, CHAY, XAY, GAAF, so the rule is that “Py” will be considered equal to “Baa” “Paa” equal to “Baa” “Chay or CHaa” equal to “Jeem” , Xaa equal to “Zay”, Gaaf equal to “kaaf” in such format. And the thing to remember is that only those words can be taken which are used in writing form, few people use those “Tashdeed Words” “Repeated as explained above words” they double their value which is wrong and its self  made rule.

Istikhara from ilm al aadad:
Astragalomancy from knowledge of the Digits i-e numerology

Example How to Use:
Its taken from “Majmoo’a-e-amaal alahazrat” given by Hazrat Muhadith Ehsan Ali Sahab, chief muhadith madrassa manzare-islam bareli. If someone want that to find out whether the patient’s disease is because of some physical problem or if it is because of magic or if there is someone who is really affected by some demon possession. So the way to get the reality is that!

Take the digits of the name of the patient and also take the name of that “DAY” on which patient came and questioned about it. Take these both names and bring up the Digital Value “ADDAD NIKAL LAIN”. Then add the value of the both names and then divide with “4” “Four”. If the “3” lefts behind, that means its demonic problem, if ‘2’ left, that means its physical problem and should consult with doctor, if ‘1’ left, that means its internal fever, and if it divides totally with ‘4’ it means its some kind of ‘magic’ or someone perform on him/her that magic. So whatever you found try to diagnose with that proper way of treatment.

Here is another example:

For example someone ask a question on ‘saturday’, that my sister whose name is ‘akbari’, what problem she have?. So we will first use to take her name’s value and day’s name from the chart it will look like this.


So when we take the both (name of the patient, and the day of the question) and bring up its numerical chart like given, and when we divide the 590 (which is total of the both names i-e name of the patient and the day) with “4” we get “Two” “2” . Which means that its not any magic, or demonic problem with the patient, but its physical problem and need treatment from a physician not from spirituality. 

If they question that whether the patient will be cured or not??? then you will have to need the name of the patient and his/her mother’s name along with the name of that day on which they questioned. Collect all those names and then use it from the first chart and as i shown in the above example and then divide it with “3” this time, if you get “1” that means the cure is not so good and the problem is difficult to be cured but can be cured. If ‘2″ then it means the patient’s disease is in middle stages and can be cured by medications, and if ‘3’ left  or totally divided that means its not possible now until death. But if “Allah” wishes He CAN.

If Someone Question: If i will die first or my wife?
Take the name of the husband along with his mother’s name and his wife’s name along with her mother’s name and calculate. Divide it with “2” if 1 left that means 1st is male, if “2” left that means first wife will die.
And there are such other questions and then its answers. You can read all that in urdu language in our Makashfa Library Drive from Book “Shama-e-shabistan-e-raza” PArt 2.

Thankyou for reading