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Ash-Shifa Qadi Iyad Translation Fasl 4


Translation of Shifa Shareef by Imam Qadi Iyad (rahimaullahi tala aleh). Chapter 1 Sub Chapter 4.

English: Urdu And Arabic

Imam Qadi Iyad says:

“Section 4-The Swearing of Allah to his immense value 

Allah says, “By your life, they wandered blindly in their bedazzlement.” 15:72. There is a consensus of scholastic opinion in this verse that Allah swore by the length of Prophet Mohammed’s life and means “By your continuation, O Mohammed.” This is yet another indication of the great respect and honour in which Allah holds Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessing be upon him).

Abbas’ son explained, “Allah did not create nor yet did He originate or make any soul more honoured than that of Mohammed, and I never heard of an oath taken by Allah on the life of anyone else.” Abu al-Jawza further explained that Allah did not swear on the life of anyone else other than (Prophet) Mohammed because he is the noblest in status of His creation. Allah opens the chapter “YaSeen” saying, “YaSeen. By the Wise Quran” 36:12.

There is a difference of opinion among scholars upon the meaning of “YaSeen”. Abu Mohammed Makki reported that the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) said, “I have been given ten names with my Lord” and mentioned two, “Taha” and “YaSeen”. Jaafar Sadiq said that its meaning refers to the Prophet “O master” whereas Abbas’ son said that it means “O man”. He also said that it is an oath, and one of the Names of Allah.

On the other hand al-Hanafiyah’s son said the meaning of it is “O Mohammed” and Ka’b said it refers to an oath Allah made a thousand years before He created the heavens and the earth, and means “O Mohammed, you are one of the Messengers.” The verse that follows reads, “you are truly among the Messengers sent upon a Straight Path.” 36:3 -4. Allah assured that he is among the Messengers bearing His Revelation to His worshipers and that he is indeed upon the Straight Path by his belief. Then again if one inclines to the interpretation of the meaning of YaSeen as being “O master”, the title is a distinct demonstration of the high esteem Allah has for him, and this is fortified by the statement of the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) “I am the master of the children of Adam, and this is not boastful.”

Allah says, “No, I swear by this country and you are a lodger in this country.” 90:1-2.

Makki, referring to the word “No” commented that it does not mean the negation of the sentence. What it does mean is that Allah swears by it while you, Mohammed, reside in it and what you do in it is permissible. It has also been explained that the word “country”
refers to Mecca. Al-Wasiti explained the verse as meaning that Allah swears by this country, the country which He honoured and blessed, as it is there that the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) lived and it is there that he will be buried. However, the first interpretation of the two meanings is considered to be more accurate because the chapter was revealed in Mecca and it was there that he lodged. Ata’s son says something similar when commenting on the words “by this safe country” 95:2. He explained, “Allah made it a safe place because the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) was there and his presence imparts security wherever he is.” Of the verse “and by the giver of birth, and whom he fathered,” 90:3 it has been said that this refers to Adam and consequently a general statement. Some are of the opinion that it refers to Abraham and his sons, which leads to Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessing be upon him). In either event the chapter swears by Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessing be upon him) twice. There have been various interpretations of the meaning of the opening verses in the Cow chapter in which Allah says, “AlifLaamMeem. That is the Book, where there is no doubt.” 2:1-2. Abbas’ son said, that the opening letters AlifLaamMeem are oaths sworn by Allah. Sahl Tustori commented, the letter “Alif” is Allah, the letter “Laam” is Archangel Gabriel and “Meem” is Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessing be upon him).

Samarkandi was likeminded and further commented that it means Allah sent the Archangel Gabriel to Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessing be upon him) with the Book in which there is no doubt.

Referring to the opening verse of chapter 50, “Qaaf. By the Glorious Quran.” 50:1

Ata’s son said, “This is the swearing of Allah by the strength of the heart of His beloved Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessing be upon him) because he was able to bear the impact of both His speech and witnessing due to his exalted position.”

Other commentators have expressed other opinions. Jaafar, Mohammed’s son interpreted the verse “By the star when it plunges,” 53:1 with the meaning, that it is Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessing be upon him) and that “the star” is his heart and when it plunges its light expands and he is severed from everything in the remembrance of Allah alone. Of the opening verses in chapter 89, “By the dawn and ten nights” 89:1-2

Ata’s son commented “the dawn” refers to Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessing be upon him) because it is from him that belief dawns.” [Translation Ends here]
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In the end we just want to show you the Wahabi-Deobandi belief and their ‘respect‘ towards Prophets and specially our Beloved Prophet (sal allahu alihe wsallam). Which is totally opposite and blasphemous towards Islamic teachings by Salaf Saliheen.

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