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Qadian to Israel (the Jerusalem Mission of Qadianis a brief history with authentic secrect files of Panjab CID)

Part 2 of (From Qadian to Israel) article

Condemnation of Arabs World:

During the 1st World War, Qadian strongly condemned the Turkish Caliphate. To appease Zionist masters and strenghthen his poisition, Mirza Mahmud extended full support to the British with men and money in the 1st world war. A malicious propaganda campaign was launched in India and abroad as Turkey sided with Germany against the Allies. Its immediate downfall and dismemberment were predicted.

Tarikh-e-Ahmadyat says: He (Mirza Mahmud) wrote a pamphlet in Arabic entitled Al Dinul Haye (A Liviing Religion) for wider distribution in the Arab World. It contained Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s prophecy concerning the downfall of the Turkish Empire. He invited Muslim world to accept Mirza’s prophethood. Zionists circles managed to disseminate this pamphlet in many Middle East Countries. Certain Qadianis equipped with anti-Turk literature visited the Muslim countries to carry out subversive activities on the directive of the British Imperialists and their Zionist collaborators.

First World War:

The First World War lasted for four years (1914-18) without any intermission. In the beginning it was a war among a few states of Europe. Gradually it absorbed almost the whole of the human race. Turkey was tricked to come in on the side of Germany, followed by Austria and Hungary in November 1914 and Bulgaria in October, 1915.

A day before WW I broke out in the East, the Turks signed a secret alliance with the Germans. But for three months they did not enter the War. The German resolved to end the shilly shallying. Anchored off Constantinople were two waships the Germans had sold to the Turks. Without a word to Enver Pasha, the Turk Commander, the German ordered the ships with their German crews into the Black Sea to bombard the Russian coast. The Trick worked. Russia first and then rest of the Allies declared war on the Ottoman Empire. Against the four powers ultimately stood almost 15 powers of the world. Britian played a peculiar role in the War as a leading colonial power.

Mirza Mahmud wrote an article on 9 November, 1914 on the entry of Turkey into the World War on German side. He called Turkey’s declaration of war against the Allies as ‘an act committed without any reason’ and forcefully announced ‘the end of the so called Caliphate of Turk Khalifatul Muslimin’ in accordance with the prophecy of the Promised Messiah. He proved himself as outspoken and outstanding champion of Great Britian and offered his moral support and considerable financial aid to the Imperialist War Fund-Indian Imperial Relief Fund.

Qadiani community, although less in number was united in their loyalty to the British Raj. Alfazl called on all Muslims to be loyal to the Government. Total disappearance of the Turkish Empire and its obliteration from Europe and Asia were predicted by Qadiani community from time to time during the War.

The Government of India was constantly afraid that Turkey’s call for a Jehad against the British infidels might lead to a revolt among the Indian Muslims. If combined with an invasion of north west India from the warrior Kingdom of Afghanistan (Note: i-e Pukhtunwali Tribes Pathans who were and are always be a trouble for Zionists till upto date), this would mean the creation of a new war front at a time when much of the Indian Army had been sent to fight in the Middle East and France. (Note: It is also worth noted that how the Zionists created 1) Terrorist groups inside Islamic Nation i-e Wahabis and Deobandis behind the curtain of Falsely used Islam and also how they use other nations i-e Sikhs to fight on their behalf, and always when Pashtoon tribes crush them, it was the “Brave” rule of British to hide behind marhatta and sikhs so that they could be killed first before Pathans reaches to any of the British coward forces). Almost the entire British beureaucracy in India including the Viceroy, Lord Chelmsford, feared that the Hejaz rising might be precisely the catalyst to percipitate such troubles since the Indian Muslims were believed to rever the Sultan of Turkey. This fear was aggravated by the weakening in Russia’s military position which involved a danger that the Turkish forces in Persia would be able to fight their way through to Afghanistan. In that case, Sir Beauchamp Duff, the Commander in Chief of the Indian Army, was convinced that Afghanistan would enter the World War on the side of Germany and Turkey.

(Note: as you read these are official reports which clearly shows that How Masons plan to takeover all nations of the world through any means, now if Muslims kiss a picture of Hitler, then its wont be their fault because now a days NAZI ISRA-HELL is totally doing that which they used to propaganda means of nazi concentration camps).

During their expansionist moves, the British imperialists tried to dispel the Muslim fear that any harm could be done to the Holy Places. British Prime Minister Asquith assured to defend these places against all invaders as a part of their foreign policy. Qadiani prayed for the British control over the Holy Places and it was emphasized that under the British control these places would be free from molestation during the War.

The Review of Religions, Qadian, found a confirmation of the Surah ‘Alfil’ in the Promise of Great Britian to defend the holy places in Arabia against an attack and quoted:

‘But the God of Kaaba, who in His Holy Book has made a promise for its protection against the all invaders, had on this occasion moved the Ministers of one of these Christian powers to make the solemn promise at the very outbreak of the war that not only they themselves could refrain from attacking the holy places of Muslims, but they would protect them against every invader. If ever any statesman spoke under divine inspiration, it was the Premier of Great Britian, who made the above declaration. While thanking him for this announcement of his, we assure him that if ever GB be called upon to fight any invader of the holy city of Mecca, God will be with G.B, and will fight the enemy as He fought the forces of Abraha in the year of the Holy Prophet’s birth’. (end quote).

Qadiani agents volunteered their services to the British. Although not large in number in 1915, some of them joined the intelligence agencies and were sent to the Middle East  with the British Army Units to undertake spying activites. Mirza Muhammad Sharif Qadiani, a Pay Havaldar in Border Military, Peshawar was promoted as Sub Inspector Police by Graxon, the Superintendent Police, Peshawar for working as “SPY”. He was sent to the Persian Gulf to check the flow of arms into Baluchistan Coast by the tribesmen. He returned successful and became ‘thanidar’ in Peshawar Police. Graxon also promoted another Qadiani Agent Mirza Nasir Ahmad as Sub inspector Police and sent him to the Persian Gulf for espionage activities.

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A few British agents under the cover of Ahmadya missionaries spied on the Revolutionaries who had been active for the cause of an independent Indian Republic in London, Paris, Berlin and Tokyo. At the time of the War, a Programme to liberate India was prepared by few Muslims (Note: few of the Deoband was not in favour of British Rule on india so they were at that time favouring the other half). Maulana mahmud ul hassan, He left for Hejaz in order to make contacts with the Turks. After his meeting with Enver Pasha (1881-1922) and Jamal Pasha (1861-1922) he was detained by Sharif of Mecca’s men, when they rose in revolt against the Turks and handed him over to the British who interned him in Malta between 1917-1920. One of his aides, Mualana Obaidullah Sindhi went to Afghanistan and worked with German and Turkish Revolutionaries to stir up tribesmen against the British on the north-west frontier.

During the first two years of the war, the fighting deadlocked ont he western front, and Russia, isolated from the Allies behind the closed gates of the Bosphorus, called for help. The Allies decided to attack Turkish capital through straits at Dardenelles. In 1915, a French British assault at Gallipoli failed. The Allies shifted their attack to the remote areas of the Ottoman Empire, the Caucasus, Mesopotamia and the Near East.

The main British consideratiion for sending troops to Mesopotamia (Iraq) was to protect the oil works and pipelines at Abadan  and to demonstrate to the Arabs of Iraq and Sheikhs of the Persian Gulf regions, who were under British protection that they could have British support against Turkey. It was also thought that occupation of Iraq was essential for the security of India (Note: History repeats itself as now a days you can see Americans performing Zionist duties instead of British)

A British force from India had been fighting the Turks in Iraq. The Truks first put them to flight and then surrendered them. A force of ten thousand British soldiers was trapped at Kut and all attempts at rescuing them failed. In London the war leaders asked Lawrence of Arabia to go to Iraq to buy off the Turks, he made contacts with the Turkish General Khalil Pasha and offered him on million pounds in gold to let the British soldiers out of the trap. Khalil Pasha only laughed. Lawrence increased the amount to two million pounds, but he flatly refused.

The Turks gallantly fought against the Imperialist aggression to save Iraq. However Baghdad fell and the British forces victoriously entered into Iraq from all sidees on 11 march 1917. The British Army was led by Sir Stanely Maud.

In Iraq expedition, Qadianis fough side by side with the British soldiers motivated by a religious zeal. Mirza Mahmud claims:
“Ahmadis shed their blood in securing the victory of Iraq for the British and hundreds of Ahmadis got themselves recruited in the Army on my directives”.

(Just like ibn al saud of Wahabism helps lawrance of arabia to gain Palestine and to gain Hejaz for himself so that he could turn that holy place into Saudi arabia)

Major Habibullah, the brother-in-law of Mirza Mahmud served in the medical corps. He was offered key administrative posts in Iraq and was regarded the notorious Qadiani agent planted in Palestine during the War.
The Qadiani community in India rejoiced at the fall of Baghdad and expressed their immense satisfaction over this tragedy. Alfazl Qadian, commenting on the fall of Baghdad stated:
“I give a happy news to my Ahmadi brothers who are in the habit of pondering over every issue. God threw open the doors of victories for our blessed Government when they had moved to Basra and Baghdad. It was not an occasion of an ordinary rejoicing for Ahmadis; rather the glad tidings foretold in the Revealed Books hundreds and thousands of years ago, had now been fulfilled in fornt of us in the year 1335 AH. Mirza Mahmud and the Qadiani community paid tribute to the British Imperialism. They were happy that the British had grabbed the stategic areas in the Middle East that would help them setup their missions abroad under the British patronage”.

In Hijaz, the Sharif of Mecca revolted against the Turks.  He had four sons, Ali, Faisal, Abdullah and Zaid. In 1914, he sent Abdullah to Cairo to call on Lord Kitchener, the British agent and Consul General in Egypt to seek the British assistance. The meeting had no practical results but it established a rapport between the two men.

Ali and Faisal had been serving in the Turkish Army, leading the Arab forces which the Turks had trained. They, on the orders of their father took those Arab troops away from the Turks into the desert where they hid them. At the same time, Sharif of Mecca announced the Arab revolt by poking his rifle out of the window of his house in Mecca and firing at the Turkish barracks there. The British agents who had been active in Mecca intensified their activites. lawrence of Arabia met Sharif and his son to decide who could best serve their political designs. He chose Faisal. The revolt swept the Hijaz and created great difficulties for the Turks to maintain.

An year before the First war, Christian missionaries had spread their tentacles in Hejaz. Similarly Mirza Mahmud capitalized on the oppertunity for massive agents incursion into Arabia. Montague, the Secretary of State for India and a JEW by origin, encouraged their movement to intesify the activities of spies in the Arab lands. They received instructions from Arab Bureau of Intelligence, set up in 1916 by Sir Gilbert Clayton, the Chief of the Arab Bureau (civil and military) Cairo. The newly created Bureau aimed to organize Britian’s role in the Arab revolt.


The imperialist and Zionist leaders had been looking for the end of the Turkish rule in Syria since long. In early 1915 Jamal Pasha, Turk GOC in syria found some documents which has been abondoned by FG Picot, the French Conular of Syria. These papers incriminated certain nationalists. Jamal imprisoned, deported or handed some of them and put down the movement. The situation was very tense when the world war raged. Lawrence, with the help of Sharif of Mecca and his son Faisal seized the strategic port of Aqaba which enabled the British to move into Syria. The British army, under Sir archibald murray, made in little success. After the second Battle of Gaza (June 1917) Sir Edward allenby succeeded Sir Archibald as Commander of the Army. His cavalry raced up the coast, swung east accross the Judean hills and finally drove on to capture Damascus. Jerusalem fell on 11 December, 1917. A few months later, on 30 October, 1918 twelve days before Germany gave up, the Turks surrendered.

In Syria, Zainul Abdin Walliullah Shah, the notorious Qadiani secret agent worked under the cover of Turk ally since 1913. During the War he joined the Turk army and posed to fight form their side. In 1918, when Syria fell to the British, its armies led by Allenby marched into Syria. Waliullah immediately turned over to them. It may be stated here that during the expedition the British forces, though heavily bombarded Turkish Army Headquarter at Tul Keram yet could not advance. It was due to presistent attack of RAF and Australian Flying Corps coupled with the blockade of roads at several places that the British could make and advance. Waliullah was fighting along with the Turk soldiers on the very front. When the war ended, he was arrested.

He gives the story of his arrest and activities during the war on Syrian front:
“In the last week of the last year of First World War i-e. in October 1918, i was arrested from Damascus on the order of General Allenby as a political and war prisoner. I was taken to Palestine on the promise that after a certain inquiry I would be sent back to Damascus where i held the post of vice principalship of Sultania (College) and had not handed over its charge yet. But at the Damascus Station which lay towards the open and where i had been taken in a car, i came to know about my arrest form the station master who was acquainted with me. The British military Officer approached him to arrange tickets for travel. As the station master did not understand English, he brough the papers to me. It was written that Syed zaiul abdin had been arrested on the orders of Allenby as a political and war prisoner and he might be provided travelling facilities. However I was otherwise informed that the British wanted to investigate certain things after which I would be sent back to Damascus. It includes my participation in the expedition of Tul-e-Karem. As i came to know from Major Vivian, who told me for the first time, two days before my arrest that in that expedition an English company suffered badly. A charge was levelled against me that i was involved in it and that only on the basis of my intelligence the British troops which planned to ambush and were hiding themselves in nearby mountains were besieged by Turkish Army and suffered heavy losses. Moreover there was also a charge that i participated in a military expedition in 1915-16. I gave a sole reply that being and Ahmadi it was my religious duty to cooperate with the Government in power. I was sent in a military camp for court martial. But when the military guards received an order from an officer that he should be safely taken to the officer’s camp, it brouth great astonishment to them. I was lodged in a camp. It was a Turk POW military officers camp.

After 4 or 5 days i was taken to Cairo where i was put in Qasar -e- Nile Fort situated near the bank of the river Nile. I had to undergo imprisonment for 7 months. The Turks, Bulgarians and German military officers were also present there. Zaghlul Pasha was imprisoned for one or two days in the Fort”.

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After the war, Zainul Abdin was sent to India. Mirza Mahmud had full knowledge of his arrest. He called on the Viceroy of India to secure his release. He was freed and reached Qadian on 26 May, 1919. He held the post of Propaganda Secretary for a number of years at Qadian.

Balfour Declarartion:
Over a month before the capture of Jerusalem, on 2 November 1917, the notorious Balfour Declaration was issued by the British Government in the form of a letter written by the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to Lord Rothschild. Arabs knew nothing about the Declaration. The British Imperialists were double dealing with the Arabs.

The British pledged Arab independence in return for help in the War against Turks. This can be corroborated by the correspondence that took place during the period July 1915 to March 1916, between the Sharif Hussain of Mecca on behalf of the Arabs, and Sir Henry MacMohon, the British High Commisssioner in Egypt on behalf of the British Government. But the British deceived Arabs to appease ZIONISTS and fulfil their SINISTER political designs in the Arab world. The British Government also concluded an agreement with the French Governmnet in May 1916 in consultation with the Tsarist Russia which stipulated that Palestine was to be separated from Turkish territory and subjected to a special regime but not given independence. It is called Picot Skyes Agreement. The agreement was secret until November, 1917 when the Communist Government in Russia published a copy of it found iin the archives of the Foreign Ministry at Patrograd.

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The Turks gave it wide publicity to stop the Arab Revolt. Jamal Pasha, the Turk C-in-C sent the details of agreement to Faisal, the son of Sharif of Mecca through a secret letter. The British were perturbed over it, but the Foreign Office eventually, on Wingate’s advice and with the approval of A.J. Balfour, the British Foreign Secretary authorised the British agent at Jeddah to send Hussain a master piece of evasion, distortion, omission and which in effect derided that the Sykes Picot agreement existed.

Imperialist intrigues against the Muslim World constitute a tragic part of history. We are, however, concerned only with what Mirza Ghulam and his successors say about the colonization of Jews in Palestine and dismemberment of Turkish Empire.

Prophecy about Israel fulfilled:

Qadianis had always held the belief that in accordance with the prophecies of the Promised Messiah, a Jewish state would be established. His prophecies about gathering of Jews in Palestine and change in the attitude of European nations for them are quite clear. The following prophetic utterance of the Mirza are given to elaborate his viewpoint: ” I have saved israel from detriment. The Pharaoh and Haman, the armies of both, in the wrong. Avenues useful for Arabs. Arabs set out from their home”.

Review of Religions, after giving these prophecies of Mirza Ghulam says: The prophecy contains the revelation, ” I have saved israel from detriment. This indicates that the calamity was to result in some advantage for Jews”.

Giving a background to the Jewish ‘nationalist’ movement that emerged during the 1st World War, the paper adds:
“A very feature of the War (1914-18) was relief to the people of Israel. This feature of the prophecy received a clear fulfilment. The War was not yet over when, as a consequence of War itself, Mr (later Lord) Balfour declared that the people of Israel who had been without a “homeland” would be settled in their ancient “homeland”, Palestine. The allied nations promised to compensate the people of Israel for injustices done to them in the past. In accordance with that declaration, Palestine was taken from Turkey and declared the national home of the Jews. The administration of Palestine was shaped so as to make it easy for Jews to make it their homeland. A very old demand of the Jews that conditions promoting their national cohesion should be created for them was met”.

The paper continues that the strangest thing about this part of the prophecy is its references in the Holy Quran of gathering of Jews in Palestine in latter days. “The promise of latter days relates to the Promised Messiah. The regathering of Israel, therefore, was to take place in the time of the promised Messiah …. The Quranic words..’We shall bring you toghether’ refer to the present influence of Jews into Palestine. Jews from different countries are provided facilities of travel and rehabilitation. The revelation of the Promised Messiah said, “I will, relieve the Children of Israel’, This indicated the end of opposition which nations of the world had offered so long to an independent home for Jews”.
(Note: As you can read, this kind of wrong prophecies and manipulating of the Quranic verses into own personal wishes are carried out by Wahabis and Deobandis also, they also misguide Ordinary Muslims by the wrong usage of Quranic verses).

This makes Qadiani’s attitude clear about the gathering of Jews in Palestine and the creation of their ‘State’ against all cannon of Justice. Jews should be indebted to the Mirza for he prophecized them a bright future in early 20th century, many years before the Balfour Declaration, Bahaullah, a contemporary of the Mirza and a  Jewish-Zionist agent also published his Alwah, revelations and utterances predicting the establishment of a state for Jews and sympathized with their ‘nationalist aspirations.’

The War Ends:
Turkey sued for an armistice with the Allies in October, 1918 and the German High Command did so after a month. The war came to an end.

The Muslims of India had great sympathies for Turkey and its Sultan. They felt the anguish of the crumbling Empire which subsequently culminated into Khilafat Movement. On the other hand, Qadianis rejoiced the fall of Hejaz, Baghdad, Syria and Constantinople and celebrated the occasion with illuminations. They emphatically assured the British Government of the unflinching loyalty and whole-hearted devotion of Qadiani community at every critical juncture. The underlaying motive has been given by Alfazl:

“As a matter of fact, the British Govt is a shield under the protection of which the Ahmadi sect goes on advancing further and further. Just move away from this shield and you will be pierced by a volley of poisoned arrows from all directions. Why should not then we be grateful to his Government? Our interests are linked with this Govt to such extent that its ruin will be our ruin and its progress our progress; where ever the British Empire spreads, we will find a field for our Missions.”

The Muslims generally refused to participate in the so-called peace celebrations and faced the repressive measures of the British Govt. At the Amritser Session of the Muslim League, it was declared that the Muslims should abstain from such celebrations as their holy places had been waned from the Muslim custody, and their religion forbade any such rejoicing and whenever there was any conflict between the command of their faith and the wishes of the officials, their first duty should be to obey the former, which no earthly consideration could possibly override. It was also resolved to launch an agitation, including the boycott of the British Army.

It is interesting to quote from a Christian missionary journal’s confidential report about Muslim reaction to the Peace Conference celebration:
“As we go to press, the Victory Celebrations are almost on us. At the last moment, a fatwa has gone forth from Lukhnow to the effect that it is Haram for Muslim to take part in the rejoicings. ‘How can true believers, it runs, rejoice when there is the prospect of their last great power passing away, when the Khilafat of the Prince of Believers, the deputy of the Prophet of God, is like a lump of wax, nay, say rather when preparations are afoot for the ruin and destruction of Islam itself.’ This is rather a time for mourning . (Maulana Abdul Baari of Lukhnow).

The fatwa is being acted upon in this city, as in many other, down every bye lane the notice is being distributed. Mass meetings of Hindus and Muslims making common cause are being called to put into effect the injuctions of Mahatma Gandhi and Maulana Abdul Bari. Muslim leaders have gone so far as to threaten the Muslims, who take part in it.

Those who took part in Victory celebrations were called traitors of Islam (Note: What else the west would thing that we would gave them??? do we put flowers for those traitors?) by the Muslim press. We have no hesitation in characterizing those who profess to be Musalman but had the heart and audacity to join the Peace Celebrations, in spite of the fatwa of the ulema to the contrary, as no better than traitors to Islam whether they have became Kafirs or not it is not for us to say, it is for the ulema to express an opinion on the point (The Musalman Calcutta, Friday January 9 1920).

Qadianis rejoiced the occasion and took active part in the Peace celebrations.
Alfazl Wrote:
“On 13th (November 1918) when Germany signed the Armistice and the War ended, a wave of happiness and joy passed through the heart of all the people (in Qadian) like an electric current. Whosoever heard the news, brimmed with happiness and joy. The offices of both the schools viz. Anjuman-i-Tarraqi-i-Islam and Saddar Anjuman-i-Ahmadya were closed. A meeting was held in Masjid-e-Mubarik after the Asr prayers. Maulana Syed  Muhammad sarwar shah, in his address, expressed satisfaction over the British victory on behalf of Jamat Ahmadya. he stated that the victory would prove very beneficial for the long term objectives of Ahmadya jamat.”

Tarikh-i-Ahmadyat Says: ” Congragulatory telegrams were sent on behalf of Hazrat Khalifa-ul-Masih II and Hazur (mirza mahmud) himself sent a sum of Rs. 500 to the Deputy Commissioner, Gurdaspur to spend it wherever he deemed necessary. Before that he had handed over a sum of Rs. 5,000 to the Deputy Commissioner for the purposes of War when Turkey and Austria surrendered. On the occasion of rejoicing over the British victory, Maulvi Abdul Ghani, Secretary Anjuman-i-Ahmadya for War Assistance and Sheikh Yaqub Ali, Editor, Alhakam, Qadian sent congratulatory telegrams to His Honour Lt. Governor of the Punjab.”

Mirza mahmud, in his Present to the Prince of Wales (1921) states:
‘His Majesty, the King-Emperor and your Royal Highness are witnesses of the fulfilment of this (the Mirza’s) prophecy by virtue of the victory which was vouchsafed to Britian as a result of the Promised Messiah’s prayers; the Kaisar is a witness of its fulfilment by virtue of defeat sustained by him and Czar has sealed its truth by the misery suffered by him.’
Further after the war and after the Martial law in Panjab: When Muslims Hindus Sikhs were all ready to cast out the British rule during those days Ahmadya jamat stops his followers to participate in any of the event.

Alfazl Qadian states:
“Kabul has declared war on the British due to its foolishness. It is obligatory for all the Ahmadis to serve the British Government and it is our foremost duty too, Moreover, the Afghan War had a special significance for us; as Kabul is a land where our precious men were executed mercilessly with out any reason. It is also closed to Ahmadyat and door of truth are shut on it. For the sake of propagation of truth, it is the religious duty of the Ahmadis to join the British Army and to assist the Government in order to remove the harsh obstruction (in the way of preachings). Thus go on endeavouring to set up those branches which has been prophecized by the Promised Messiah (Mirza ghulam ahmed).”

Similar views were expressed by a Missionary paper in its confidential report on the Afghan War:
“Thanksgiving for the breaking down of the stronghold of ISLAM through the War….That today there are only two lands closed to the Gospel, Arabian and Afghanistan; and of these the former is now being opened up, and that Baghdad is already in our hands; and for the latter, who can tell what will be the result of the War proposed by the Ameer of Kabul.” (source: News and Notes, Series VIII, No.2, June 1919 (Strictly Confidential).
Ahamdya jamat was also used for the Spying purposes in Russia, The war provided a good opportunity to Mirza Mahmud to send many spies in different countries in the grab of Ahmadya Missionaries. They were despatched specially to those countries where there was a dire need to serve the British and Zionist Political interests. In close collaboration with the British Political Department, many trained spies went to the Middle East, Afghanistan, Turkey and Russia. Special importance was given to Russia as the Anti-Imperialist policies of the Communist Regime posed great threat to the British ascendency in India.
Now i am leaving further more details and would like to go on the Palestine Mission:

Palestine Mission:

Mirza Mahmud chalked out a vicious programme for the Middle East by Zafrullah khan who worte it down on the wishes and principles of Jewish Zionist Occupiers, in accordance with the instructions of the Colonial Office, London. In October 1924, on his way back to India, he stayed at Grand Hotel, Paris alongwith Sir Zafarullah khan. On 27 October, he went to a Cabret caleld the Cabrel Duneont to see a show of ‘life and death’. He also desired to see the sexual behaviour and aspects of nudity of the European Society. He took zafarullah to an opera house and saw obscene scenes and performance of French GAY GRILS (lesbians). This is his own confession. he left the house only after the end of the show. (alfazl Qadian 7 july 1946)During this short stay in Egypt, the Egyptian Muslims staged violent demonstration and disrupted the reception being arranged for Mirza Mahmud by some Ahmadis and pro-British elements. Mirza Mahmud says:
‘When i was coming back from England in 1924, the Ahmadies of Egypt convenced a meeting at Alexandaria in order to decide about making arrangement for my reception, whereupon people accusing them of being agents of the British attacked them unaware and killed some innocent members of the party, causing great damage to the property of certain others.’

In the light of “achievements of the tour” and in accordance with the advice he received from the senior British officials in London, Mirza Mahmud chalked out his future political programme. He paid a good deal of attention to the affairs of Middle East where Qadianism had no roots and tried to involve his community to serve imperialist aims. he launched his vicious plan by setting up Ahmadya Missions in the Arab lands. For that purpose, he sent Waliullah shah and Jalaludin Shams to Middle East in June 1925. Both these Imperialist agents reached Syria which was then under the French control. Shams stayed in Syria and Waliullah proceeded to Iraq to deliver some important letters to certain British functionaries. He called on Sir Percy Cox, the British High Commissioner of Iraq to presuade King Faisal to remove the ban imposed by the Government on the activities of Qadiani Jamat in Iraq. Through the efforts of Sir henry dobbs, the new B. H. C, and with the active support of Rustam Bay Haider, Minister of Finance, Iraq, who was an old friend of Waliullah, King Faisal agreed to relax restrictions on Qadiani Jamat. Mirza Mahmud, in one of his addresses to his community explained its political significance and implications for Qadiani Jamat:
In his Mission Report to Qadian, Shams stated the difficulties being forced in ‘Tabligh.’ He hinted at the political unrest prevailing in Syria and paid great tribute to the British for the protection and help extended to the Ahmadya missionaries by their diplomatic missions abroad.

In December , 1927 some Syrian nationalists provoked by his activities made an attempt to his life. He, however, narrowly escaped. Mirza Ahmad took strong exception to this attack. He sent protest letters to the British and French officials, specially to Henry Pansot, the French H.C in Syria. On the other hand Syrian Muslims continued to press for his expulsion and closure of Qadiani Mission both for religious and political reasons.

In 1928, Martial law was lifted and Tajuddin Al-Hasni was invited to form a Cabinet. Elections were announced to be held on 10 March 1928, and a day before that the French Govt. served a 24-hour expulsion notice on Jalauddin Shams. He on the instructions of Mirza Mahmud, left for Palestine. Munirul Hasni, a Syrian Qadiani convert was appointed an Amir in his place.
Shams reached Palestine in March 1928. In the words of Allah Ditta, a notorious Qadiani controversialist, he set up an Ahmadya Mission at Mount Carmel in accordance with the prophecies of the Holy Scriptures. Palestine was under the British mandate and Qadian Mission had their full support. Ahmadi agents were active in Palestine since the time of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed. They maintained links with secret Jewish societies, Imperialist-backed nationalist organizations and Freemasonry. According to Dost Mohammad Shahid, the compiler of Tarikh-e-Ahmadyat, Muhammad Al Maghrabi of Tripoli has secretly been propagating Ahmadya creed for the last 23 years (since 1905). Mirza Ghulam ahmed himself has employed certain Arabs to distribute anti-Jihad and pro-British litrature in the Arab World. At Acca near Haifa (now a center of Bahaism) Sheikh Ibrahim, a member of Shazilya Sufi Order was a Qadiani plant. By 1930, Saleh Abdul Qadir Owda of Kababir converted to Qadianism. On his arrival at Palestine, Shams found an already existing community of Ahmadis flourishing there. (as we shown in pictures in our first article)

Shams called on Sir Herbert Plumer, The High C. of Palestine and held informal meetings with other British officials. Mirza Mahmud made contacts with the India Office, Lord Irwin, the Viceroy of India and Colonial Office, London to seek instructions on the future political role of Qadiani Mission in Palestine. Jewish circles looked favourably to the formal establishment of an Ahmadya Mission in Palestine. The mission was immediately turned into a headquarter for the whole of Middle East. Qadiani missionaries of Egypt, Syria, Iraq and the Gulf received guidelines from Palestine Mission to carry out their politico-religious activities. The head of the Palestine Mission ferquently toured the Middle East and sent his secret reports to Qadian.

Palestine mission played a leading role in fulfilling the political aims of Zionism. It is rediculous to believe Jewish conversion to Ahmadyat, which is a plantation of their own. Jews had not spared Jesus Christ, the Real Messiah, how could they believe in a false messiah of Qadian?. One who knows the Jewish mind can easily understand that Jews could never allow a mission to be established in Palestine if it went against the basic ideology of Zionist State. They never let anti-Jewish religious organizations flourish in the ‘Promised Land.” Qadiani and Bahai missions were exceptions. The Qadiani mission proved highly harmful to the political struggle of the Palestine Muslims. It aimed to sabotage their liberation movements and led to create reactionary pressure groups among Muslims by turning them in to Ahmadya or Wahabi heretics. It also served as a base to launch and support pro-imperialist policital movements in Arab lands and to maintain the flow of spies to Middle East countires. Jewish Agency subsidized the Mission for furtherance of its political ends. Jews could possibly have no objection to preaching of neo-Judaism under the cover of Ahmadyat.

Shams gradually intensified his ‘missionary’ activities. He distributed anti-Al Jehad -ul- Islami to prove that jehad had been forbidden after the advent of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the so called Promised messiah. It was prototype copy of Mirza Ghulam’s booklet: The British Govt and Jehad. Jewish organizations took keen interest in its dissemination on a massive scale during the days when Palestine was in the grip of severe roits. The disturbances started over a dispute concerning religious practices at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, took a sharp turn and culminated in a strong Anti-Jewish Movement. Mufti Amin Al Hussaini played a leading role in organizing the Jihad Movement against the Zionist terrorists. To counteract malicious Qadiani propaganda campaign, Al Majlis-e-Islami Ala and Jamiat ul Shuban ul Muslimin rendered significant services.

Once Shams was attacked by Arab Mujahidin but succeeded in escaping to nearby Jewish settlements. There remained a constant strife between Palestinians and Jewish-backed Qadiani elements in around mid-twenties in British mandated territory of Palestine. During his tenure, Shams was able to set up a ‘Mosque’ In Kababir (April 1931) with the Zionist aid and extended the sphere of his activities to the Gulf states.

Jerusalem Congress:
In 1924, after the riots of Wailing Wall, i-e Al-Aqsa Masjid, the League of nations sent a Commission to decide the matter. Its report pointed out the Islamic Right of Property but Jews continued their VIOLENT ATTACKS on Muslims. To meet Jewish challenge and to provide a common platform for Muslims of the world, Mufti-e-Azam gave a call for World Muslim Congress at Jerusalem from 7-16 December, 1931 (27th Rajab).

The Congress was held in Roozatul Muaarif Hall, Jerusalem. Indian Muslims were represented by Allama Dr Muhammad iqbal, Maulana Ghulam Rasul Mehr, and Maulana Shaukat Ali, Allama Iqbal and Mehr, on their return from the Round Table Conference, London reached Cairo on 1st December 1931, They were received by the representatives of Shuban-ul-Muslimin, Jamiat-ul-Rabita-Al-Hindia, (a predominately Qadiani Organization), Dr Abdul Hameed, Saeed Bey (member parliment). Allama Rashhid Raza (Editor, Alminar), Master Imam Din Sialkoti, Khurshid Alam, Sheikh Muhammad Hussain and Sheikh Mahmood Ahmad Irfani (Qadiani). Irfani edited a paper Al Almamul Islami, In Arabic to propagate Imperialist point of view on political matters. He sowed the seeds of mistrust and created dissentions among Arab world. He was an active member of Rabita Hindiya.

On 2nd December, Shams reached Cairo. he met some Muslim leaders and exchanged ideas on Palestine affairs with them. Next day, the Muslim delegates left for Damascus and reached Jerusalem on 25 December to participate in the Congress. They were received at Jerusalem Railway Station by Mufti Amin-ul-Hussaini and other leading members of the World Muslim Congress.

Qadianis and Jews lobbied to attend the Congress. Sir Wauchope, the British H.C of Palestine persuaded some Muslim representatives to secure an entry for Qadianis but neither Jews nor Qadianis were allowed to attend any of its sessions.
Journalists were admitted, except the first day, but no Jew or Qadiani could enter the hall in the grab of a journalist. A Christian magazine sent a Jew as its reporter, who was not admitted. The editor was asked to send any Christian or Muslim in his place.
Tarikh-i-Ahmadyat claims that Mirza mahmud was invited to attend the Conference but he instructed Shams to represent. It is a totally baseless and even rediculous claim. Rather Muslim delegates kept a close watch on Jews and Qadianis. Shams was not allowed to attend the Conference. Tarikh-i-Ahmadyat admits that ‘Although he was refused admission, it established the international position of Ahmadya community.’

The Muslim World Congress was very successful. It was attended by leading Political and Religious personalities of the Muslim World. Abdul Aziz (Tunisia), Musa Jarullah (china), Raza Towifq (Turkey), Saeed al Jezairi (Algier), Rashid Raza (Egypt), Ziauddin Tabatabi (former Premier of Iran), Sheikh saeed Shamal (grandson of Imam Shamal of Russia) and representatives from Balkan, Yugoslavia, Africa, Java, Ceylone etc were present at the opening meeting which took place at Aqsa Masjid, Besides 133 delegates a large number of freedom fighters from Jerusalem and other parts of Palestine participated in the Congress.

Qadiani agents launched a malicious campaign against Mufti-e-Azam, in collaboration with Jews and certain dissidents of Nashashabis who did not submit to the Mufti’s Taking the lead of the whole affairs and so adding to his infulence. They gave to the outside world the gravest misgivings upon the bonafides of the Congress. Rumours were spread that Mufti-e-Azam would proclaim himself caliph in few days.

The Zionists were alarmed at the united Muslim front while Muslims of the world came to know of the injustice being done to their Palestinian brethern. The Grand Mufti convinced the delegates that the Zionists had intended to conquer the Buraq Sharif (The Wailing Wall) for Judaism and their aims had also been extended to the Al Aqsa Masjid. (Which is now clear). The resolutions of the Congress included the establishment of a Youngmen Muslim Association, a Muslim University in Jerusalem and provision of help to Arab peasants in Palestine.

In last week of December, Shams left Palestine for India. Allah Ditta the new missionary arranged a farewell party in his honour which was attended, among others, by some Christians and Jews. They spoke high of him and paid him glowing tribute.

Invidious Policy:
Allah ditta was a Qadiani missionary in Palestine from September 1931 to January 1936. He continued to propagate the political theory of Qadian which centered on active cooperation with the British Imperialism and abrogation of Jehad. He also organized a para military organization to combat nationalist activities. It comprised notorious terrorists of Egypt, Syria and Palestine. Ali ul Tafraq, Ahmad Misri, Salim rabani, Abdul Rehman Barjavi, Saleh Owdi, Khizr Afandi and score of other subversive elements had been active in Arab countries. They joined Qadiani organization at the behest of the Jewish Agency and Sabotaged the Activities of the organizations of Palestine Arabs.

In the same year, the French Govt expelled the Ahmadya missionary from Syria for some unknown reasons:
“This year (1934) Munir ul Hasni, the (Qadiani) missionary at Syria was expelled by the French Government and reached Haifa (Palestine).”

During his stay in Palestine, Allah ditta completed the construction of the “Mosque” at Kababir and a library, a book depot and a printing press were established.

In 1936, the new Qadiani missionary was sent to Palestine. During his 5 years tenure in Palestine. Allah ditta organized resistance against Arab Freedom Fighters. Anti-Islamic literature was widely circulated and maximum support was extended at political level to Anglo-Zionist policies. The Qadiani journal Al-Bushra provoked all sections of Muslims in Middle East. The Reactor of Al Azhar University protested to the Home Minister against the distribution of Qadiani literature in Egypt and demanded a total ban on it. Palestine Mission contributed thousands of rupees to Qadiani exchequer. The total number of Qadianis living in Palestine were said to be 500 only but their contributions ran into thousands of rupees. Allah ditta’s own admission is stated below:
“Ahmadya Jamat in Palestine is a very sincere one. Their annual subscriptions amount to thousands of rupees.” (alfazl Qadian.29 Feb 1944).

One can easily understand that ZIONISTS placed large funds at the disposal of their Qadiani agents to help them carry out subversive activities in and outside Palestine. There were frequent instances of attacks and maltreatments meted out to Qadiani agents by freedom lovers in Arab lands.

1974 Declaration by World Muslim League
(Rabita al-Alam al-Islami)

World Muslim League held its annual conference at Makkah Al-Mukaramma Saudi Arabia from 14th to 18th of Rabiul Awwal 1394 H (April 1974) in which 140 delegations of Muslim countries and organizations from all over the world participated. I (Mohammad Bashir) too was there in this Conference alongwith the other journalists from all over the world. The Conference unanimously adopted the following Resolution regarding Qadianism.

Qadianism or Ahmadiyyat: It is a subversive movement against Islam and the Muslim world, which falsely and decietfully claims to be an Islamic sect; who under the guise of Islam and for the sake of mundane interests contrives and plans to damage the very foundations of Islam. Its eminent deviations from the basic Islamic principles are as follows:

  1. Its founder claimed that he was a Prophet.
  2. They deliberately distort the meanings of the verses of the Holy Quran.
  3. They decalred that Jehad has been obolished.
Qadianism was originally fostered by the British imperialism. Hence it has been flourishing under her flag. This movement has completely been disloyal to and dishonest in affairs of the Muslim Ummah. Rather, it has been loyal to Imperialism and Zionism. It has deep associations and cooperation with the anti Islamic forces and teachings especially through the following nefarious methods:
    • Construction of mosques with the assistance of the anti Islamic forces wherin the misleading Qadiani thoughts are imparted to the people.
    • Opening of schools institutions and orphanages wherein the people are taught and trained as to how they can be more anti Islamic in their activities. They also published the corrupted versions of the Holy Quran in different local and international languages.
In order to combat these dangers, the Conference recommends the following measures:

    1. All the Muslim organization in the world must keep a vigilant eye on all the activities of Qadianisin their respective countries; to confine them all strictly to their schools, institutions and orphanages only. Moreover he Muslims of the world be shown the true picture of Qadianism and be briefed of their various tactics so that the Muslims of the world be saved from their designs .
    2. They must be declared non Muslims and ousted form the fold of Islam. And be barred to enter the Holy lands.
    3. There must be no dealings with the Qadianis. They must be coycotted socially , economically and culturally Nor they be married with or to Nor they be allowed to be buried in the Muslims graveyards. And they be treated like other non Muslims.
    4. All the Muslim countries must impose restrictions on the activities of the claimant of Prophethood Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani’s followers; must declare them a non Muslim minority must not etrust them them with any post of responsibility in any Muslim country.
    5. The alterations effected by them in the Holy Quran must be made public and the people be briefed of them and all these be prohibited for further publication.
    6. All such groups as are deviators from islam must be treated at par with the Qadianis.

Orignial Scan of the declaration In Arabic is Given Below



Stay tunned for Part three which will deals with the Qadiani History and Role in Kashmir issue and their traitors involved in sabotaging Muslims and not only Muslims but in fact Goyim.