Section 6: Mixed and Un-Authentic Books

Welcome to Section 6: Mixed & Un-Authentic Books

(NOTE: This folder is at a moment password protected and access can be achieved by only our facebook group Sunni members, this is specially for research and reference purposes.)


Section 6: Mixed & Un-Authentic Books
This section mostly consist of translations and books by Deoband/Wahabis. This is at a moment password protected and only available for the Sunni Friends of our Facebook Group members on request. The books which you find in this section are mostly taken from Wahabi sites, so its not something special. But we take them to use them in our Refutations and references from their own house. Soon after completed, the password will be automatically removed. Yet it is only for researchers
1) Musnad Ahmed Urdu – Translation by Deobandi – Much better than Ahlu hadith translation.
2) Musnad Ahmed Wahabi English Arabic Edition – Moshin khan etc
3) Sahih Bukhari Arabic-English Wahabi edition Mohsin khan
4) Sahih Muslim Deobandi Urdu Translation of Molvi Abdullah
5) Sahih Muslim Wahabi version english/arabic
6) Shamail al Tirmizi – Khandhelwi- English
7) Sunnan Ibne Majah English/Urdu Deobandi/Wahabi Versions
8) Sunan Abu Dawud – Wahabi Version – English-Arabic
9) Sunnan ad-Darimi – Unknown writer (my personal opinion – deobandi translation) Urdu

10) Ibne Taymmiyah’s Books:(these all are folders)

a) Ahkam al Siyam (Arabic)
b) Al Furqan Bain al Haqqu Wal Baatilu (arabic)
c) Al-Sarim al Maslool Arabic/Urdu Translation
d) Dar’u al-Ta’arudh al-‘Aql wa al-Naql
e) English Translations Folder contains (Friends of Allah) (Ibne Taymiyah Views on Milad) (Women)
f) Fadhlu Ahli al-Bait wa Huququhum (arabic)
g) Fatawa-al-Nisa’ – Ibnu Taymiyah Arabic
h) Iqtida al-Sirat al Mustaqim (arabic) (doc/pdf)
i) Jamial-Masaail – Arabic 7 Parts + Maratib Ijmaa-ibne Hazm+ Text+Doc+Versions
j) Kitabul Iman Arabic
k) Majm’uat al-Rasail wa al-Masail 2 Versions Arabic
l) Majm’uat al-Rasail al-Kubra Arabic
m) Minhaj-al-Sunnah al-Nabawiyah Arabic + document form
Riaz-us-Saliheen 2 Volumes complete Urdu Deobandi translation


Section 6: Mixed and Un-Authentic Books

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