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Kalam -e- Farid-ud-deen Ganjshakar (Sufi Poet Gnostic)

Panjabi Poetry (Sufi Kalam) of Hazrat Farid-ud-deen Ganjshakar (rta) of Pak-Pattan Shareef in Pakistan. with translation and exegesis

بٹھ گھت کوڑ نکمڑیں ۔ ہک حق کوں کر یاد

Do cast aside the false and the valueless and remember the sole Reality.

تھی کر گہلارت پوں تے ۔ کردیں دھانہڑ فریاد

Your instatiable cravings for worldliness are worthless and are essentially despicable like bloddy watery substances oozing out from the body

Meaning: The craving of worldliness is despicable. It seals the higher possibilities of the self and soils the person in the infernal diabolical mires of his being. The sensate or the hedonist self solely craves for the gratification of lower impulses and ends up in bestiality. It captives his freedom and reduces him to an object of no use.

باجھوں احد حقیقی ۔ محض خراب آباد

All things are merely depraved without the essential One. (means Allah)

حسن مجازی جوٹھا ۔ ہے فانی برباد

The profane beauty is false. IT is ephemeral and ruinous.

Meaning: The truth of sacred beauty is metamorphosed into the falsehood of profane beauty, which is both ephemeral and ruinous. The Divine Essence is Beauty itself manifest in all forms of beauty. It is the presence of the Beautiful that lends beauty to things. However, divorcing premanence of beauty from its original source and considering it only as a terrestrial phenomenon, tantamount to declaring it to be autonomous and thus, degrading it to the level of the profane.



کتھ مجنوں کتھ لیلیٰ ۔ کتھ شیریں فرہاد

Where is Majnun? Where is Layla and where are Shireen and Farhad?

Meaning: The lovers and the beloveds, glorified in the cultural tales of love, have gone beneath the earth. The manifestations have no reality in themselves. Reality belongs only to the Divine Essence, which manifests itself in different forms.

کُل شے غیر خدا دی ۔ بالک بے بنیاد

All things other than the Divine are perishable and devoid of being.

All things are bound to perish except Allah. There is nothing, which has an independent, autonomous or self subsistent reality therefore it is bound to perish.

باجھ محبت ذاتی ۔ کوجھا شور فساد

There is ugliness and more loud chattering without divine love.

Means that absence of Divine love makes everything meaningless.

مرشد فخرجہاں نے ۔ کیتم اے ارشاد

Fakhr-i-Jehan, my spiritual master, has pontificated (solemnly declared.).
Means: Fakhr e Jahan, his spiritual mentor, by virtue of realised knowledge has declared words of wisdom.

عارف ابن العربی ۔ ساڈا ہے استاد

Ibn Arabi, the gnostic, is our Master.

Means: Imam Ibn Arabi (rta), the gnostic, is his master who has taught him the doctrine of Oneness of Being (wahdt al wujud).

سمجھ فرید ہمیشہ ۔ رہو غیروں آزاد

Farid! Understand it for all times. Remain free of otherness.
The understanding of the doctrine taught by the master, both in its vertical and horizontal dimensions, has to be kept in view for all times. They reality of Divine Omnipresence leaves no room for the other. It is ‘seeing God everywhere.’ A person achieves real freedom in the act of metaphysical realisation, when he becomes free from otherness in all spheres including his own. He realise that there is nothing beside the Principle and its Manifestations. The question of otherness does not arise.